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  1. I have no idea what part of the tutorial you are stuck in. In any case, you would need to insert the Lidstrom image that you wanted to use into the ROM, and then you would need to update the pointer for that players card, as per the tutorial.
  2. Where in the tutorial (provided in the first post), are you getting stuck?
  3. Awesome man!!! I know next to nothing about NCAA hockey (except Matthew Knies, since I'm a Leafs fan), but I know that I like your ROM. Love all the little touches with the fans in particular. The "YOU SUCK" sign made me laugh. Seriously great job!
  4. Yeah, I agree. I was able to do some minor edits to them in their compressed state. But as you say, some pixels absolutely positively cannot be changed without causing graphical glitches. However, many, if not most of the opaque pixels can be changed in their state. But as it's all "compressed," many changes will impact other tiles, and so you have to think about changes very carefully. And then of course, it is like playing a game of mine sweeper, avoiding the unmarked pixels that will cause a glitch. It can be done, but it is a mind-#&$@ trying to get there. In the end I only made extremely minor edits to these sprites, before I had to cut myself off. Heck, we don't even need to dissect that stuff. We could re-create them from scratch somewhere else in the ROM quickly enough. But I would need someone else to do the pointers, as this has proven to be beyond me to date.
  5. Hey chief. +1 to what Smozoma said. Make sure you read all those old guides. A lot of the basics are covered well there. If you are using the 32-team ROM, you have my bookmark file which includes offsets and palette addresses for all the items you just mentioned, and so much more. Try that first and foremost. In general I’d recommend a “Mastermind” approach to this stuff. Just change something really simple, load it up and test it. Try not to do too much at once. It takes a bit before it all starts to make sense.
  6. Thanks for this! Will try out the ditherer tonight, as I'm trying to wrap up my Splash image. Thanks for sharing your post as well. I did actually work through your post awhile back, but I was never able to get it to work for anything that I was trying to target. In particular, I recall trying to decompress the linesman & referees, and their various gestures. I suspect that those might have been too complex for me to start with. Will try again on something more basic when I find time.
  7. YES. I do find exporting the tiles from TileM, and then placing them over a properly scaled screen capture to be a useful compromise when I want to work with some context, without the overkill of a full mockup. On Player Photos Player photos are the only thing that I use automation for. One initial pass of automation to crop, color-grade, etc. It's never good enough, but puts all the images in the right ballpark. From there, I go about manually tweaking the adjustment layers, a bunch at a time. And then automation to export them all, and create a contact sheet for comparison. Then I examine the contact sheet, and go back to making more manual tweaks, rinse, lather repeat. One more thing to note about the player photos. I use a simple 8-colour indexed colour palette to give me all the greys that are SMD/Genesis compliant. Here it is, in case that's a help to anyone. 8-Colour Grayscale.act Colour Palettes Yeah, I find setting an indexed palette to usually be overkill, and painfully time consuming as you note. But I do all my colouring manually, just by sticking to the rule of 32s, with an eye on how many colours I have to use in my palette. I only worry about getting the colour palette distribution right in Photoshop. In TileM, I will sometimes make a final tweak to a colour value. On Dithering Oh man, that is hard core. I usually go the other way… I dither with an algorithm, then I go in after the fact and manually repaint pixels to get it to look just right. On Personal Sanity That's exactly how I would describe my process.
  8. What ditherer program is that? Try as I might, I've not been able to figure out how to "decompress" graphics and then update the ROM accordingly. I would love to be able to wrap my head around that.
  9. Cool! I was hoping some others might chime in with their workflows. Answer #1: "Edit > Copy To…" / "Edit > Paste From…" I should have stated this earlier. I use TileM v0.16. I had tried some newer versions, but I couldn't find the "Edit > Copy To…" / "Edit > Paste From…" commands that I rely on. In the end I found that v0.16 had the best balance of features and stability for me personally. In any case, zero problem with gamut that way. I also use Photoshop's Indexed Colour mode with a custom colour palette when I can, like when I'm doing Player Photos. Was planning on writing a mini tutorial on that when I find time. Answer #2 Yeah, I do that in Photoshop, but I use an intermediate / scrap file as well. Sometimes Photoshop's old "Offset" filter can be useful for the imposition (scrambling / descrambling), but usually I just through down some 8x8 gridlines, and use the marquee tool, copy, paste, repeat. I feel like there must be a less labour intensive method for this, but I'm not clever enough to have thought of one. In the end, I end up with the PNG from TileM, a PSD based on this that's setup to do the imposition, and a PSD to edit in. p.s. I recently stumbled across pixeltao’s Genesis 512 colour palette file. Haven't made use of it myself.
  10. Why even both editing in Photoshop or something other than TileM? (suggested workflow) I personally cannot think very well, when trying to edit something like this: So what I will do, is export this tileset, and rearrange it in Photoshop, to something that makes way more sense to me: Then, when I'm done editing in Photoshop, I will take my edited tileset, scramble it back up into the order that TileM needs it. Finally, I will re-import it into TileM: Despite the extra time it takes to de-scramble and re-scramble tiles to and from the necessary order, I found this workflow to be worthwhile, as I was able to make better creative decisions, much quicker. Furthermore, with this method, sometimes I would edit tiles in the context of a full screen mockup in Photoshop. This is how I did the edits for the bench, considering the changes I was making in the context of a full screen in play.
