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  1. Visit http://PlayNHL.TK and find the link to get the latest 2KHS 0.7.2 release by DJNEO!
  2. If you are talking about the 2KHS link, DJNEO is working on the next release and the old game version has been offline for quite a while. Visit http://PlayNHL.TK and get the latest NHL2K19 roster, that is the closest you can get right now, until his next release.
  3. Well the PC version always had a little more "simulation feel" to it than the console versions.
  4. The 30 team finished roster has been released now. Get it at http://PlayNHL.TK
  5. Lol. After reading another topic I now realize what you meant by "working on some of them"... I thought you meant you did unofficial roster updates and stuff like that but you actually worked for 2K. I hope you get the chance to try 2KHS and my modern roster. I had a blast with those old school rosters and figuring out who was who and changing names of the players. Always brutally missed those 94 rosters in the newer games, lol.
  6. 28/30 teams have full squads now! Six players left until 30/30! Then Vegas ofcourse...
  7. I did re-upload the mod, but the distributor I use has a one week timeout. The 2KHS mod is released by DJNEO and he has chosen for some reason to not upload it to a persistent server. He says the next release will be this fall. As I said earlier I would re-up and I did, also posted about the treat in this thread. If you did not get it this time keep checking in on and it might get available again. The NHL2K19 roster add on is compatible with NHL2K11 so you can add it to vanilla NHL2K11 aswell.
  8. 2KHS is not available for download anymore, but there has been progress of the 2K19 roster mod. Only 23 players remain until all 30 teams have atleast 20 players and all teams now have at least three full lines in their roster! Read more at http://PlayNHL.TK
  9. Guess what guys? It is release time! Download the files at http://PlayNHL.TK Texture files are only up for a limited time period of one week so make sure you hurry up and get the download! If you read through the news you might find another "treat" aswell... It's time to go Play NHL Two K!
  10. Major announcement and status update is available at
  11. A lot of defenses are complete now. Find more info at:
  12. Many updates are being made to the NHL2K19 Roster for the next release. Edmonton have been completed among other things, more details can be checked at the site.
  13. Yeah that's right... Keep checking in on the site, I might be able to fix another re-up. It would be up for a week once it gets up in that case, so if you check the site once a week you won't miss it.
  14. The editors can be run through dosbox aswell. Thats what I do. I can run them from android even.
  15. I created a roster generator but didn't really finish it. It used stats from hockeydb and an excel sheet as base for the players...