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  1. I suggest you read online how to get a Sega CD ISO to run on an emulator
  2. This is a guide to setting up 4-way play on RetroArch. Useful for the 2on2 ROM. Link to Genesis 2on2 ROM - 2on2 Update Thread Please make sure you have loaded the ROM at least once before (Load Core->Genesis Plus GX, then Load Content->2on2 ROM). I suggest placing the ROM in your ROMs folder inside the RetroArch-32 folder (or wherever else you decide to keep your ROMs). The person hosting should have direct connect set up. This will give the smoothest connection for everyone. This also allows you to swap teammates and reset the game if there is a crash while keeping everyone connected. So far, only confirmed this on Genesis GPGX core (prob should work in a similar fashion for Snes9x core): Step 1: Set Max Users to 4 Start RetroArch. Go to Settings->Input. Set Max Users to 4 (this is safe to leave this way, you don't have to change this back). Exit and restart RetroArch. Step 2: Set Controls Load the 2on2 ROM. Once it is running, access the Quick Menu (by going to Command->Menu Toggle on the Menu Bar or pressing F1 key), and go down to Controls. In the Controls window, change "User 1 Device Type" and "User 2 Device Type" to "MD Joypad 3 Button + 4-WayPlay". Make sure "User 3 Device Type" and "User 4 Device Type" are set to "RetroPad" (this should be default setting). Step 3: Set to Four Player Once done with Step 2, you will need to "Restart" the game (Quick Menu->Restart). Go to the Game Setup screen and see if you can set the Players to "Four": Step 4: Save Game Remap File Once you are successful, you can save the Game Remap File, which will save the User Device Types specific to this game. This way you don't need to set it up every time. With the game loaded, go to Quick Menu->Controls->Save Game Remap File". A message will pop up that the file has been saved. Now, when you load the 2on2 ROM, it will automatically load the Game Remap File (and your 4-WayPlay setup)! This way, you will not have to redo this and undo it every time you decide to play. So, you only need to go through this setup once. Step 5: Start Netplay and Play Start Netplay as you usually would (Main Menu->Netplay->Start Netplay Host). This can be done before loading the ROM, or after (go to Quick Menu, go back a few times to the Main Menu). I would suggest telling the players to connect after you set the Players to "Four" in the Game Setup screen. Players 1 and 3 are the Home team, 2 and 4 are the Away team. To switch players, press the "i" key to "leave the game". Then the "i" key should be pressed in the order of players. (Example: If player 2 and 3 "leave the game", and Player 2 wants to be Player 3, Player 3 wants to be Player 2, Player 3 presses "i" key first, then Player 2 presses the "i" key. Now they are swapped.)
  3. FALL CLASSIC 2018 This season, we are having 2 Genesis leagues (GENS-A and GENS-B) and 1 SNES league. SNES admin - chaos GENS admin - kingraph To see your schedule, head over to the site. On the front page, use the league drop down on the nav-bar and make sure "Classic '94-2018 Fall" is selected. On the left had side of the page will show the list of coaches in the selected league and league level. This section will be available on most of the pages on the site. Here, you will choose the league level (GENS-A, GENS-B, SNES) and the list of coaches and teams will change. Once you've selected your league level, click on your team's name. This will open the Coach Page. On the coach page, you will see your schedule. This schedule is just a list of all your games, and does not need to be played in any specific order. You will be able to see how many games you have Away and at Home against a specific team. Once you have played the game and made the save (more on this later), you will use this page to upload the game ("Log a Game" link). Once a game is uploaded, you can also use this page to look at the game's box score. At the top of the page, is an area that shows some basic team stats. Also, there is a link to see your Roster Stats. On the right side, there is an area that has coach information and the standings for your division (along with a link for the full standings). You can click on any team on the left side of the page and see their stats, box scores, etc. You are not limited to just your Coach Page (but you need to use your page to log games). Here are some helpful links for navigating around the site: HOW TO: Netplay over RetroArch HOW TO: Create a Save State in RetroArch RetroArch Save State Uploading HOW TO: Log a Game with a Save State on Stat Pages - how to navigate to and display the different Season stat pages. The stats are collected from the save states that are uploaded. Teams and Schedules Page - displays the coach names and Discord usernames (update yours if you have not yet) for the coaches in your division. Again, if you have not joined Discord, you need to - Discord Invite Some important links for new coaches: League Website - Getting Started - Getting Started Rules - Registration (for coaches who missed initial registration, and wish to be replacements) - Registration Waiting List - Edit User Profile (if you wish to change any of your information) - (Use to update your Discord Username) All of the above links can be found from navigating the navigation bar. For those of you who have forgotten how the site works, or for the new coaches in the league, a game is played and logged as follows: 1. Contact the coach you would like to play on Discord. You can find their Discord Username by going to the site. Choose the Classic '94-Fall 2018 league from the drop-down "League Selection" menu on the navigation bar. Choose the "League Level" you were assigned (all new coaches are in GENS-B or SNES league levels) in the left-hand column and click on your Team. Your "Coach Page" should come up, and you can see which teams you have games remaining against. Click on that opposing team's name in the left-hand column, which should load that team's coach page. On the right hand side of the page, there is an area which contains the coach's Discord Username. You can contact them via the #classic-gens or #classic-snes channels on the Discord server, or via direct message. You can also choose the "Teams & Schedules" page from the menu bar and this will list all the coaches in the league and their Discord Usernames. 2. Play the game. Play the game against the selected coach. When playing a game against a coach, the home team hosts the game (this matters for Genesis games; in SNES it doesn't matter who hosts, as you can switch team control). Once the game is complete, and you get to the "Three Stars" screen or the Final screen, a save state must be taken and uploaded to the site (either coach can do this, please decide who will perform the upload beforehand). Please check out the threads on creating a Save State linked at the top of this thread post. Once the Save State has been made, the game can be uploaded to the site. This is done on the "Coach Page" that displays your schedule. By clicking on your team's name in the left-hand column, you access your "Coach Page". Games that need to be played will have a "Log a Game" link next to it. Choose the game that has been played, and upload the file. Type in your password (that you used when you registered for the site) to log the game. Once this is done, the game is uploaded and the stats on the site will update. NOTE: If an incorrect save state was uploaded and has already been processed by the site (both coaches didn't realize the score was wrong and it was confirmed), please PM Kingraph or me. We will need to correct it. EXTRA NOTE: Do not upload a save state that was taken during display of "Highlights from the game". It will take data from that game that is being displayed. Best place to take a save is when the Three Stars screen pops up. Also, the schedule does not need to be played in order. It is encouraged to get all your games in with an opponent at the same time. Checkpoints There will be WEEKLY CHECKPOINTS. 6 GP / week. 6 GP - end of Monday, December 10th 12 GP - end of Monday, December 17th 18 GP - end of Monday, December 24th 24 GP - end of Monday, December 31st 30 GP - end of Monday, January 7th 36 GP - end of Monday, January 14th 40 GP - end of Tuesday, January 21st If you miss a checkpoint, you will risk the chance of being replaced. Coaches who are confirmed on the Waiting List will be used for replacement. If you cannot find a coach and would like to try to schedule a time to play, please use the "Schedule a Game" forum on this site, send them a message on Discord, or use the forum PM. Please make an effort to reach your checkpoints! Also, the 6 games a week is a minimum . Feel free to play more games than that. For example, if you play 12 games in the first week, then you already satisfy the first 2 checkpoints. It's easy to get to this 6 game point, since most coaches you play multiple games against and everyone likes getting all the games against a single coach in at the same time. It normally amounts to playing 2-3 coaches a week. If there are issues making these checkpoints, please let an admin know. We are accommodating, as long as you let us know. Regular Season The regular season consists of 40 games. Playoffs Playoff series will be best-of-7. Also, NP (negative points) will be applied to missed games at the end of the season. This could hurt your playoff seeding! If you weren't able to play certain games vs. your opponent you will be given NPs. You will lose two points for every unplayed game. So play early if you can and play often! GENS-A Playoff Format: Top 6 make playoffs. They will be seeded by Win %. Top 2 teams get a first round bye. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. GENS-B Playoff Format: Conference winners are top 2 seeds, next 10 best teams make the playoffs, seeded by Win %. Top 4 get first round bye. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. SNES Playoff Format: Conference winners are top 2 seeds. Next 4 best teams in each conference, seeded by Win % (6 teams total per conference). Top 2 teams in each conference get a bye. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. That's about all. Good luck to everyone and lets hope for another successful season! If there are any website problems or questions about the site, or the league in general, please PM me (chaos), email me (, or Discord (chaos).
  4. chaos

