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  1. Sorry I stopped giving updates but work has been halted for a while due to much "real" work. I am currently thinking of rewriting my generator using instead so I can get more correct player data. However that would limit me to generating stats for NHL, hockeydb has more leagues, guess I could make some kind of "source" plugin system though... Guess I could also make some "target" plugin system to also be able to use this to convert data into other games aswell if I wanted... Also, when it comes to what I have generated into NHL94 so far, the lines are a challenge, I need to fix them, they are very random now.
  2. nikethebike

    NHL94 Pc

    No beta testing, pretty sure NHL94 on Genesis was the first release. Genesis release in march 93. SNES release in october 93.
  3. nikethebike

    NHL94 Pc

    No right answer? There is a right answer. The game is called NHL Hockey. The player data is based on the 92-93 season and was released in 1993, just like NHL94. NHLPA93 was released in 1992. This game was not. Those are your answers.
  4. Yeah there are no free agents on NHL hockey if I remember correctly either so that does not matter much. Thanks for the source code, it was very nice releasing it. I would probably rewrite it in ruby though as that was the language I chose for my converter tool.
  5. nikethebike

    NHL94 Pc

    NHL94 SNES and GENESIS are also made by different people. All of you who say NHL Hockey is NHL93, please go and compare the rosters of the games before keeping on stating something that is very clearly wrong if you do some research. NHLPA93 did not even have an NHL license and was based on the 91-92 season. The first game to have BOTH NHL license AND NHLPA license to use all player names was NHL94. If the game has both, it is not 93. NHL94 and NHL Hockey are based on the same season. The difference is that the Genesis and SNES versions have teams and team names updated for the following season and some other game play features due to being made by other people. That's it. You can also note the lack of good PC controllers during the era. The standard PC controller only had a D-pad and two buttons, there was no good way to enable goalie control so I guess they just decided to leave it out. And this has been true for every yearly named release: 93 releases in... 92 94 releases in... 93 95 releases in... 94 96 releases in... 95 97 releases in... 96 98 releases in... 97 99 releases in... 98 ...and so on... Guess when NHL Hockey was released? It says so in the opening screen... Yes 93. Which would make it equal to? Guess... This is also where the misunderstanding comes from. That it has the 93 copyright and no mention of 94. But 94 also has the 93 copyright... Having played EA Hockey, NHLPA93, NHL94 on SNES/MEGADRIVE, NHL Hockey on PC, NHL95 on PC and comparing the games, to me it is obvious that NHL Hockey also gameplaywise is based on the same base as NHL94. The game does have a different feel though compared to the others, just like the SNES feels different to MD.
  6. Cool site. Thanks for the tips, never seen that site before. Thanks Kiba too. Great info. Might stop using your csv exporter importer and modify the files directly instead as I have some career import problems with Boston. Depends on how much time I'll have to rewrite stuff.
  7. nikethebike

    More rosters to NHL95PC

    Another problem I have for some reason is that position 0 of the Bruins (Ray Bourque originally) is nowhere to be seen after importing. He is replaced with a goalie from Washington. Also Position 1 of the Bruins gets 0 goals scored after importing statistics. This is for "NHL Hockey" though I need to add once again. Anyone seen anything like this before?
  8. By the way, does anyone know in what files the lines stored?
  9. nikethebike

    NHL94 Pc

    Yep. Great game.
  10. nikethebike


    What do you mean copy from another game?
  11. nikethebike

    NHL94 Pc

    For NHL93, EA would not get the rights due to the fighting in the game. They got the NHLPA rights instead to use real player names. So there actually is no NHL 93 game at all. The game we are talking about is named NHL Hockey, plain and simple. Rosters are based on the same year as NHL94. It has no fighting (93 had fighting, 94 not), it has one-timers (94 had one-timers, 93 not)... Why is it so hard to accept, NHL Hockey on PC = NHL94. They just left out the year from the name since they did not know if they would release more PC versions or if it was a one-shot release.
  12. Awesome suggestions guys! About the lineups, these are great, but I guess I need something like most usual lineup over the entire season.
  13. nikethebike

    NHL95PC - Does anyone have up to date jersey files?

    Do you know if these work on NHL Hockey (94) aswell?
  14. nikethebike

    More rosters to NHL95PC

    Hi! Do you know if there are any known problems of importing goalie stats? I am using NHL Hockey (94) so that might be why I am having problems. It still shows old goalie stats in game...
  15. Seems like the game has a bug in how goalie stats are calculated. I summarized the number of goals let in by goalies and they do not match the goals let in by the team they played for. Strange. Also the game seems to generate way too many shots in simmed matches. I dont know if this can be fixed in any way so lowering scoring will make keepers get very good saving stats. Does anyone here know of any other good hockey stat sites like that has many stats for a player displayed in one page. It also helps if it is a static site that is easier to scrape. Things like squad number and position and handedness is also necessary...