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  1. Too far for me from Pennsylvania to Vancouver, and I'm working 80 hours a week, right now, but I'll be there in spirit. Can't wait to see all of the content from KO94III.
  2. UPDATED MARCH 10TH 2009 Before I go into a launch sequence about the game and site details I want to say: Tremendous thanks to wboy for helping me earn my paper napkin NHL '94 hax0rz deploma. It's probably unwize to embark on a '94 editing project and try to edit everything in the game with no prior experience editing the graphics, hex and other things, but wboy helped me every step of the way..From the player cards, to the intro screens, crease, logos, and everything else. wboy was like my own Chubbs..All I had to do was tap it in. Everone knows his vast knowledge of the game but his generosity in helping others learn is even more impressive. In return for his help I will help others with their editing projects in the future. And vow to never use the, "That's not a knife..This is a knife." joke while handling cutlery ever again. To keep this from sounding like an acceptance speech I'll just say thanks to everone else who helped me. Thanks. _____________________ I had entertained doing a '94 project in the past and knew that if I did one I would have to be able to edit just about everything the game. Once wboy released his 30 team rom with decompressed graphics I decided to give it a go. When slecting which season to base my edit on I knew I wanted it to be in an high scoring era before goalies started looking like bomb technicians. Going through stats and history on the net the '90-'91 season caught my eye... The musical stylings of "Oates and Hull" in St. Louis with Brett's 87 goal campaign (a feat only topped by Gretzky), the North Stars improbable run to the finals, Messier in Edmonton, Jersey's X-Mas unis and the different rosters (in comparison to '94) among other things sold me on using the '90-'91 season. I also knew that if I had difficulity locating details like jersey numbers or handedness for certain players that I could fall back on NHL Hockey or NHLPA '93. Features - 23 NHL teams including All-Stars - More than 450 players from the '90-'91 season: - Player ratings were festidiouly checked and based on, '90-'91 season totals, season totals prior and after '90-'91, career totals, and the EA hockey series on Genesis. - Team Ratings are based on: the teams over all record, total points at the duration of the season, teams playoff performance, GA average and GF average - New menu screens. - Player skates: 1 point for Genesis - '90-'91 uniforms based on NHL and NOSE's color sniper - '90-'91 style goal crease / net - '90-'91 style ice and menu logos - '90-'91 player card photos for all 6 starters of every club - Every player now has a player card pic, thats 500+ - Russian Elite teams from the 1990-1991 Super Series - Hockey tape and sprite edit patch I did was added - Swos's bench area - Player #'s and names fixed - Goalie and player rating overhaul - Evan's player circle icon - Tony's speed burst multplier find was added to make it harded to chase down breakaways - NHL '95 PC style puck _____________________ Pics Click for the gallery _____________________ More in game pics, uniforms pics, game download and other stuff can be found at NHL ' Enjoy and glory to the game.
  3. Really want to go to this but I can't get a day off right now. I'll probably hold out till the next KO94. Hope everyone has a blast.
  4. clockwise

    What Nhl Jerseys Do You Have?

    If any. Thinking about a vintage Orr, or North Stars Modano.
  5. clockwise

    Best Setups for NHL94

    And all this time I thought Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and jumped to Windows 10 because Windows is just smarter.
  6. clockwise

    Best Setups for NHL94

    First off, Windows 10 doesn't even exist. It's actually Windows 9, but they called it 10 because 8 sucked so bad that they had to skip a number to throw people off the trail. Which fooled a grand total of noone at all. In the immortal words of G. Dubya: "Fool me once, shame one me, fool me twice, can't be a shame-fooled-again." Windows 8 is the reason Microsoft skipped Windows 9. We already covered this. Windows Vista... Don't trust it. Not a bit. Windows 7 is a solid and a really good OS. Never had any issues with it. Windows XP has a lot going for it. For starters, the start-up sound is bang on. When I start a machine up, I want that sound. I'd have it in my car when I turn it on if I could get it working. Shut down sound is great a well. That background with the rolling hills looks great when Gens is windowed. Really helps you relax after a long period. 5/5. But there's no more security patches so even after you clear your browser history after a sketchy browsing session you could have spyware / viruses. I'd go with Windows 7 or Linux / Mac.
  7. Here's the trapezoid rink edit I did for Mack in patch form if anyone wants to use it. In addition, the stick tape is applied along with the current faceoff dots, crease, net, and bench area as well with the patch. Looking at the sample attached below, the partitions from the glass have been excised to provide extra space for the zoids. Instructions are in the zip - it will not add, or alter any player | team data - it's purely cosmetic in case anyone has an edit and is wondering if it will screw their work up.
  8. @chaos Both videos are unavailable for some reason. I suspect that they were intimidated by CoachMac and refuse to come out.
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    That's hawt.
  10. clockwise

    KingRaph playing NHL'94 on the jumbotron!

