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  1. I think ggpo was the first to make use of it. Was really impressive to experience for the first time in games like 3rd Strike and Alpha 3.
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    Did you try changing the compatibility to Win 7 or XP? Also, make sure you run as administrator.
  3. There's a lot of great stuff on the boards in the inactive league sub-forums. Lots of old drama that is fun to revisit and there's a lot of great memories from the last 15 years. It's quite the rabbit hole. Having a public tournament would make more sense for Sega CD. Also, the offsets are different for uploading save states, so, we'd have to figure that out. Yep. The shot sound effect is the one that bothers me the most. There are some nice things about the .WAV audio files, but it was just a gimmick at the time to just have a CD based, NHL hockey game. EA could have added a lot of the stuff to the SEGA CD version, to the point that it'd be the only one that we play, today. And the Yamaha 2612 chip is classic; so many great chip tunes. When we remake the game, we have to keep the audio true to the era with the same chip or a similar one.
  4. We gotta get Tick to come to King of 94 Live event.
  5. Hasn't been one, yet. Other reason why we haven't had a league is because draft leagues aren't possible, and simple things like reducing penalty length can't be adjusted easily in NOSE. @don16086 was working on modding the CD version, but it's been 15 years. Can't say I'm a fan of the audio. Doesn't feel like it fits the game, to me.
  6. Maybe you could use the 8bitdo with the Retrousb adapter? Retrousb SNES to USB adapter. Looks like it on sale right now, too.
  7. OP is a little confusing. Kinda-thought this was what you were looking for? I'd check around their website some more. They have manuals for retrofitting OEM controllers, too.
  8. Only one I know of: Tech Specs System Compatibility SNES Super Familiy Computer Analogue Super Nt Connectivity 2.4g Wireless Technology for original SNES/SFC *Bluetooth connection is not applicable Dimensions/weight 144*63.5*26.2mm 98g Battery Type / Battery Life 480mAh Li-on battery, rechargeable 18-20 play hours with 1-2 hour charging time Includes SN30 2.4g Controller 2.4g Wireless USB Receiver USB Cable
  9. Also, NHL'94 got me to finally find Facebook and Twitch and stuff worthwhile. Proof that NHL'94 changes lives.
  10. This is awesome! If I can make a suggestion: maybe you could do a NHL'94 rewind, or NHL'94 classic matchups if there isn't anyone available? Like, replay a matchup from a GDL championship or something like that. Keep up the great work Smoz!
  11. @CaseBC we seriously need you guys to sign up for 2on2, RetroArch matches.
  12. Yeah they do. It's like, $200 bucks, though.
  13. Yeah. Was pretty disappointed to learn that I couldn't play Super Mario Kart. Not that big of a deal since there aren't that many games that use the DSP and Super FX chips.
  14. @kidswasted My thoughts on the Model 3 from last year, but the post is mostly about the Retro-Bit, USB repros. The Model-3 was made by Tectoy, a company from Brazil. They produced SEGA consoles in Brazil in the 90's and into the early 2000s'.
  15. How many tabs of acid do I have to drop to understand these? Or maybe it's like one of those Magic Eye posters that you have to stare at until you're crosseyed.
  16. Though, it has been fix by smoz, I also noticed that the ROM doesn't crash in SNES like when you edit lines in Gens.
  17. Don't know how I forgot a major, major one: In Gens you press pass, or 'B' to get up. in SNES you press 'hook' to get up. Or, move-thumb-over-to-that side-that-the-d-pad-is-on, button.
  18. Couple of differences I've noticed in 2on2 between SNES and Gens: Framerate seems higher in SNES 2on2, as compared to SNES 5on5. I've noticed this on an actual SNES with my Super Everdrive as well. You can speed burst out of control quickly by just spamming it. In Gens, you have to get checked really hard into the boards to lose control of your skater so that they can speed burst super fast. Floater goals are very rare to come by. Flying burrito saves don't work well at all, unless they're done across the goal line. Penalty shots happen even with penalties off. Not sure how I feel about it, but I wish we could toggle it on / off. Having a lot of fun with SNES 2on2 so far.
  19. @naples39 @swos used to the the updates posted on:; ROMs are still there -- before I started doing mine in 2009. Not sure how to access @macks' old ROM files. I don't think they're here, on the forums, but I did the trapezoid and stick-tape patch for his ROM, which was right after the lockout. IIRC, he had Selanne for the primary splash screen.
  20. Trying to figure out if I should be realistic in the ratings, or what? Obviously the Democrats and Republicans are gonna be rated 0 for everything. Unless someone want's to donate to Jesus', abolish-95 lobbying group.
  21. Believe me, I get it. I did the roster updates here for years, and humbly say that my logos were the best ever. I'd agonize over a pixel here or there like a repressed perfectionist. This is coming from a guy that bought 20+ media guides from the 90-91 NHL season just so he could scan them to make player cards. Just try to keep in mind people play these edits to have fun and we all appreciate the hard work that goes into your edits.
  22. Guys playing are more focused on scoring goals and having fun than they are focused on the quality of a logo. Looks good enough.
  23. I would just go with this: Or this: Obviously they need to be cleaned up and have pieces removed, but you need to compromise on center ice logs. Also, before importing, make sure that you use the palette vales as they appear in TM, not as they appear in NOSE or the image editing software you use.
  24. Did you guys eat close to home or was it a BIG DRIVE?!