    Fall 2018 Classic League Start

    SNES Playoffs Eastern Conference #1 - 1st Round Bye - LA (annatar) #2 - 1st Round Bye - BOS (BobKudelski26) #3 - NYR (Kingraph) vs #6 - QUE (BlackDevil19) #4 - VAN (koke45) vs #5 - STL (dethrox) Western Conference #1 - 1st Round Bye - TOR (MikeGartner22) #2 - 1st Round Bye - CHI (schwartz) #3 - PIT (jer_33) vs #6 - MTL (combustiblecam) #4 - DET (Bad Moon Rison) vs #5 - CGY (Acadius) Seeding based on Win Pct%. Points got you into the playoffs. I did not apply NPs this season due to the trouble some people are having with RetroArch. But, even with NPs applied, the same guys would be in. Instead, I took dethrox (32 GP) and schwartz (27 GP) and knocked them down a seed. The 2 conferences work as a "SNES-A and SNES-B" kinda deal. 1 week deadline for the 1st round matchups. Good luck!!!
  5. Hope you can make it Coach! Would be awesome!
  7. Due to the fact that the site was down for a week or so, I've decided to extend the season another week. So, the regular season will now end Monday, January 28th. I apologize for the problems this season, hasn't been the smoothest running (RetroArch, site down, etc). I appreciate everyone sticking with it and try and get those games in!
  8. Hi Guys, For the past few days there has been an issue with uploading games. It has to do with the server denying permission to save the game. @Evan is looking into it for us. For now, keep your saves. You can change the filenames so you don't lose track of them (i.e. MTLvsBOS), but keep the file extension as is.
  9. chaos

    Game Uploading Issue

    Problem fixed, uploading should work again.
  10. Thanks bud. Halifax and his multiple accounts has been banned from the "bud of the year" voting due to shady voting practices. Plus all he does around here is troll and post stupid crap.
  11. I believe this has to do with frame rate on your side. I'm gathering more info about proper setup (differs from coach to coach depending on Windows, monitor, etc) and will post some tidbits within a day or so.
  12. LOL, I was thinking about this the other day. What if I just got up and left (or died)? No one would know how the database or website is run. I need to give at least one other person info just in case my wife decides to kill me some day. I should write out some documentation. Also, since I'm an admin, I can just rig this vote so I win by default . Just kidding guys, thanks for the love and support.
  13. chaos

    Defending Those Cheesy Crease Cuts

    Clog the low slot with a defender, more often than not its enough for them not to attempt it knowing there is a guy right there to lay them out. If not possible (no other guys around for D), take control of the G and use him like a defensemen. Try to take the guy out knocking into him before he can shoot.
  14. Evan is currently looking into it, he's the only one with access to the account. I will try and send out a global email to everyone notifying them of the email.
  15. There is an updated guide on - Getting Started. Please use the guide there! THIS GUIDE BELOW IS OBSOLETE. PLEASE DO NOT USE IT! --------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install RetroArch on PC 1. Download RetroArch from their website - Current version - 1.7.5 Download the installer (32-bit) for your version of Windows. Those who will be playing SNES online are also able to use the Mac version. 2. Run the RetroArch installer - Follow instructions of the installer. When it asks what directory to install it to, change the directory to something you prefer. The default directory it chooses is actually hidden, so if you did install it to the default, it will be hard to find the files if you need to make changes. I choose C:\RetroArch in this example. It will also ask what you would like to install (RetroArch is selected and greyed out). One of the other options is "DirectX9.0c", leave it unchecked for now (not sure this is needed on newer PCs, Win Vista and up). 3. Start RetroArch - You can download this file, and put it into your RetroArch home folder (C:\RetroArch if you did as in Step 2). Once you do this, start RetroArch, and you can skip to step 5. retroarch.cfg (last updated - 6/28/2018) Continue if you decide not to use the config file above: When you first start up, it will make a configuration file called retroarch.cfg in the RetroArch home directory. This will have all of the configuration of the program saved in it. We might have a custom one in the future. Regardless, when you first start up you will see the Main Menu (looks a lot like the menu on the PS3). When navigating with the keyboard, the arrow keys will move through the menus and change options, the Delete key acts like the Back button, and the Enter/Return is to select. ESC will quit the program. 4. Change the Menu Interface - This is optional, if you like the XMB interface, you can leave it, however I recommend the RGUI interface; it is easier to navigate. To change it, use the right arrow on the keyboard to move to the 2 gears (Settings). Press Enter on the first selection ("Driver") and use the down arrow to go down to "Menu Driver" and change it to "rgui" (use the right/left arrows to change the option). Once done, hit ESC (ESC closes the software), and restart RetroArch. It should now look like this (with a different menu bar, took photos in Mac): 5. Setup Controller - You can use your controller to navigate the menus. This is a little bit confusing, so I will explain it first. The button layout for the controller is the same as what RetroArch calls a "RetroPad". The RetroPad is similar to an SNES controller, with analog joysticks and 2 sets of shoulder buttons. We DO NOT need to define all of the controller inputs, so you only need to set the ones you will use. Unfortunately, a Genesis controller has a 3 or 6 button layout, and the names of the buttons do not match the buttons on the Genesis controller. Before you try to set up your controller, there is a good chance it will work out of the box. RetroArch has many preconfigured controller configurations saved. You can test it by using the directional pad and trying to navigate the menu. If your controller works, skip this step and go to Step 6. It seems all of the RetroUSB products, most other popular Genesis USB adapters, iBuffalo controllers, Xbox 360 and One, and PS4 controllers work out of the box. There are many more too, please post if they work! For more info and to look at common controller layouts, you can look at this - RetroArch Common Controller Button Layouts Here are the 2 types of Genesis controllers and their assigned button names in RetroArch. The labels in the photos correspond to the Input labels in the program. SNES is easy, as the layout is the same as the RetroPad, and you can just ignore the extra button inputs: So, to set the buttons, in the Main Menu, go to Settings->Input. The following window will open. I recommend changing the "Menu Toggle Gamepad Combo" to something so you can access the Menu easier during a game if needed. I also set "Max Users" to 2, just so during netplay, I can limit the amount of people who can connect to play (who knows if this actually does something). Select "Input User 1 Binds". If your controller does not have analog sticks, make sure "User 1 Device Type" is set to "RetroPad". If your controller has analog sticks, and you would like to use them, change the "User 1 Device Type" to "RetroPad w/analog". You can either choose to select each button separately, or choose "User 1 Bind All", and I just assigned random keys to the buttons that my controller did not have. So, for example, if you have a Genesis USB controller, "User 1 Y button" should be assigned to your controller's A button, "User 1 B button" assigned to the B button, and "User 1 A button" assigned to the C button, "Start button" to Start, and the "D-pad" to the directional pad. Once you are done assigning buttons, the controller can now be used to navigate the menu (I think the button assigned to A makes selections, and the button assigned to B will back out). Go up to "User 1 Save Autoconfig" and select it to save the configuration. 6. Download Cores - Back out to the Main Menu, and choose "Load Core...", then choose "Download Core...". If you are connected to the internet, you will see a large list of cores populate the screen. They are in alphabetical order. Choose the following - Genesis Plus GX for Genesis, Snes9x for SNES: Select them, and RetroArch will download them for you. 7. Load Core and Content (a ROM) - Now that the core is downloaded, we need to load the core, then load content in order to play. A ROM is considered "Content". So back at the Main Menu, select "Load Core...", then select the core to load. After selecting a core, it will list it in the bottom left corner of the screen. Next, we need to load the ROM. The "Load Content..." in the Main Menu is very hard to navigate, but if you go to the Menu Bar up top, go to "File->Load Content...", it will open up a window where you can navigate to the folder where the ROM is located. Select the ROM, and it will load. There will be some messages at the bottom of the screen, but these can be ignored if the ROM loads fine. I suggest moving all of your ROMs to a designated folder. To quit the ROM, you need to access the "Quick Menu". The Quick Menu is only available when a ROM is loaded. You can use the button combination that you set before, the F1 key, or go to the top Menu Bar, "Command->Menu Toggle". In the Quick Menu, you can see how you can save or load a state, or Quit the game ("Close Content"). NOTE: My Quick Menu might look different than yours because I removed some Menu Items. I will show how to do this later.) You can actually hit the back button in the Quick Menu to access the Main Menu, a trick which will be used for Netplay. Once the core and the ROM have been loaded once, the combination will show up in "Load Recent" on the Main Menu. Once it is listed there, you never have to load the core and content separately, you can just go to "Load Recent", choose the ROM and everything will load automatically. Troubleshooting No Audio while ROM is playing - @angryjay93 and I (on my laptop) had this issue. If you go to Main Menu->Settings->Driver, change the "Audio Driver" to "dsound", restart RetroArch, and try it again. This seemed to fix the issue. This might affect some PCs, though not all. Genesis Specific: SNES Specific: In Netplay, after connecting, you get an in-game screen message "Multitap 5 needs to be connected to Player # 2" - For some reason, RetroArch thinks there's a multi-tap connected to Player 1. Go into Quick Menu->Controls and change the Player 1 to "SNES Joypad". One or both players may need to do this. Return to the game and it should work fine. We need more testers to find out any other quirks/issues!!!
  16. chaos

