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  1. I can help with the jerseys. The update.nhl94.com jerseys weren't that good and I posted some earlier in the summer with corrected colours (that rom uses the swos strip hack). Anyone who wants to use those as a base can, I think I've got all of this year's jerseys in there (including Philly's and Edmonton's new home jerseys). I'm under the assumption Buffalo is going to keep the slug jerseys as their primary homes this year although they've hinted that they are changing it-- I'm not sure if thats for this season or next.
  2. I wish the person who maintains the update ROM was around. I'm hoping he uses these jerseys (at least some of them) before continuing to update with the new draft/ufa moves.
  3. They are finally bringing back playoff mode in NHL 10. And they are also dedicated to removing exploits as well (claim they've gotten rid of all of the exploits used online in 09). If it has competitive and co-op support in playoff mode, it could finally be the game to have all of the features of the old games.
  4. I tried it before-- thought it crushed the palette of the centre ice logos a little, but I guess its better than nothing
  5. Okay, I checked it out and D,D,D translates to: 222, 219, 222 I guess theres limitations to what the colour palette can be set to (NOSE really isn't clear about that). Theres really no perfect shade of grey or even light blue that I can get. I guess I'll set it back to default when I get a chance.
  6. I updated the rom to fix a few issues I noticed from the last version: - shoulder shading on a few teams was not the right shade - fixed montreal's design - fixed the shade of red used with washington I made sure that the rink was grey in this version (D,D,D)... if you're seeing pink its a monitor issue.
  7. Hah, it was one of the first things I changed (before I got a hang of the palette editor) so perhaps its got a little too much red in it. Oilers new home news: http://www.faceoff.com/hockey/teams/edmont...x%3Fid%3D898337 Flyers info comes from someone in Philly that I trust who claims that the orange jerseys will be used as home jerseys and the blacks will be used as 3rds. It makes sense as the Flyers 3rd is the #1 selling jersey in the NHL: http://www.phillyburbs.com/news/news_detai...to-science.html (under "Hot Jersey")
  8. Hey guys, I had a question. Who maintains the update.nhl94.com ROM file? I made some updates to the latest rom (april 19th 2009), which fixes some of the issues with the jerseys such as: - Changing Oilers home jersey to the ones they'll use next year (the one thats the 3rd jersey right now) - Changing Flyers home jersey to the ones they'll use next year (their current 3rds that they wore during the playoffs) - Fixing shading on jerseys so they use all 3 shades and fixed any shading issues - black pants are using the correct palette (0,0,0 2,0,2 2,2,2) - some teams with dark blue pants were using black pants or vice versa, fixed that - Red on Flames jerseys fixed - Lots of other little modifications etc I've also changed the ice colour to look closer to what NHL 95 PC uses (light grey) but that can easily be changed back. Anyhow, if you're the person who maintains that rom, check this out and take whatever you like. NHL2009_fixed_jerseys_v2.bin
  9. Enhh... Basically theres two differences (between the sprites). SNES has a bigger palette so the uniforms could be a little more accurate, and the SNES went for a different player-to-rink size ratio which required them to shrink the sprites. But the real winner is NHL 95 PC . It had the bigger Genesis sprites, the player-to-rink size ratio that the SNES had, the extra animations the SNES version had, and a bigger palette than either console version. Outside of the Habs (slightly problematic), even today pretty much every jersey can be recreated in the PC version.
  10. EA already did that, the game that resulted was NHL 06, which was one of their worst. Its nearly impossible to recapture the magic of NHL 94 on a full blown simulation game. The only chance for it to happen would be a DS version or WiiWare/XBLA/PSN version. But I doubt EA will do it. And like in my previous post, I think under Littman they have captured some magic with NHL 09. There are still a few annoyances which bug me, but they are getting to the point where the games finally are the culmination of the best parts of the past rather than trying to add selling points each year and destroying gameplay balance in the process.
  11. This is such an interesting topic. I was always under the impression that High Score Productions was behind the changes in NHL 95. I don't recall if it was NHL 95 or NHL 96 but I scored on an offside and had a player disappear through the boards, only to come back celebrating as if a goal happened later in the game. I never even bothered getting the game after playing it at a friend's place. Not that I needed to though, by then I had moved on to NHL 95/96 on PC. I do wonder what made NHL 94/95 PC so special for me. Was it the gameplay? Was it the graphics? For me personally, the gameplay of 94 Genesis wasn't that great because it was way too offensive. It was basically a competition between who could get more triple dekes and wraparounds off, and playing against the CPU was a joke. The PC version played a little more like real hockey and you could have some insanely tough games against the CPU. EA had a ton of missteps from NHL 95-NHL 06 (except for NHL 2001, 2002, 2004), but I think they've finally gotten back to innovating and building upon what they had in the previous year (like they did for 92-94, 95/96 PC). Under Dave Warfield the games would go between being too arcadish to being too hard and not fun every year. Since Littman has become the producer of the NHL series, they are back on track. NHL 09 for 360/PS3 is such a deep game but it has the spirit of fun and spontaneity that NHL 94 had as well. There are a couple of features that they have dropped over the years that I'm still waiting to be brought back (Playoff Mode, Saving Games, Multiplayer/Online Season mode, Free-4-all), but 09 overwhelmingly is a triumph IMO. I also am surprised that outside of NHL 06 (which was lame because they used fake rosters and was only available on PS2) that they haven't gone back to the 94 Genesis or 95 PC Engine and updated it for current handhelds.
  12. Ron Barr IRL: Yes, hes a real person.
  13. My guesses would be... N95 (or any S60 phone with enough power/n-gage capability) iPhone Most windows mobile phones could probably do it as well-- my brother had an HP Windows Mobile Phone like 3 or 4 years ago which could do it. What definitely cannot do it? S40 phones... not powerful enough. They can handle ports of Genesis games though (there is a version of Sonic 1 & 2 available for S40 for example)
  14. The truth is the real sequel to NHL 94 for SNES/Genesis was... NHL 95 for PC... and NHL 96 for PC was basically a 3D version of NHL 95. It would be nice if they created an XBLA version of NHL 92/93/94/95 (maybe with sliders which let you change how the game plays) which included fighting, 5on5 multiplayer and the latest rosters.
  15. I think there is a version of GENS+ which allows you to overclock the Genesis CPU. In Road Rash it made the frame rate MUCH smoother (although sometimes youd get some gfx glitches).
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