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  1. We can help you with that on Discord too
  2. Welcome!! Yes, you can play exhibition games at anytime. Join the Discord server (link on front page -; that's where everyone hangs out to play games.
  3. No way you can compare us to Italy right now. There are 64 cases in the US in serious/critical condition. Italy currently has 2,257 cases in serious/critical condition. Population wise, there are currently 28 cases per 1M population in the US. Italy has 591 per 1M. We have a much larger hospital infrastructure than Italy. The flu has a vaccine and it still kills 40k a season in the US. What did we do before the flu vaccine? Got the flu and stayed home. A vastly large majority of these cases will be the same - stay home and recover.
  4. Doctors are concerned because it's a new strain and they don't understand it yet. People with weak immune systems and underlying conditions are at high risk for anything. They aren't even testing people who don't have severe symptoms. So the numbers are a lot higher than what is reported, and the death rate is a lot lower than what is reported. This is a good article I came across, with fair reporting - I agree that you should stay away from your older loved ones. The same way you should if you contracted the flu, a bad cold, pneumonia, etc. The problem is the media took the story and ran with it. It's not as bad as the media reports it, but its not as mild as some of the public perceives. But, mass hysteria is already going on, so theres no going back. The media succeeded in what they wanted to do. Social media can be very persuasive, and is going to be the downfall of our species and possibly civilization.
  5. Or take a nap in the middle of the tournament, wake up and win it.
  6. Washington Capitals Miller-Bondra-Elynuik Ridley-Khristich-Carpenter Hunter-Pivonka-Krygier Iafrate-Johansson Cote-Hatcher Cavallini-Anderson Beaupre (or a trash can) -Tabaracci Bench: F - MacDermid, Jones, May, Savage, Konowlchuk D - Langway, Woolley
  7. Hey bud, Some corrections - - Don Sweeney is a starter, Wesley is not in SEGA. (BOSTON) - Goulet also is a starter in SEGA, not Ruutuu. (CHICAGO) - Garpenlov is also a starter in SEGA, not Gaudreau (SAN JOSE) EDIT: - Jelinek is listed as D in SEGA as well. (OTTAWA) I just checked with classic rom. I guess website is wrong? Or maybe based on a different revision of the game?
  8. @Edge of '94 Midwest when you get a chance, the SNES bracket graphic is incorrect (its the Genesis one).
  9. 40"? holy crap. My 20" weighs 70 lbs., cant imagine a 40. 13" CRTs are the sweet spots for tournaments. Easy to carry. Lots of them on craigslist/FB/let it go/offer up. Ask @Mike Gartner. He has a ton of CRTs.
  10. @clockwise quit while you're ahead, you got enough goodies. 20" BVM is a holy grail. Are they all working OK (geometry all good)? My 20" is good, but my 13" I needed to replace some capacitors in it (needs some more new ones actually).
  11. The best way to get them is looking for govt auctions I’m gonna guess. I thought you already had some @clockwise
  12. Nice pics till I saw an RF adapter hooked up to a flat screen
  13. Hey bud, you playing line 2 without a goalie? you have 6 skaters
  14. So I asked about this in the libretro Discord, and someone said it was possible. There is some settings that need to be changed though. 1 - Turn on "Show advanced settings". This is under Settings->User Interface. Do this for both setups. 2 - Go to Settings->Network on Host computer. You will see a bunch of "Request Device" with a number. Turn on Request Device 1 and 2. 3 - Go to Settings->Network on Client computer. Then turn on Request Device 3 and 4 (only turn on 3 and 4). 4 - Start netplay on Host computer. Then load up the ROM. At this point, if you are on a local network, you need to find your LOCAL IP address of the host computer. You can find this in a number of places. Easiest one is to go to a command prompt and type in "ipconfig" (no quotes). Your network card will show your local IP address (usually something like 192.168.#.#) 5 - On the Client computer, go under Netplay and choose "Connect to netplay host". Enter the IP address from #4. You should connect and then be able to play. NOTE: If you are trying to do this from a remote computer (different locations), you should just be able to use the netplay room list to connect instead of using the local IP address and "Connect to netplay host" option. Once you're done, set those Request Devices back to off if you plan on playing netplay in a different way (i.e. single player).
  15. Detroit Red Wings 1 - Fedorov-Yzerman-Drake - Lidstrom-Konstantov 2 - Ysebaert-Ciccarelli-Kozlov - Coffey-Racine 3 - Ogrodnick-Primeau-Kennedy - Chiasson-Howe 4 - Gallant-Sheppard-Probert - Konroyd-McCrimmon
  16. I was testing for other reasons. What I meant by this test was that you can connect on the local network with no problems.
  17. 100% possible. I’ve done it for testing by running 2 instances of RA on one computer and connecting to each other via netplay. In this case, you would enter the local ip address of the other cabinet in enter server address instead of using the netplay room
  18. Hi Guys, I'm going to be selling my Framemeister (aka xrgb-mini), and I'd figure I'd give the community a shot at it first. PM me here or on Discord if you are interested. Feel free to ask any questions here or privately. $330 including shipping and PayPal fees (these are going on eBay for ~$400+) If you don't know what a Framemeister is, or if you need one, it is an upscaler device used to take video input from retro consoles (RGB, Component, or A/V Composite), and upscale it to HD (720p or 1080i/p output) so you can play on your HDTV via HDMI cable. It works great (can even add scanlines to give you that retro CRT feel), and is very customizable. I have found that the settings I use work with all my consoles just fine, but you can make (or download someone else's) settings and have them specific per console. RGB is the best possible output from a console, since there is no processing done internally to the signals. Signal Quality: RGB ----> Component ---> S-Video ------------> Composite (A/V) --------------------------> RF Read more about it here: Framemeister Guide Genesis can do RGB out of the box. You just need to buy a cable (~$30-40). SNES is tricky. Old boxy ones can do it out of the box, though the SNES Jr. (2nd model of SNES) can be modded for RGB and produces a better image than the original. Need a cable as well ($30-40). Includes: - 5V Power Supply - D-Terminal adapter (used for component input) - DIN RGB-to-JP21 adapter (IMPORTANT: not a SCART adapter. When buying cables for your systems, look for JP21 pinout - JP21 and SCART use same connector. If you need help in where to buy cables let me know). - Remote (in Japanese). I barely used the remote, you can control everything using the buttons on the unit (menu is in English).
  19. Why can’t you use Modano? Mega man makes this poster confusing as to what the tournament is for edit: maybe instead use a sprite of modano from the game?
  20. chaos


    I fixed it. My fault. When I added you back to the Members group, for some reason it created a new Members group, so there were 2 of them, 1 which wasn't assigned access to anything. You should be good now.