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    Sorry I know this is an old post but just fyi - I downloaded DosBox v.72 and got it to compile and install on Ubuntu 7.04. I mounted the nhl 96 iso (using kernel loop mount) and it played seamlessly. Oh it feels so good to play this again Now how can we get nhl 96 pc into netplay...
  2. Alan


    Hey, all, awesome site you have here. I am a big NHL 94 enthusiast and I play it on all the time using the SNES emulator ZSNES. My favorite PC hockey game is NHL 96. I used to have WIN ME and although it had several problems, it allowed NHL 96 to install. Now I have XP Professional 32 and 64-bit on different comps. I tried install from the CD and of course got an error message. Is there anyway you know to install them? I'm a comp sci student and I've yet to get into anything in-depth so you'll forgive me if this is a simple question. I love your NHL 94 editor, though, and I