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  1. I feel like @chaos @smozoma @kingraph are deserving, but they've won before. @skip, @slapshot67, @naples39 and @The Sauce are deserving for keeping NHL'94 updated. Having 3 different versions of NHL'94 with current rosters is so awesome. But....
  2. Nothing about what I said has changed. All in good time.
  3. I'll take your word for it. A shinny style game wouldn't have any goalies on the ice either. If the goals are smaller it'd kind of end up being like a game of power ball from American Gladiators - if anyone remembers that - which I think would be really cool. Also, please post the values / offsets when you have time in the How-To, subforum. Thanks!
  4. @backhandfloater and I tried to figure this out for a few weeks sometime in '06. I wish I remembered half of the stuff that we tested. I'm going to try to figure this out again, but there's so much to test... When the game is remade there should probably be a rating for face-offs, with the exception of a classic mode.
  5. Here here! Wally played back in the first NHL'94 online league on the pro genesis sports boards before @Evan got the classic league setup here, if I'm not mistaken. Great to have you back.
  6. Nice work! I've always toyed with the idea of doing a, 'shinny,' ROM. I believe there is a way to get the puck to stay close to the ice on shots that @Tony H figured out, or at least someone did. If you could make the crossbar closer to the ice, it might actually work with a 3on3 or 2on2. Then, use the titles (just copy the hex code) for the outdoor style game from the ball hockey hack and update the tiles to look like it's a pond. Wish I had more time because I'd like to take a crack at it.
  7. We've played a few, too. I don't remember at all who did what, but am really happy you're here and I hope you stick around forever.
  8. Bought a bunch. They're great controllers. The Retrobit, licensed Saturn ones are awesome, too. I have to figure out how to get them going on a Genesis.
  9. Does my heart good to hear the champ say this. I've always felt, in a way, like 2on2 was a my sideshow creation that needed to be kept in the dark. The whole, pay-to-play thing will have to be up to Hali, but, as stated above, I'll bring whatever is needed. I hope we can get 6 teams for each console. That would be incredible to see.
  10. Going through this thread, seeing some of the guys who have come and gone... Time flies. Damn.
  11. Welcome my good dude. We've had a few brothers, here; most notably @Carse & @Bo Knows NHL94.
  12. Will be creating a custom ROM with equalized ratings, containing all of the attendees for both consoles. Plan is to have at least 2 consoles going, so, 8 players being able to play at once, minimum, to help speed up the tournament. undecided on the # of games each team should play to qualify for the playoffs, but I feel like the championship should be first-to-4, best-of-7. I will be providing the awards for all 4 coaches. @corbettkb suggested having the SNES tournament on Genesis day and the Genesis tournament on the SNES day so it doesn't interfere with the KO94 bracket play. Which is a great idea and hopefully we can have more guys stay for both days as a result. Never to early to start planning. I already have my bags by the door.
  13. This patch was developed before the 32-team ROM, and I've never tested it myself. It does work with the original, unedited ROM, and the 30-team ROM.
  14. clockwise

    NOSE 1.2b download

    Weird. I used NOSE to update the NHL11 - 14 ROMS I did. They have the 0-15 rating scale. Wish I could find the .ini files.
  15. Wow, nice! Thanks so much for sharing this, I'll have to try it out when I have time. Big fan of 2002.
  16. @smozoma can these be attached to a topic in the NOSE sub-forum somewhere for quick reference? That'd be great.
  17. Have to defer to @slapshot67 as I'm not familiar with the ROM at all.
  18. It's right under your NOSE.
  19. Reminds me of the time my dad took me to Disney Land in Atlantic City. You never get over these types of things. LX4R61wMkjhLrgWZkfaNVD7eWm0czh2LoUhgitj9UTc.mp4
  20. Looks like the game kept going for you, or did it crash when the 3rd period started? It crashed as soon as I resumed the game for me.
  21. Just a heads up for Gens: Razmataz_FlankSteak is actually Segathong. We played 5 or 6 games so he's good to go. Edit: just realized we use this tool to confirm: