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  1. @Jlnhlsegafan are you on a Mac? It's possible that python3 is not in your path. type "python3" (without quotes), and see if it gives you a prompt. If not, go to Terminal app (Under Applications/Utilities/ At the prompt, type: nano ~/.bash_profile This will open up a file editor window. Near the bottom, you should have something like this: # Setting PATH for Python 3.7 # The original version is saved in .bash_profile.pysave PATH="/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/bin:${PATH}" export PATH If not, copy the above, paste it in, then to exit the file editor, press Control and X at the same time. It will prompt you at the bottom of the window if you would like to save, hit the Y button, then press the Return button. Afterwards, you will have to close the Terminal app and open it again. Then try "python3" (without quotes) again. If it works this time and gives you a python prompt, you can type "exit()" (without quotes) to exit, then try the command Smoz gave you again.
  2. chaos

    Deuce Trades & Trade Block

    He doesn't like Luc Robitaille?
  3. chaos

    32-team ROM offsets

    At this point, I think you are better off asking for someone to do the work for you. These are simple instructions, and if you can't understand them, you should take a step back and see if you are actually capable of editing a ROM yourself. I would suggest finding youtube videos on tile molester if you want to continue down this route. Or else, explain what you would like done, with CONCISE instructions, unlike your vague responses, and maybe someone will be willing to help.
  4. chaos

    Et Tu Brute Deuce Draft

    4.1 Atomic selects B Leetch 4.2 MG22 selects Doug Gilmour 4.3 Aqua selects Al Rollins 4.4 dcicon selects Grant Fuhr 4.5 jer selects: Dave Manson 4.6 j&j SELECTS Felix Potvin 4.7 Spaceghost picks Gary Roberts 4.8 chef picks Steve Larmer 4.9 Flatcrusher gets Ulf Samuelsson 4.10 Zepp selects Dave Ellett 4.11 aj selects Tony granato 4.12 Skip selects Dennis Savard 4.13 chef picks Hy Buller 4.14 J&J picks Butch Bouchard 4.15 Lupz gets Bob Essensa 4.16 Brutus gets Fatso McSlowly 4.17 Ice picks Geoff Courtnall
  5. chaos

    Deuce Trades & Trade Block

    OTT trades 3.18 and 4.13 to PHI for 3.15 and 5.2 Confirmed via Discord
  6. chaos

    2018 Fall League????

    Plan on starting registration Oct. 15th.
  7. chaos

    Applying Roster Changes in NOSE

    When you are using NOSE to edit rosters, please make sure you update the number of F and D on the team. This can be done by hitting the "Apply" button on the menubar. If you do not do this, the game will think there are 15 defensemen (F in hex) available. I'm not sure how this will affect gameplay (it probably won't), but please do this step, especially if you want to use the offline stat extractor program (to be released soon!)
  8. chaos

    Nintendo Switch - SNES NHL 94 Online Play

    I doubt nhl94 will ever be rereleased due to licensing issues and EA. Tecmo bowl does not use the real players names on the rerelease, only their numbers.
  9. Install Virtual Box, download (illegally) a copy of Win 2000 or Win XP, install Win 2k or XP in Virtual Box, and run NOSE in there. It works for me. (Virtual Box is free). Then you can create a shared folder between the Win install and Mac, and transfer files that way.
  10.–92_NHL_season 91-92 season was the 75th season. Good point.
  11. TOOL: NHL '94 Offline Stat Extractor Current Version : 0.1.1 (08/15/2018) This tool, given a ROM and a save state (made at the appropriate time), will extract the data to an Excel-style (.xls) Spreadsheet similar to the box score on How it works: Very simple. Choose the ROM that you used to play the game. Enter the period length of the game that was played (default is 5 min, in increments of 1 min). Choose the save state to extract the stats from. Click on "Extract to XLS..." and a pop-up window will ask you where you would like to save the file to, and what you would like to name it. The program will extract the data to the spreadsheet. The .xls file can be opened with any spreadsheet program (MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Mac Numbers, etc). When making the save state, the save should be made when the "Three Stars" screen pops up, or the Final Game Summary Screen ("where you have the Exit Game option"). System Requirements: - Windows XP or later (32 or 64-bit) - Currently supports only Gens emulator saves (see below) Future Additions: - Add batch save state uploading, appending to one workbook (next version ~ 1 week from now) - Add ZSNES and RetroArch save state compatibility (next version ~ 1 week from now) - Add formula fields instead of all text fields (so if changes are made, they will update the appropriate stats (ex. GAA for goalies)) - Mac version (once I figure out how to make an installer) If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I will try to accommodate them. Version History: v0.1 - Initial v0.1.1 - Fixed divide by zero bug Download installer (v0.1.1): NHL94 Offline Stat Extractor Setup v0.1.1.exe
  12. OK, @slapshot67, I fixed it. New version in first post. You will have to uninstall the old version, just uninstall it like any other windows program (Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall a Program)
  13. Found the problem lol, fix coming.
  14. Nvm, I got the error. I will check it out.
  15. Ahh, ok. Can you send me the save and the ROM so I can try it out?
  16. Interesting, it works on mine. Let me check. Yes, I'm using the pointer table to get the home and away teams, so as long as that is correct it will work. Is it an issue with the installer or the program?
  17. chaos

