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  1. I'm sorry for calling you a liar. I did so because what you did to get it working for you was not working for me.

    1. #64MG


      No problem. I understand your frustration.

      I have done an another possible solution to you topic. Please go to check.


  2. So, NHLInfo tells me this in regards to viewing NHL 97 faces with the correct: save FACES\FACEPAL.FSH\!PAL to file with F-key to current directory (Palette file's name can be for example NHL97FACE.PAL). SHIFT+P and P should again view correct palette ...which I did. However, this error pops up when I follow these steps, because there ALWAYS seems to be some sort of error when it comes to this kind of stuff. Did I do anything wrong?
  3. What Windows update prevented NHL 99 files from being modified? Because I'm 99% sure it was saome Windows update.
  4. I am trying to mod player portraits for NHL 96, but there is a massive issue that I need to solve: No matter what I do with the palettes, the new pictures always look soulless and nothing like the intended pictures. I have not only attached screenshots of what GIMP and Photoshop do, but also the original pictures of Andy Moog and Darcy Wakaluk, and the new pictures of Maikls Andersons and Jack Lymrick, two characters from an alternate universe of mine. The latter pictures are what I'm trying to add to the game.
  5. Does anyone have addons for NHL 2002? And maybe 2001 or 2000 as well?
  6. Update: I tried on a different computer, but sadly got the same result. This screenshot of Greg Adams serves as both a before and after picture of modding NHL 99.
  7. I'd like to try out the NHL 2002 version.
  8. Someone already messaged that detail, but I'll still thank you.
  9. Now there's this guy I'm stuck on. The images in the player card tutorial will be of no use here, as no context is given as to who they are. It also doesn't help that some players (in this case, Niedermayer, MacLean and Millen) don't have pictures, so this can't be any one of those three. Some of the pictures (i.e. Jon Casey) are also different between versions.
  10. Currently, I am working on a mod set in an alternate universe where the teams exist, but not the players. As such, the only things that will be edited are databases and portraits.
  11. Could you please reupl9ad those elementary NHL 2002 mods? I’d like to use them, but the link you sent originally is long dead.

    1. mitch13


      First of all, I would say "hello".

      Let me take a look on january, now I am busy.

      What kind of add ons are you particularly chasing?

      Merry Xmas

    2. Jlsegafan2001


      Thank you. I would like some facepacks and rosters, please.

    3. Jlsegafan2001
  12. I know. Recently, since I learned how to mod those, they are able to be imported with close to no issues.
  13. Modded portraits appear in-game in pretty much every iteration I have tried since NHL 98. But for whatever reason, it’s not working in 99.
  14. As you can see in these screenshots, I tried installing an addon I made for NHL 99, which is basically a human version of Sonic the Hedgehog. As you can also see, the game chooses not to display the addon. Interestingly, the addons DO show up on a virtual machine, but not a physical one. I’m not sure why this is happening: hence why I’m making this thread that’ll probably die the moment I post it.
  15. Speaking of dead, that’s the fate both websites have faced. And I can’t access them via the WayBack Machine, either.
  16. Just got an answer: It was Jon Casey. And I'm working with the DOS version, not the Genesis version.
  17. I've been looking all over NHL 95 PC's rosters in order to find this portrait, as I am modding the game to be set in an alternate universe. However, I am unable to find who it is. Could someone please find him?
  18. You said EA Graphics Editor, but you sent eazip, a different program that serves the same purpose... mostly.
  19. When I’m on a Mac, I, too, use Boxer for DOS games.
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