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  1. Yeah, once I get an idea on who's playing, you can do that if you like.
  2. CDL Season 2 I plan on starting this up as soon as CDL Season 1 finals are over. Relegation and Promotion As was discussed at the beginning of Season 1, the bottom 2 teams in A will move down to B, and the B champion and team with the best regular season record during the season will move to A (if it happens that the best team won the championship (like they did in this case, then the second best team in the regular season will move up). This depends on who is returning, but as of right now: Moving to B - @kazelegend and @sheehy (mikegartner22 and dantml were r
  3. did you look at this? - Gives you a starting point to look for the logos.
  4. Let me know what topic it is, I can pin it to the top of the nhl95 section
  5. Love the graphics job Raph! Didn't even notice the CDL zamboni or the CDL logo on ice, gonna have to look for that!
  6. Trades are allowed until 12 midnight eastern tonight (January 6th). After that the ROM will be finalized.
  7. Team Name: Calgary Flames aka Calgary Bruins LD: Ray Bourque RD: Kevin Dahl LW: Nikolai Borshevsky C: Cam Neely RW: Adam Oates X: Mike Ricci 3rd D: Bruce Driver G: John Blue
  8. You can drop a player and add one who went undrafted, or was dropped here. Reminder: You need 6F, 4D, 2G for your final team. Link to sheet - You have until midnight eastern tonight (Jan. 5th) to make drops and adds.
  9. Corbettkb: trades 20 and 68 to AJ for 14 and 83 trades 29 and 77 to to scribe for 41 and 56
  10. @dcicon5148 receives Jeremy Roenick, 2.23, 4.23 @Uncle Seth receives 1.10, 2.15, 4.15
  11. 1.5 szpakman takes Selanne 1.6 Sheehy takes Ciccarelli 1.7 sonoffett takes Gartner 1.8 scribe takes Klima 1.9 raidercanuck takes Fleury 1.10 UncleSeth takes Recchi (trade with dcicon)
  12. Trades that have been confirmed will be posted here
  13. You have 10 total trade assets. So, for example, if you trade 2 players and a pick in a single trade, you have used 3 assets, and are down to 7 that you can use in other trades. Use this thread to talk about trades.
  14. This season will have 24 teams. League is split into 2 sub-leagues, A and B. The season will be 44 games long (4 against each opponent), followed by the playoffs, which will be the top 8 PTS leaders in each league, seeded by Win %. Points is standard 94 - 2 points for a W, 1 point for a T. OT will be standard 10 min. A League - @angryjay93 (SJ) - @kingraph (ANH) - @corbettkb (DAL) - @Sebe_The_Legend (HAM) - @Uncle Seth (OTT) - @dcicon5148 (LVK) - @kylewat (HFD) - @JSchmidt (CGS) - @Scribe99 (EDM) - @sheehy (HAL) - @kazele
  15. PP/PK Bonus This game took place between LA and BOS (LA was Home). I watched the centers this time (Gretzky and Oates). I should have swapped players, since these 2 have maxed values for some of their attributes, but you can still see the change in ShA here. The first shot was taken at the START of the PP. The second at the next faceoff (during PP for LA). LA is Home (Gretzky) and Away is BOS (Oates). If you look at "Away C[6]" this is ShA for Oates. His ShA goes from 15 (or 21 decimal) to 13 (or 19 decimal), or a -2 drop. Remember these stats are on a 0-30 decimal
  16. COMEBACK BONUS Here's an example of the comeback bonus. This game featured CHI at LA. I watched the attributes for both RW (Larmer and Sandstrom). I recorded what their attribute values were at the start of the 1st period. This would include the hot/cold bonuses and the Team Home/Away Bonuses. Then, I recorded the value at the start of the 3rd period. LA was leading at this point, 3-2. CHI was given the comeback bonus at this point. Note the values in BOLD. 1st Period FO 3rd Period FO 1st Period FO
  17. We know for certain that, in the game, each player has a base value between 0-6 for each of their skill attributes (weight is a number given in a 0-15 scale). But, as many of you have noticed, there will be games where a player feels "off" or "hot". That is because the game adds some "bonuses" to these base values, to give them and the team a more "realistic" feel. I was looking at the game code to see if I could minimize them, when I came across some new findings. Some of these topics have already been covered in other threads, but I'll rehash them quickly. Special thanks to @smozoma and
  18. Look under Settings-Input-Input Hotkey Binds and theres a hotkey combo for Toggle Menu. It could be a combination of your buttons, Set it to none.
  19. CHAOS DRAFT LEAGUE I'd like this league to be recurring, taking place in between Classic League regular seasons. The number of signups will determine the number of games played. I'd like to keep the season less than 60 games, to move it along quickly. Signups will be capped at 24. The league rules are currently being determined, and I ask that if you want to play in the league, please vote for the 2 questions in this thread - Rules: - Team advantages neutralized (Home/Away, PP/PK, Offense/Defense) - 5 minute periods, no line changes - Teams will co
  20. Yeah I think you are right. Weighted draft order would be best. I'll take the first draft and put set up draft based on skill (using past classic seasons as a base). Then the following drafts will be based on previous season.
  21. Yeah home/away advantage will be neutral thats a definite. You can't have that in a draft league. Though I'd like to add a slight home advantage in the playoff rom. Maybe just one point, to make home ice advantage a little meaningful. Someone had mentioned this on Discord, and I liked the idea. Maybe vote for this at a later time. As far as the hot/cold, I agree there is a big swing. There may be a hack to tone it down, I will look into it (I think the SmozROM hack does this?) Weight bug is in for this one. Yes there will be A and B leagues, with one draft.
  22. Yes, I forgot to mention hot/cold. I think hot/cold adds a more realistic element to the game. Obviously if it was in the ROM, it would be set to display properly. But if enough people who are interested in the league don't want hot/cold, I'm fine with taking it out. As far as penalties, I would prefer to keep it 1 min, but again if enough people are against it, we can take it out. One thing I don't like about no penalties is the C-check whores go nuts. Not only that, but when you get an injured player, you get screwed and theres no repercussions for the other team. If there was a way to
  23. This happened in 94 maybe last week or the week before to someone. They scored on the penalty shot to tie it, and the game ended anyway.
  24. LOL its ok bud, it's not a real competition
  25. OK, need to explain what's going on here. The player and team data are each grouped by team. This area is limited due to ROM size constraints. When the ROM was made, obviously the ROM was not meant to be modified, so there is a fixed size for player and team data. Each player/team data group is referenced by a list of pointers. So in this list of pointers, ANH data is at one spot, BOS is at another spot, etc. This table is used by the ROM to grab the data. In Genesis, the NOSE editor gets around the size limitation by moving some of this player/team data to an empty spot in the