    Extracting Stats

    Finally.... @oboe
  18. chaos

    A couple random questions

    #2 - Check that the ROM has a header. Compare the first 500 bytes of the custom rom to the original ROM #3 - Send it to me, I'll do it for free. I've done my own before, parts are real cheap, I have them laying around.
  19. chaos

    Extracting Stats

    So Excel thinks some of the data is in Date format. Gonna need another day, so close. I found another way to do it, instead of CSV file I will make an XLS file.
  20. chaos

    Extracting Stats

    Quick update, 90% of the stuff is done, just need to set it up to export it to a CSV file. Prob an hour of work left, all the hard stuff is done. I'll have it up tomorrow
  21. There's a Sailor Moon fighting game? I need to try that! Nice stream! That's an expensive capture card, I'm sure there are others that could be used, the OSSC or framemeister does all the work, just need a HD capture card.
  22. chaos

    Extracting Stats

    @oboe I'm working on this right now, should be done by tomorrow (for Gens saves). I'll add ZSNES and RetroArch at a later (maybe the weekend) time, but I'd like to make sure I can at least get it working first.
  23. chaos

    Extracting Stats

    I apologize. I have a rough draft of what needs to be done but got carried away with another project (RetroArch). I will work on it this week (I already started some, just didn't finish it up). What emulator are you using? I plan on making it available to extract stats from RetroArch, ZSNES, Gens, but if there is a specific one you use I'll do the work for that one first, then add the rest later.
  24. This is currently a work in progress!! How to install RetroArch on PC 1. Download RetroArch from their website - Current version - 1.7.3 Download installer (64-bit) if you have a modern (Windows 10) PC. If you have a Windows 7 or 8 PC, you will need to check if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system. You can do this by right-clicking on "Computer" in the Start Menu (or Desktop icon) and clicking on Properties. Windows - How to check 32 or 64 bit. Download the appropriate installer. 2. Run the RetroArch installer - Follow instructions of the installer. When it asks what directory to install it to, change the directory to something you prefer. The default directory it chooses is actually hidden, so if you did install it to the default, it will be hard to find the files if you need to make changes. I choose C:\RetroArch in this example. It will also ask what you would like to install (RetroArch is selected and greyed out). One of the other options is "DirectX9.0c", leave it unchecked for now (not sure this is needed on newer PCs, Win7 and up). 3. Start RetroArch - You can download this file, and put it into your RetroArch home folder (C:\RetroArch if you did as in Step 2). Once you do this, start RetroArch, and you can skip to step 5. retroarch.cfg (6/28/2018) When you first start up, it will make a configuration file called retroarch.cfg in the RetroArch home directory. This will have all of the configuration of the program saved in it. We might have a custom one in the future. Regardless, when you first start up you will see the Main Menu (looks a lot like the menu on the PS3). When navigating with the keyboard, the arrow keys will move through the menus and change options, the Delete key acts like the Back button, and the Enter/Return is to select. ESC will quit the program. 4. Change the Menu Interface - This is optional, if you like the XMB interface, you can leave it, however I recommend the RGUI interface; it is easier to navigate. To change it, use the right arrow on the keyboard to move to the 2 gears (Settings). Press Enter on the first selection ("Driver") and use the down arrow to go down to "Menu Driver" and change it to "rgui" (use the right/left arrows to change the option). Once done, hit ESC (ESC closes the software), and restart RetroArch. It should now look like this (with a different menu bar, took photos in Mac): 5. Setup Controller - You can use your controller to navigate the menus. This is a little bit confusing, so I will explain it first. The button layout for the controller is the same as what RetroArch calls a "RetroPad". The RetroPad is similar to an SNES controller, with analog joysticks and 2 sets of shoulder buttons. We DO NOT need to define all of the controller inputs, so you only need to set the ones you will use. Unfortunately, a Genesis controller has a 3 or 6 button layout, and the names of the buttons do not match the buttons on the Genesis controller. Before you try to set up your controller, there is a good chance it will work out of the box. RetroArch has many preconfigured controller configurations saved. You can test it by using the directional pad and trying to navigate the menu. If your controller works, skip this step and go to Step 6. It seems all of the RetroUSB products, most other popular Genesis USB adapters, iBuffalo controllers, Xbox 360 and One, and PS4 controllers work out of the