  11. How do I work in Photoshop within the SMD / Genesis colourspace? There are probably more high-tech ways of doing this, but I simply stick to the following rules: Only use RGB colours specified in increments of 32, with values ranging from 0–224. So for instance, RGB 0 / 32 / 224 is a valid colour, while 0/40/ 256 is not valid. Only use 16 colours maximum per tile. If you are using a one colour to indicate transparency, then you only have 15 colours left. And if you are using a shared colour palette, you may have to be even more restricted. As for workflow tips and tricks, I recommend creating a swatch palette to help yourself out. I manually enter my final colour values into the Palette in TileM, however there are other tools that do this more efficiently. Here is a reference image with all the possible SMD / Genesis colours.
  12. This should help with getting started with Photoshop. As for your other question, it may be helpful if you wrote more to explain what you had in mind.
  13. How to work with both TileMolester & Photoshop OK, in order to make work together, you will need to export and import Tiles from TileM and Photoshop. Here is a simple workflow. In TileM, open up the tileset that you want to edit, with the corresponding colour palette. In TileM, go to Edit > Copy To… and export a PNG of the tileset. Open the resulting PNG in Photoshop. Edit to your heart’s content. Export that edited tiles as a PNG from Photoshop. In TileM, go to Edit > Paste From To… and import that PNG. 5. Lastly, in TileM, hit the Escape key in order to drop the tiles in place. This same workflow can presumably be used with any image editing program. Furthermore, in some cases it may also be possible to simply copy and paste pixels from Photoshop into TileM, but I personally stick to using PNG intermediate files for these transfers.
  14. First question to get us started: Answer to follow…
  15. Hello folks, I've had some PM questions about how I use Adobe Photoshop to edit my ROM, so I thought I would start a thread here where I could answer these questions publicly. Ask away! cheers, -Adam
  16. Hey @UltraMagnus. When I was doing my mod, I had all kinds of issues with the Kraken logo showing up incorrectly for reasons that initially broke my brain. My guess is that you figured all this stuff out already, but just in case it's giving you issues, please let me know and I can pontificate why this happens when working with Seattle, and how to circumvent it so it doesn't happen again.
  17. Hi folks, I've had a number of people PM me to ask if there will be a '23 version incoming. The short answer: "I don't know." The long answer: I really want to, and every day that we inch closer to that opening night face-off, that desire increases, but I've had too much going on in real life to even get started. And I have too much new stuff coming up to know what's going to happen this fall. For these reasons, if I do get started on a '23, I am going to keep it super-minimal to start… just v6 + a roster and lines update. Then could build on it from there throughout the season If you are interested in seeing a "Catalyst" version of '23, and are willing to put in some time collaborating, please let me know! One of the most time consuming things for me, is setting the line combinations for each team. If you were interested in taking on this task for your favourite team (or any team), let me know, and I will send you all the details so that you can decide if that's something you really want to do. I hope all of you are keeping healthy & happy. cheers, -Adam p.s. Did you see that @UltraMagnus has put out a '23 (95) ROM? It looks really slick!
  18. Looks awesome! Looking forward to trying it out later tonight. So…so far we have two NHL '23's both featuring Shesterkin. I can’t disagree!
  19. I used Hex Fiend as my main hex editor, along with a bit in Sublime Text. I also used Beyond Compare for diffing files, often used to troubleshoot or verify an edit was made cleanly. Does that answer your question?
  20. He gave me the same worthwhile advice when I had a similar question. FYI, I did't modify the shape of the crease, only the fill texture. I used the modified shape from The Sauce, who used the modified shape from someone else, etc. You might be able to fast-forward your process, if you open up some ROMs that have the crease you like, and compare tiles between them. If you haven't already found the crease in my ROM in TileMol, here are the co-ordinates I used for modifying the crease texture: <bookmark offset="357668" columns="9" rows="9" blockwidth="9" blockheight="9" rowinterleaved="false" sizeblocktocanvas="true" mode="1D" palIndex="0" codec="LN04"> <description>Arena - Crease 1</description> </bookmark> <bookmark offset="746922" columns="9" rows="8" blockwidth="9" blockheight="8" rowinterleaved="false" sizeblocktocanvas="true" mode="1D" palIndex="0" codec="LN04"> <description>Arena - Crease 2</description> </bookmark> The rest of the related tiles should be very close to that point. I've literally never even played '95 for the Sega, but If you're lucky, the structure in '95 will be similar enough to that you will be able to see what bits you want to mod by comparing them. All that being said, if you want to draw the crease your own way, creating a map of how those tiles are laid with Kingpin's trick out will seriously save your sanity. Furthermore, you can then use that map to go work in other more intuitive software if like. For me personally, I found that this was much more efficient to work on the whole image in Photoshop, then using the aforementioned map to figure out how it needs to be sliced and diced and exported into TileMol.
  21. Thanks man! Honestly, I don't remember, but I *do* remember screwing it up before I got it right. Perhaps tell me a bit more, or show me a screen cap of what is happening to you, and maybe it will jog my memory? I can tell you that I used an old version of Tile Molester, and trial and error, but I hardly think that is useful. Tell me and/or show me more, and I will do my best to help you over that hump.
  22. Good cover pick! He should’ve won the Hart, IMHO.
  23. Hi @Jpark, Thank-you so much. I am honestly done for now, will let it stand as-is unless someone reports a bug, or discover an error I can't live with. I'm not sure if I will back next season, but I hope to. Who knows what life will look like then. It would be great to have the more authentic 3v3 overtime for regular season games, but I don't know how to do such a thing. I could really use a more tech-savvy collaborator. Thanks again for playing, and contributing valuable feedback. I hope you're enjoying your summer!
  24. Thanks @Fastlane. Cheers to enjoying the present!
  25. To anyone who might have read this post in the past, please note that the first posting has been updated for version 6.0, which includes some new insights and hacks.
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