    RetroArch Setup Guide

    I think this may depend on what kind of USB adapter/controller you are using. You can use the keyboard to play. Instead of mapping buttons to a gamepad, map them to your keyboard. The game moves fast - I need to know your setup (monitor, Windows version, are you playing fullscreen or not, and a screenshot of the Settings-Video window)
  17. chaos

    Fall 2018 Classic League Start - Use this for setting up Gens. If you are having problems playing Gens, just stick to RetroArch. I would suggest those veteran coaches try to use RetroArch with the new players, and if you want, play whatever with the other vets.
  18. chaos

    Coach Profiles

    Why did you make a new account? What happened to your old one.
  19. chaos

    RetroArch Tips and Troubleshooting

    I would recommend not using "Threaded Video". This should be a last resort. Win 10 has messed up OpenGL drivers for some video cards, so if you have a problem, change your Video Driver to "d3d11" in Settings-Driver. This may fix it. Also, follow the instructions here: Perfect Audio/Video Sync
  20. EDIT: This is for "long form" experiences with RetroArch. For Tips and Troubleshooting, check out the Tips and Troubleshooting thread. Please post any issues, good or bad experiences you've had during setup or net play here. Hopefully there will be someone who's had the issue and can respond, or we can figure out how to fix it (if possible). I want to hear gripes/issues/concerns and if you like using the program. I want to hear the good and bad. I think some people will love it, some will hate it. The point is we are looking for a better and easier net play experience for all. If RetroArch doesn't fit that description, I'll keep looking for something else. The best thing is RetroArch is still in active development, so if there's an issue that is a huge one, we can ask for it to be fixed (unlike Gens/Kaillera and ZSNES). This does seem promising, though there is a steep learning curve with the setup and options. If anyone finds something out in the settings they like, please post. Something you don't, please post. Hopefully there will be a way to make setup easier in the future. I haven't explored all the options in the menus, so please feel free to do so. Here's all of the posts on Setup and playing:
  21. I think its a bug in Mac. Controls aren't responsive in fullscreen mode. I'll report it to them. Go to Settings->Video and use the "Windowed Scale" settings to change the size of the screen.
  22. Netplay via RetroArch Netplay with RetroArch is very simple. Since RetroArch is a frontend for multiple emulator cores, setting up netplay for any core is very simple (as long as it supports it!), and is the same procedure. For Genesis, we are using the Genesis Plus GX core for netplay. For SNES, we are using the Snes9x core for netplay. For installing RetroArch , please check out this page on - Getting Started The advantages to using RetroArch for netplay over Gens or ZSNES are numerous. Though ZSNES 1.42 has great netplay, we still require Hamachi for connections, since ZBattle does not exist anymore. Gens uses Kaillera for netplay, we still need Hamachi, and suffers from numerous lag, stutter, and desyncs, depending on the connection. With RetroArch, we have 3 options, listed here with their pros and cons: 1. Direct Connect - With this type of connection, the 2 players connect directly to each other. Port forwarding is required in most cases, though if uPNP is enabled on your router, this may not be needed. Port that needs to be forwarded on your router is TCP 55435. Pros - Best possible connection. With direct connect, you don't have to worry about any "middle-man" causing issues with the connection. Cons - Hard to setup. Some cases, setting a Static IP for your PC and port forwarding on your router is required. Might not be possible for some setups (university, work, apartment, hotel, etc). You can look up how to port forward and set up Static IP for your router model online. 2. Direct Connect w/ Hamachi - With this type of connection, Hamachi VPN is used as the "middle-man". This removes the need to port forward (in most cases). You need to install Hamachi and have it running before starting RetroArch. You also need to make sure you and your opponent are in the same "virtual network". Pros - Good connection in most cases. Cons - Extra software needed. Using a "middle-man", you are at the mercy of the connection quality. There are times in the past where Hamachi caused problems for some, and direct connect was found to be the better solution. Since the signal is routed to a Hamachi VPN server before going to each player, there may be more latency in the connection (higher ping) than direct connect. 3. Relay Server - With this type of connection, both players connect to a "middle-man" relay server, hosted by RetroArch. No extra software needed, all you need to do is turn on the relay server option in Settings->Network. Pros - Good connection. Easy to setup. No port forwarding or Static IPs needed. Just connect and play. Cons - Since there is a "middle-man" server, all connections are routed through there. There are 2 server locations currently, one in NY, one in Spain (the NY one is the default). Connection is a little tricky, since the person connecting to the host (the client), has to wait until the host connects to the server (connected to "NICK" message). Sometimes, it is a little finicky and I've noticed I needed to close RetroArch and restart it to get the message. Most of the time it works though. Also, if there is a disconnection, the host has to wait until their name disappears from the Netplay List (~45 sec.) before trying to host again. So, I suggest using the Relay Server option, since it is the easiest and most compatible option. If you are having issues with your connection, I would suggest going to Settings->Network and adjusting the "Input Latency Frames Range" to a value like 3. RetroArch will adjust the the frames from 0 to 3. Default setting is 0. Note, Gens Kaillera usually uses 2 frames of delay for even the best connection. If that doesn't help, then I would suggest you try out one of the direct connect options. In a perfect world, everyone would use direct connect, but there are some cases where it's not