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  1. Mutant Monsters may have been an all-conference team in MLF. I think Bones Jackson was Bo Jackson, Joe Magician was Joe Montana, N. Sane was a play on Dieon Sanders, LT. Impaler was Lawrence Taylor, Bent was Richard Dent, and Bridge was William "Refridgerator" Perry.
  2. Just to speak up because I thought I was crazy- I did have that NHL '94 on PS2- but since my PS2 has died and all my games sold, I can't pull it out again. IIRC, it was updated rosters in what appeared to be the same game as '94 (minus some weird logos for Carolina?) I'm glad this is more like that, than the "NHL '94 mode" a few years back. But seriously, did they add fighting back in?
  3. ESPN2... ahhh that's a warm blanket with ESPN2 roller hockey and NHL95. hockeydb has rosters from back then, and there's supposed to be a prototype rom for an SNES game if you seek ratings. Also, talk about a rabbit hole of editing depending how far you want to make the rules of RHI or other inline leagues. And... must go back to grading papers. Nifty idea!
  4. Awesome news! I had a random theory when driving to work today: Elitserien '95 may be a key. They have a season with smaller teams, fewer playoff teams, but in theory the same engine, so the changes between the roms should be fewer. Here's what I found: The Elitserien schedule is found at 00006977 (and ends at 00006C46). It does conform to the format listed in the first post (win!). This also means the "end of season" routine can be compared between the two (maybe unlocking information). The first difference in bytes is Elitserien has FF 23 FC 00 00 6D 44 while 'NHL has FF 23 F
  5. Some more random work tonight- in both '95 and '97, there appears to be a pointer to the divisions just before they are listed (in '95 it's at 00091908). Playing with '95- if I redo the divisions listed at 91918 and also change the pointers, divisions of different sizes seemed to work until playoff seeding. Come playoff seeding, even with 14 teams listed in the two divisions in the west, and they showed in the standings properly, the 13th and 14th teams actually were in the playoffs for the east. The seeding was correct on the first 12 western teams, and correct if the last two west teams we
  6. The bytes are there, but i'm not sure if they impact anything.
  7. These are two beta versions of NHL '95 roms for the '94-'95 season. These roms are 'ports' if you will from my NHLPA '93 rom for the same season. Since '94-'95 was much lower in scoring (thanks New Jersey) compared to the early '90s, it does show in the player ratings being lower. I built the roms in the style of season replays from Strat o Matic- meaning end of season injured players are in the lineup, players who missed most of the season on the bench (ala Lemieux in '93-'94 is not in the three lines). This does mean that players are based off how their stats that one season, not how
  8. More randomness (I try to capture it for others to use in their works!) I have not yet found what impacts the player stats in simulating a season. I've been able to identify every byte but one within a team/player data (where you can edit players, uniforms, etc- most of which is done in nose). I am 95% certain it is coded somewhere based on a roster spot- (you can give the player in Ray Bourque's spot all 0 ratings, and he will still put up 100+ points in a season when simulating games), but I'm not sure how or where it is. I'm fairly confident it is not attached to bytes of player rat
  9. I have made a small breakthrough today (which will need more exploring): I was able to create a functional season of 48 games with the 1994-95 schedule, that did NOT require any ending of the season early. The key was to move the 'empty' days from the end of the season to the front of the season. I also copied the next few lines of code to the end of the schedule as well, then filled in the gap with FF's. I'm not sure how much code is needed to move. This does lead to a longer time period to set up a season, and the game was auto-simulating the 80 or so empty days of lockout when the
  10. I guess I should clarify- I've only tested two schedules in NHL '95- a full 84 game schedule (copy and paste from NHL '96) and a 48 game schedule (I transcribed the actual schedule from the lockout '94-'95 season), but I feel good that it would work on a shorter schedule. In NHL '96 I wasn't able to get a modified schedule to work (I think I only tested a 48 game one.)
  11. I'll have to look at my notes- I looked at '95, '96 and '97, and I'm not sure which was which. One had a listing for conferences and divisions, with the number in front of both of those (if you search for the pacific division by team numbers, it happens 2 or 3 times in each rom, so it's easy to find.) @UltraMagnus Since that last post (and I have a rom IP so that's why my research stopped for now), I have been able to edit the full schedule and move teams with only one issues in full season mode (I'm working on a '94-'95 replay, and '95 has no issues unless you sim to the day past when al
  12. Is this going to end up being a dated name like the Toronto Raptors?
  13. Season Schedule notes: The schedule is found in the following places for NHL '95-98: '95: 00008DD9-00009720 '96: 00013559-00013E9F '97: 000176BB-00017FCE '98: 00017A9D-000183AD The schedules for '95, through '98 appear to be in the following format: 1 byte to say the number of games on a day (including the 00's for the all start break), 2 bytes for each game, home team, then away team (Team bytes are in alphabetical order, from 00 for Anaheim to 19 for Winnipeg. Dallas is in alphabetical order, not the Minnesota slot). Editing the sc
  14. Kingraph- I'll see when/if I get stuck. I don't really do well with coding (basic was the last language I understood), so I'm trying to break it down a way I understand instead of the coding I've found from Google. Today was a little less, but more information to be taken down on the next steps: The bytes between the FF's and the start of the notes I have a stronger grasp on (someone hinted piece of these on the boards here as well). The C# bytes I believe are setting the channel of the instrument, and the next byte I believe is the instruments. The organ songs didn't load mult
  15. This is a short and sweet one- I was correct on the note length. If put in a value of 50 (32), then cut it in half on the next note at 25 (20), the notes are twice and half as long. They could be calibrated to a metronome I suppose, but I'd guess if you're creating music you'd find out how long you want a quarter note to be by trial and error perhaps? On the downside- with my emulator, computer and tuner app on my phone, I am consistently getting notes that are *in between* steps (almost exactly just sharp enough or flat enough that it wants to jump between F and F# for example).