    Woah there, guy. I don't know if I'd go that far. Seriously, dude, this is like the coolest thing that has ever happened and all you got is pretty neat? At the very least it's f**king awesome.
  11. clockwise

    NHL94 - Set plays, and how to pull them off.

    Look, Mr. all-time-greatest-NHL94-world-record-holder-that-get's-to-play-on-the-jumbotron-with-Ken-Daneyko: if I want your advice, I'll ask for it. jk love ya bro
  12. clockwise

    NHL94 - Set plays, and how to pull them off.

    RW breaking in at the blue line with the disk hug the wall to the bottom of the faceoff circle hold the puck until the attacker commits so that you pass it just before you get crushed into the boards pass the puck hard around the wall, behind the net to the LW LW retrieves the puck at the opposite wall LW feeds the puck to the center for the one-timer The goalie can get stuck behind the net chasing the puck as it goes behind him. This is a pretty cheap, but somewhat consistent way to get an ENG.
  13. I got NHL 2000 out of a Cheerios box.
  14. clockwise

    NHL 94 Fighting

    I read a publication years ago about a kid who loved the Road Runner and Coyote cartoons who jumped off the Grand Canyon with springs strapped to his feet holding a "yikes" sign. They found him next to a giant bowl of bird seed. I don't remember the name of the publication, it could have been the The Weekly World News; it doesn't really matter. The point is: it's not in the game to keep kids safe. I know I feel all the safer for not having fighting in NHL'94, so much that I don't even lock the door on my rifle case at night.
  15. Here are all the files, roms and assets from these three sites if anyone want's to host or just mess around with them. and is asp and is Word Press. If one of the admins could but the zip on the server I'd appreciate it since I don't know how long the link will be active for. The password is nhl94.
  16. clockwise files

    I fixed the link.
  17. clockwise files

    Something is up with Here's a direct link from my host: I can't say for sure how long this link will work. If someone can find a place to host these, or just throw them on the hosting package for now, I'd appreciate it.
  18. Ah, sorry I'm not on a computer right now that has any of the sites files. In the process of launching a business and decided to switch to dedicated hosting. There isn't anything I can add to those sites, either. Evan said he'd host as a subdomain a while back, and pixel puck is just wordpress with some javascript I added. IDK if you guys want to or not but anyone is free to mess with those sites files if Evan or someone else want's to host them.
  19. clockwise

    NHL '94 font

    In my insatiable quest for all things '94 I've been looking for the same font used in the game; to no avail. I've come across a few; "close but no cigars". Namely a font called "Joystix", and a commodore 64 one that had some similar characters, but neither are really the genuine thing. So I decided to rip the characters from the game and make my own. Now, some characters are absent beacuse I could only use the ones that were in the game, still I managed to get the "necessities" if you will. All the #'s, uppercase and owercase are present. Most of the other ones too. Here's some styles. The the diff color EA backgrounds are in the zip as well at 1024 by 768
  20. clockwise

    NHL 2018 by Slapshot67 & Skip

    I love you Skip and Slapper. Love everyone else, too, but those two can go-in-my-fridge-without-asking-first anytime.
  21. clockwise

    Attendance Wishlist at the next Ko94?

    I was really excited to meet everyone especially Evan (so he can finally sign my poster) but both my folks died in the last few months and my hours blow; I haven't had a weekend off since May.
  22. clockwise

    An NHL94 Kaillera Server

    I put up the NHL'94 Kaillera server around '07 that was up for almost a year. Was about as stable as a three leg table; I had to reset it almost daily. You can set rules and stuff for Kaillera so that only specific games can be played, which was kinda-nice. Was fun while it lasted, but I didn't keep it because a lot of guys were closer to other servers. Also, this was before P2P Kaillera.
  23. clockwise

    Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    I like Chicago or NYC. Detroit has too many fixer-uppers.
  24. clockwise

    NHL '94 animated sprites

    Just in time for the holiday season, NHL '94 animated sprites, available in all teams. Feel free to use them as an avatar, for a webpage, or whatever. I'll attach a zip file with all of them at the bottom.