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  1. How do you do the actual mapping of the keys? You go to the Menu ctrl +f1 then choose a key and then what? How do you select joystick's direction to a key? EDIT: Just figured it out....
  2. I could not get gamepad buttons mapped damn.... up down left right works though.
  3. hooace

    NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    I have the palette file exported from photoshop but I don't know how to combine palette file and gif file into RINK.QFS or if it even helps. The game might not read palette file from RINK.QFS since the original file even does not have palette in it.
  4. hooace

    NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    I have tried replace, but my gif file obviusly does not have palette file included and it is seen as well in the report after applying. After using (replace) the palette is screwed in the game. I have also tried(match) and that will use the original rink's palette. For now I have settled to alter the rink with only colours from the original palette for just this reason.
  5. hooace

    NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    I can import new rink to the game but it only works if I use similar palette than what is in the original rink. Since the original rink QFS file does not have palette inside, my question is: where does the palette to the original rink come from? What file does it use? If it uses RINKPAL.QFS for example how can I inject new palette in to it? Cheers, Hannu
  6. Thanks for your post Maciek! I'll be switching to your way of using dosbox internal mapper too! Hannu
  7. We have played NHL95 with my friends since it was published on and off for over a decade. This year we have revisited the game more often and of course ran to the same age old problem, who plays with keyboard and who with gamepad or mouse. Keyboard is by far the best thus games are not really equal when other player suffers from disadvantage of a lesser controller. I took as my mission to fix this problem and find a way to use two keyboards to play the game. It took three days to finally make it work. The solution is to use a virtual joystick application as gamepad. It was not that easy though and here is the beef: 1) Download PPJOY Keyboard joystick. http://www.simtel.ne...PJoy/75176.html 2) Run PPJOY virtual joystick. Setup up, down, left, right keys as print screen, scrollock, pause/break, numlock buttons. -You need to do this because you need to be able to calibrate "gamepad" at the beginning and by pressing any key on the keyboard cancels the calibration. How ever by trial and error I found these four keys not to trigger the cancellation of calibration. 3) Launch game (dosbox windowed mode) and calibrate joystick by pressing only ONCE and simultaneously: 1) up+left 2)up+right 3) down+left 4) down+right. 4) Now its a bit tricky. You need to accept the calibration by pressing button of the "gamepad" but since there is only four buttons that are not detected by the game as cancel you need to go back to PPJOY (alt + tab) and set one of the buttons as gamedpad's fire button so: set the direction you used with Pause/break to "no key" then set Pause/Break as gamepad's fire button. Now click the TOP part of the dosbox window with mouse to focus the game again, If you click in the middle of the dosbox screen the mouse click will count as cancel too. 5) after successfully calibrating the "gamepad" you can go back too PPJOY and choose buttons you want to use to control the gamepad. Obviously pause/break, scroll lock are no good. I use I, J, K, L, Left shift and < buttons. Dont use "s" as it togles sound on and of, there might also be other problematic keys. 6) plug in another usb keyboard and you are ready to go! Hope you can enjoy this as much as we do! Cheers, Hannu