feasible. Netplay - How it Works RetroArch uses rollback netplay (some of you might not like this). This is very big in the fighting game community. The goal of rollback netplay is too keep the experience "lag-free" as possible. This makes the game play very smooth. If there is a lag spike, the game will actually "rewind", to the point where if someone scored during a MAJOR lag spike, it erases the goal (hehe). It's less noticable than you would think, except in major cases. But, it's very hard to desync, and if you do desync, you can reconnect, and continue play where you left off, or the host can even load a save state while you are connected (ZSNES did this as well). Thus, the advantage of recovering from a desync and the overall smoother play should make everyone happy. Beforehand, you should ask your opponent if you would like to use the relay server or direct connect. Direct connect may work without Hamachi/port forwarding, but it is not guaranteed. Currently, I recommend using the relay server. If you downloaded the package from, the relay server option is already enabled. Relay server can be set to off in Settings->Network Make sure you also have the SAME EXACT ROM!!! If not, there will be a disconnect and an error along the lines of "Cannot retrieve header". 1. The player acting as the host (home team on Genesis, either team on SNES) starts the game - Go to Netplay in the Main Menu, and click "Start netplay host". Netplay will not actually start until you load the ROM. Load the ROM, either using the "Load Core...", then "Load Content..." window or the "Load Recent" menu (if you've played the game before). When the game starts up, you should see a few messages on the bottom of the screen. Look for one that says "Connected to NICK". NICK is name of the relay server (if you are using direct connect, you will not see this message). Almost immediately after, you should see "Joined as Player 1". This is a good sign. You can now notify your opponent that they are able to connect to you. If they try to connect before you see these messages, it's very possible it will not connect. At this point, just let the game sit there until your opponent connects. I usually wait at the in-game main menu. 2. The player acting as the client (away team on Genesis, the person not hosting on SNES) connects to the host - The player who will be connecting to the host will now go to Netplay in the Main Menu and select "Refresh Room List". You will see a list populate like below. Look for the name of the person you are playing, and select them. You do not need to have the ROM already open (it's optional). When you select their name, the game (as long as it is on your "Load Recent" list, i.e. you've loaded it once before) will automatically start up. When you connect, you should see a message like above, "Connected to NICK", and it will say "You have joined as player 2". 3. Save the state at the end of the game - Play the game, at the end of the game, either on the 3-stars screen, or the game end menu, make a save state (press F5). This will be used to upload to the site. Check this post for more information - The "Connect to netplay host" option in the Netplay menu is not used. This asks you to put an IP address in. You do not need it, as you can use the Room List instead. Troubleshooting Cannot connect, keeps saying "Connected as Player 1" for the client - If there is an issue and you did not connect, it will either give you an error, or it will just say " Connected as Player 1", and start loading the beginning of the game, which means you did not connect to the host. At this point, both players will need to go back into the Netplay menu, the host will "Stop netplay host", and the client will "Disconnect from netplay host". If using the relay server, the host has to wait about 45 sec or so before trying again (so the game is removed from the netplay host list). You can check by selecting "Refresh Room List" and checking until the host's name disappears (both can see this). (See "Game Desync") I suggest the host waiting to tell the opponent to connect once he reaches the Setup Game Screen. Game Stutters - I noticed this occurs right when first connecting. It takes a few frames for the 2 games to sync up, so you may see some graphic glitches and menu stuttering. It goes away once you start actually playing. Game Desync - If you desync, you will see a message "Netplay Disconnected". This happens mostly when one of the players have the emulator paused for a long period of time (I'd say 10 sec or so), or if the internet drops out. If you disconnect, the host should keep the game running, pause (hit Start to go to the in-game menu), make a save state just in case, pull up the Quick Menu (F1 button), back out to the Main Menu, and select Netplay. Then, select "Stop netplay host". Then select "Refresh room list", every few seconds or so, until you see your name disappears from the list (the netplay server dumps the game from the server, like above). After this, you can select "Start netplay host", wait till you see the "Connected to NICK", "Joined as Player 1" messages, and notify your opponent that they can reconnect now. The client, in the meantime, should back out to the Main Menu, go to Netplay, and select "Disconnect from netplay host", wait for their opponent to notify them, and then reconnect to the host. Once connected, you will both be at the point where the host paused the game, and can continue. If there is an issue, and the client cannot reconnect to the live game, or if the host closes the game at some point, reconnect as stated above, and once connected, the host can load the save state. Once the save state is loaded, you can continue play. No more need to game stitch or restart if there is a desync!! Please let me know if there are any issues!
  23. Netplay Jitters If you are experiencing some netplay jitters, please adjust your input latency frames delay value from 0 to 3 under Settings->Network. This should help compensate for network connection problems (ping, distance, jitter, etc). Make sure that both players have this value set to the same amount (Discuss it on Discord first). 0 is optimal, but setting a range will allow RetroArch to adjust it dynamically depending on the network.
  24. Bump, I added other Netplay options.