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  1. Who else was on that flight back to St. Louie? You guessed it, Frank Stalone.
  2. clockwise


    Looking at getting a Sony PVM 20 broadcast monitor. Supposed to be one of the best gaming monitors for 2d games. Anyone have one, here?
  3. Looking into the patch or vaping, right now. Thanks for the support.
  4. of Toronto%2C St. George Campus%2C Old Toronto%2C Toronto%2C Canada&adults=16&children=0&infants=0&guests=0&check_in=2019-09-21&check_out=2019-09-23&source_impression_id=p3_1560647673_vbASgLX2VAxVK9U7 What about ABNB? Seems pretty reasonable per person, just as an example.
  5. To look for new posts. It's an addiction. I don't really know how to Facebook and don't like social media - I've been told this is a good thing by many a fellers - and I think Zuckerberg is an android and sleeps in a vegetable crisper to recharge. Difference between all of those other places is I like all the people here. I don't really know why I made this thread, but I want to allay any fears about me starting a podcast or something about my thoughts.
  6. Modding is the best part of us, as gamers. Without mods, there are games and even entire genres that wouldn't exist commercially. This mod gives me hope that someday NHL games will return to PC. I salute you, my good dude. Forum for those who want to read more about this great mod:
  7. Update: The Saturn pads are the best pre-analog stick pads ever created, and I don't judge cheap knock-offs of this legend kindly. I've had a few over the years as well (humble brag). They Saturn pad is really good and hard to distinguish from the original. The d-pad isn't quite the same feel, but the Saturn d-pads are like a good pair of leather shoes: they wear better after being broken in. So, I'd have to play more to give a final verdict. Nice thing is you can swap parts with an original Saturn pad. This Gen pad is far superior to the model-3 Gen pad and on par with other 6-button versions; Sega CD for example. EDIT: Just want to clarify if there is a bit of confusion, I was referring to the Model-3 SEGA console, not a controller of some sort. It's the 6-button pad that came with this: I had this system. It feels one of those balsa wood paper air planes we used to get at the hobby shop as a kid. Also, the cable is really short. Which was intended, because if it was any longer you'd try to hang yourself with it once you realize how bad the build quality actually is. Some are a fan of the batwing Genesis pad, and I do respect it for just being iconic built like a tank, but I don't like it. Thankfully the repros from retro-bit are more than serviceable. Good buy.
  8. I've just gotten word that the Blues have found that Stanley Cup and are in route to St. Louis for rager with two portly fellows with black suits and dark sun glasses. They are rumored to be brothers. 
  9. Hardest of all cups to lose.
  10. I swapped them in NHL11 to NHL14 ROMs along with the separate button for goalie control. Also made the goal horn louder / deeper (don't remember how I did that exactly).
  11. AJ made a video about explaining the ratings that might help you out.
  12. Yeah! I liked this the other day to get a rise out of D. Once or twice a year I look through old posts and saw this gem.
  13. I needed to get two extra colors for the helmets (away uniforms for Montreal, Chicago and Philly for example), to do this I made the stick and face color the same. Don't remember which other color I sacrificed. To me it sounds like the uniforms don't display correctly in NOSE because the .bmp's in .zip that are supposed to replace the default ones weren't added.
  14. There are officially licensed repros of the Saturn and Genesis pads by Retrobit on Amazon. These two came in the mail today: I bought them to train for the King of 94-4. They feel sturdy so far.
  15. I tried to run that last post through Google translator and this is what I got:
  16. Just to make sure, if you're using my sprite patch, were the .bmp's from the zip in NOSE?
  17. Or, ya know, just leave it in the back of a taxi...
  18. @halifax Please excuse my absence as I got in a fight with a giant talking grape over cosmic fruity pebbles. I also had to give my shield away... Long story (like 3 hours long) but I'm back. Hopefully I'll be able to make it in September as I'm relocating back to Philly this summer. Budgeting will be the tricky part for me; buying an house and moving n'all.
  19. Very cool. In theory, would it be possible to shrink-the-rink and adjust the play-field? I'm talking about removing the neutral zone, basically.
  20. Seeing this video boggles the mind as to why the Jaguar wasn't wildly successful.
  21. This is cool. I'd like to see some more of these. I have a NHL Super-Series guide from 90-91 (it's like Zangeif vs Guile) and he wrote it.