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  1. Was supposed to be a PM but everyone loves cake don't worry about it.
  2. Been super lazy bud, shipping it out today, and you're not going to believe the 7-tier vegan wedding cake in the October 2019 ish. Safe to say it's a-may-zing.
  3. Nice! Good job on the kits. The Whalers look like their uniforms are purple in the original game.
  4. @chaos in the running for bud of the year. I edited my post because it said, "front runner," instead of, "running." Can't forget about @halifax who will surely be a favorite. @kingraph also got his first KO94 title. Who's it gonna be? What will they be wearing on the berber carpet? Full coverage on Entertainment Tonight.
  5. "People don't like the relay server on, but we figured it out in 3 days, it's the best. It is the best relay server there is. Zsnes? Who remembers that? Doesn't cut it in this economy." "Gens? What is that? Gens isn't even around. Gens doesn't have it. Retroarch is yuge. It's got everything. It's the best. Gens is yesterdays news. Retroarch, and I'll tell you. Retroarch is very bright."
  6. It's great when it works, but I can't host without the frame rate dropping. @chaos helped me for two nights and we couldn't figure it out. Anyone else experience this when hosting?
  7. Would like to know as well. Thats some serious Photoshopping material there and am very tempted to alter the source material
  8. That's one hell of a green screen. And your controller is at the taxi dispatchers office waiting for you to pick it up.
  9. This patch was originally created for ROMS. First released with my NHL11 ROM, with the help of kaneda of, it allows for the use of goalie control by pressing the (Y) button. Controls must be configured to six buttons for both players. Plans for the use of the (X) and (Z) buttons for line changes and a pseudo fake shot button were scrapped when I stopped doing updates. This patch also works on real Genesis hardware if you have an Mega Everdrive or some other flash cart. We did get it going with multi tap, 4-way play, but 4-way play has been tested on actual Genesis hardware. Note: you can still control the goalie by depressing (B) for a second with this patch applied.
  10. @PenguinFan1985 DM'd me first and also signed up for 24 months of, 'Bride Guide magazine.' This ones a goner.
  11. DM me address info and I'll ship'er out. First one to DM me wins.
  12. Well, I can fullscreen with it once the visual settings are updated with gens_netplaysave. If I just use gens_netplaysave.exe config file the emulator crashes every time when I switch to fullscreen. Anyway, I attached gens_netplaysave with the updated cfg file from gens11b with 2on2 rom, classic 94 rom and the classic playoff rom. Also attached the config file for people who have everything setup and just want to drop that file in there so they can play fullscreen. Gens.cfg
  13. Not by default but it works with a hack. Download Gens11b, config the emulator as in the 2nd post. Download gens-netplay-save.exe to Gens11b folder and rename it to Gens11b.exe (renaming probably isn't even necessary). There are settings added to Gens.cfg that are created that allow the game to go fullscreen without crashing when Gens11b is setup. I'll have to take a look at what the settings are when I have more time. Update: see post below.
  14. 2020 rom and NBC theme go together like peas and carrots.
  15. Cleaning out my '94 files from NES 3D wall These are 1920x1080 but I rendered other resolutions as well if anyone wants a different size.
  16. This patch, from 2011, has all of the sprites redrawn and updated to allow you to update the helmet and shoulder colors for more accurate uniforms. In the original, unedited sprites, the helmet color was shared with the jersey. Classic NHL'94 teams such as San Jose, Montreal, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and other teams look inauthentic before this update, to me. There are 2 colors for the helmets and 1 for the shoulder. NOTE: make sure to replace the, '92 Strip.bmp,' used in the NOSE directory or the colors for the strips won't appear accurately. Here are some sample pics, from; 2011, of teams that benefit from the patch. Bonus for downloading, 1 free, rotating Stanley Cup and Sprite voxel animation:
  17. I remembered that there was a version of Gens that didn't make the screen flash when it was launched (on XP) and generally had more visual settings. I used it for making videos years ago. Looked around and that version is Gens11b. Stick tap to @kingraph as I found the link in this thread. Looks like this is the Gens to use if it's for Netplay and you want to play full screen. Files (direct download) Gens11b kailleraclient.DLL (DLL Only - For P2P Online Play) Settings for Gens11b full screen from the toolbar: Graphics > enable, 'Windowed Fullscreen' Graphics > render > double. You can just maximize the window and the aspect should be correct. Options > general. Disable the, 'Show frame counter' and, 'Show lag frame count' overlay. You can also update the full screen resolution to the resolution of your display. With these settings you should be able to play full screen (ALT+Enter) Should be it. Let me know if anyone has issues with this working or not. Note: 'TAB' doesn't work to reset the game in Gens11b. It's CTRL+SHIFT, R.
  18. Here you go: Here's the tutorial for how to update them in Tile Molester: I've always thought that Andy Moog looks like Hannibal Lecter in his player card photo.
  19. Seems like everyone who has Win 10 is unable to play full screen (alt+enter) without it crashing. Tried changing compatiblity mode to XP but the aspect ratio is wayyy off. Any ideas from the '94 brain trust?
  20. Great job; thanks! We really are spoiled having two NHL2020 ROMs. What a time to be alive. Side note: Kenny Albert looks like he just sucked all the C02 out of a can of whipped cream. His photo probably needs to be updated. I'll report back once I play a few games.
  21. Here's an early leak of the awards I found for Segathong 2020 when I cracked his ftp password
  22. They'll want to reuse them once they realize they sent eSports back a decade by hosting a '95 tournament.