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  1. Zero promises on how useful this is, but I stumbled across this today: My basic understanding is you can create MIDI music through that program and it can be converted to genesis code. I haven't yet figured out how to work backwards and pull the code into the program to edit. (Specifically, I'm looking for the instrumentation the NHL games use)
  2. Windows 8 PC... weird, I'll just chalk it up to weird. Have two Genesis sitting around- didn't even know everdrive existed! (There's only so many years to you can take a vanilla Ottawa/Anaheim etc to the cup with 3 buttons...) EDIT: Egg on my face- maybe it was time to upgrade from Gens 0.98... It's working on 2.11.
  3. Hi all, I've been running into a weird lock up point when emulating- I've used 3 emulators (Gens, dgen and megasis), and all three are freezing when I'm exiting game 1 of a best of 7 series I've tried multiple roms ranging from two vanilla ones (no idea of source anymore), the 2010 one found here, and one I edited in NOSE- the same result every time. Has anyone seen this before and/or have any suggestions? (It does not lock up for me there in Vanilla '94)