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  1. NHL2K20 v200220 has been released. Grab a copy at http://PlayNHL.TK! Some of the new features are: Finished all trades up until 2020-02-20. New profile images for Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser. New beards for Joe Thornton and Brent Burns. New Hotkeys.ini included so that pause-button on USB-controller will create save state. Updated sticks of skaters and goalies, no more skaters with goalie sticks and vice versa. Improved board commercial size. Renamed Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg Jets. Renamed Phoenix Coyotes to Arizona Coyotes. Updated all AHL affiliate team names.
  2. Yeah, you are right about goalie control when you play other people. Quite an important feature to avoid the cheap goals...
  3. You know what, I think I'd rather put the one-timer in the NHLPA93 rom than fighting in the NHL94 rom. I've always liked the fact that there seemed to be more ways to score on '93. It was easier to score blue line slapshots, putting the puck between the legs with standard shots etc. A lot of these goals were kind of balanced ut on '94 probably to make the game a little more challenging and keep the scoring down which made that game a lot about setting up the one-timer and scoring with the deke move. I love both games, '94 is the classic one, but the one-timer and deke (if you avoid the cheap cross crease goal) are the situations you will want to setup since they are so much more effective than other ways to score. If you're up against a good opponent it is important to get quality chances and not give the puck up too easily and taking a good old slapper in NHL94 can pretty much be a wasted opportunity. On '93 this wasn't as much the case.
  4. Awesome. Thanks for the tip, I had completely missed this. We had some good tournaments on this game using the amiga back in the day.
  5. Thanks for pointing it out, fixed the link now.
  6. I think you should look at it as an ongoing project for DJNEO. I think he has a vision/goal of what he wants it to be when it is ready (he can call it 1.0 I guess), but as he is working he learns more and the project expands. It will probably be a "never ending project", but he releases the "WIP". DJNEO have made a new release like once a year or something like that. I have managed to "catch" the last two (0.5 before it went offline and 0.7). Version 0.7.2 is online as we speak and available from his facebook page that you can find via link from http://PlayNHL.TK. Each release is perfectly playable (with some bugs though). Using the NHL2K20 roster you can even play franchise or season if you want. The reason why it needs a powerful computer is because it is a mod using an emulator to run the actual game. Emulators emulate also the hardware that a game runs on, which means that it has to carry out hardware tasks in software on top of running the actual game, that is why a much better CPU is needed than what is being emulated. On top of this DJNEO added improvements to the game like always running in 60fps, animated crowd and benches etc that have also increased the need for a powerful CPU. So the game is CPU clock speed hungry, that is the most important computer spec.
  7. I think you know about this already, but thought I'd put a link here anyway for others surfing in. It is not EA, but you can check http://PlayNHL.TK for a current roster (19/20) for NHL2K11, the last console hockey game by 2K. The NHL2K11 game has been improved by DJNEO, he released a mod called 2KHS for it. Those of you that haven't seen it check it out because it is an insane project.
  8. It's time to... Play NHL Two K! Get the latest NHL2K20 roster for use with 2KHS by DJNEO at http://PlayNHL.TK The roster based on the NHL 19/20 season is an update on the previously released NHL2K19 roster. It has been updated with NHL20 attributes from HUTDB and attributes calculated with a formula from real season player statistics. This work was done much with the help of the NHL2K editor originally developed by snowdrift and the improvements I managed to add to it. So what are you waiting for? Install 2KHS 0.7.2, get the NHL2K20 roster and go... Play NHL Two K!
  9. Visit http://PlayNHL.TK and find the link to get the latest 2KHS 0.7.2 release by DJNEO!
  10. If you are talking about the 2KHS link, DJNEO is working on the next release and the old game version has been offline for quite a while. Visit http://PlayNHL.TK and get the latest NHL2K19 roster, that is the closest you can get right now, until his next release.
  11. Well the PC version always had a little more "simulation feel" to it than the console versions.
  12. The 30 team finished roster has been released now. Get it at http://PlayNHL.TK
  13. Lol. After reading another topic I now realize what you meant by "working on some of them"... I thought you meant you did unofficial roster updates and stuff like that but you actually worked for 2K. I hope you get the chance to try 2KHS and my modern roster. I had a blast with those old school rosters and figuring out who was who and changing names of the players. Always brutally missed those 94 rosters in the newer games, lol.