box. There are many more too, please post if they work! For more info and to look at common controller layouts, you can look at this - RetroArch Common Controller Button Layouts Here are the 2 types of Genesis controllers and their assigned button names in RetroArch. The labels in the photos correspond to the Input labels in the program. SNES is easy, as the layout is the same as the RetroPad, and you can just ignore the extra button inputs: So, to set the buttons, in the Main Menu, go to Settings->Input. The following window will open. I recommend changing the "Menu Toggle Gamepad Combo" to something so you can access the Menu easier during a game if needed. I also set "Max Users" to 2, just so during netplay, I can limit the amount of people who can connect to play (who knows if this actually does something). Select "Input User 1 Binds". If your controller does not have analog sticks, make sure "User 1 Device Type" is set to "RetroPad". If your controller has analog sticks, and you would like to use them, change the "User 1 Device Type" to "RetroPad w/analog". You can either choose to select each button separately, or choose "User 1 Bind All", and I just assigned random keys to the buttons that my controller did not have. So, for example, if you have a Genesis USB controller, "User 1 Y button" should be assigned to your controller's A button, "User 1 B button" assigned to the B button, and "User 1 A button" assigned to the C button, "Start button" to Start, and the "D-pad" to the directional pad. Once you are done assigning buttons, the controller can now be used to navigate the menu (I think the button assigned to A makes selections, and the button assigned to B will back out). Go up to "User 1 Save Autoconfig" and select it to save the configuration. 6. Download Cores - Back out to the Main Menu, and choose "Load Core...", then choose "Download Core...". If you are connected to the internet, you will see a large list of cores populate the screen. They are in alphabetical order. Choose the following - Genesis Plus GX and PicoDrive for Genesis, Snes9x for SNES: Select them, and RetroArch will download them for you. 7. Load Core and Content (a ROM) - Now that the core is downloaded, we need to load the core, then load content in order to play. A ROM is considered "Content". So back at the Main Menu, select "Load Core...", then select the core to load. After selecting a core, it will list it in the bottom left corner of the screen. Next, we need to load the ROM. The "Load Content..." in the Main Menu is very hard to navigate, but if you go to the Menu Bar up top, go to "File->Load Content...", it will open up a window where you can navigate to the folder where the ROM is located. Select the ROM, and it will load. There will be some messages at the bottom of the screen, but these can be ignored if the ROM loads fine. In the future, there is a To quit the ROM, you need to access the "Quick Menu". The Quick Menu is only available when a ROM is loaded. You can use the button combination that you set before, the F1 key, or go to the top Menu Bar, "Command->Menu Toggle". In the Quick Menu, you can see how you can save or load a state, or Quit the game ("Close Content"). NOTE: My Quick Menu might look different than yours because I removed some Menu Items. I will show how to do this later.) You can actually hit the back button in the Quick Menu to access the Main Menu, a trick which will be used for Netplay. Once the core and the ROM have been loaded once, the combination will show up in "Load Recent" on the Main Menu. Once it is listed there, you never have to load the core and content separately, you can just go to "Load Recent", choose the ROM and everything will load automatically. Troubleshooting No Audio while ROM is playing - @angryjay93 and I (on my laptop) had this issue. If you go to Main Menu->Settings->Driver, change the "Audio Driver" to "dsound", restart RetroArch, and try it again. This seemed to fix the issue. This might affect some PCs, though not all. Genesis Specific: SNES Specific: In Netplay, after connecting, you get an in-game screen message "Multitap 5 needs to be connected to Player # 2" - For some reason, RetroArch thinks there's a multi-tap connected to Player 1. Go into Quick Menu->Controls and change the Player 1 to "SNES Joypad". One or both players may need to do this. Return to the game and it should work fine. We need more testers to find out any other quirks/issues!!!
  25. chaos

    RetroArch Setup Guide

    No, by mistake, I had it assigned to a controller button by accident, and left that in the config. I must have changed it back after I uploaded it. You can assign it yourself if you'd like in Input Hot Key Binds. It was causing conflicts depending on what else you assigned that button to. I think it was button 6 on the controller (all controllers are different). Just so happened on Ice's controller, his button 6 was Start, so whenever he hit Start, it would exit the program, even though he assigned the Start button to the Start input.