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  1. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Thanks @halifax bud for the mention!
  2. This post is for Arda Ocal. King of 94 - WI proudly presents, A Fleury of Goals, an NHL94 tournament for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. On February 24th, 2018 the world's best 16 bit hockey players will descend upon the Edge VR Arcade in Green Bay, WI, to compete for bragging rights, cash prizes, and the coveted Lord Manly's Cup! #AFleuryofGoals is the organization's 3rd NHL94 tournament, which welcomes two time defending champion, AngryJay93, from Sacramento California to defend his crown. I, Arda Ocal will be present, calling action for tournaments on both the Super Nintendo, and the Sega Genesis. Think you've got what it takes to be the King of 94? Make the journey to Green Bay, WI to find out! Prepay for the event starts January 1st, 2018. You may RSVP your intentions by joining the Facebook event here You may follow King of 94 WI on Facebook here Stay connected to King of 94 WI on Twitter
  3. What : NHL 94 tournament for both SNES and Genesis Where : Edge VR Arcade in Green Bay, WI 2642 Packerland Drive Suite 1, Green Bay, WI 54313 When : February 24th, 2018 Cost : $30 for Adults $10 for accompanying children, includes automatic entry into both SNES and Genesis tournaments, one will precede the other. Please send payment via Paypal when RSVPing for the event to, stating who you are paying for. Adults are also given a voucher for VR time at the venue. Additional time may be purchased while present. Users may RSVP at this Facebook event page. You are considered signed up once you have sent in your payment, again $30 for adults, $10 for kids to Format : Group play will precede bracket play, first SNES, then Genesis. There is an initial 32 player cap for this tournament. If we receive additional interest and have taken in payment, we will take measures to increase the tournament size. Rules : 5 minute periods, penalties on, no offside, manual goalie. If it's in the game, it's in the game. No game mechanics are banned. Examples are pass shots, CB checks, hail mary shots, goalie interference goals, rebound goals on penalty shots, etc. A coin flip winner will be the home team(player 1) and call the matchup. The opposing player is the away team(player 2) and choses which of the two teams they want for that matchup. A player cannot call a matchup more than once during the tournament. These roles are reversed for game two of a playoff series. If the series goes to game 3, another coin flip and matchup selection must be performed. Games cannot end in a tie. A new game must be started in the event of a tie game at the end of overtime. Intentional time wasting in your own zone is prohibited. You must attempt to advance the puck into the opposing zone whenever possible. Players caught abusing this may have goals deducted, or in extreme cases the game awarded to the opposing player. Players are required to take a photo of their score and report to the scorekeeper. There is a 10 goal deficit mercy rule. The game is over once a 10 goal difference is reached. 10 goals is the max goal differential counted. Players are permitted to bring their own OEM or approved 3rd party controllers. All other equipment is provided by us, however we could use your help(see down below) Payout : 100% of money taken in from child entries will be paid out, 50% to each bracket. For each $30 entry, $10 goes to the SNES bracket, $10 to the Genesis bracket, and $10 to the venue for hosting us and providing the VR experience. An approximate 60/30/10 split payout will be for each bracket to 1st/2nd/3rd place. Hotel Accommodations :There are multiple locations within 2 minutes driving distance, including one that can be walked to from the venue. We are working on setting up a group rate and will update this thread when we have it. We are about 3 minutes from the Airport in Green Bay. What types of systems are used for this? : All Genesis systems and controllers are OEM. All screens used are CRT, which means no input lag. SNES are a mix of 1st gen, model 2, and NOAC clone units. All controllers are either OEM or Cirka brand clones, which work very well. Will this be streamed? : Yes, unless otherwise stated you can follow the action on twitch. Please favorite Can I dress up in hockey attire? : Yes, you will basically be put in the sin bin if you don't get into character. How can I help the tournament organizers? : In addition to making an early commitment to attend, we ask that you share the existence of this tournament, early and often, on all forms of social media. Make plans to travel with friends, and make this a destination. We are also in need of some additional SNES systems. At this time, we own about 12 Genesis systems, but only 3 or 4 SNES systems. Anyone willing to bring an SNES setup would be of great help. That would include, a console, composite hookups, two controllers, and game copy.
  4. What are you bringing to swap at the tournament? Hopefully something better than this.
  5. Hi Buds, The venue where the Edge VR Arcade is located is not a beercade, and thus they cannot directly serve us adult beverages. Also, when their specialized equipment costs many thousands of dollars, the idea of open container liquids doesn't really fly. The good news is with the exception of the stream setup, the consoles will be setup in the adjacent suite, and we can bring all the beverages we want. We are asked to use proper judgement with how much is consumed and to keep them within that area. Anyone falling over, using abusive language, puking as the result of too much booze during the tournament is going to have a bad time. This event is marketed as family friendly. Enjoy your booze, just know your limits and stick to them. And for Lord Stanley's sake, don't get pissed up and drive a Zamboni around town. That's what Uber is for. That being said, we will have next level refrigeration technology to keep our adult beverages nice and cool. If we have too much of it, there is always outside. In Green Bay, it's about 20 degrees average in February. Mother nature strikes again! I suggest we arrange to bring regional beers with us and do some swapping at the event. If you come with Miller Lite, Bud Lite, or Coors Lite for the swap, you will be immediately sent past the sin bin into a game misconduct. You could drink that swill yourself, but why? Also, there are plenty of fantastic food options in walking distance from the tournament venue, including a sports bar. We literally share a parking lot with an authentic Mexican restaurant, can slapshot a puck against a McDonald's, and we have some ordering leverage with places like Toppers for a big order. In short, we have you covered. Let us know what you'd be willing to bring for booze. A six or twelve pack of long necks would be just fine. -Trojan
  6. It's official! Arda Ocal will be there to call the action live from our tournament!
  7. With the passing of HFD #NHL94 player #ZarleyZalapski, we will be honoring him in the tournament by awarding a prize to whoever has the most total points(goals, assists) scored by Zalapski in group play. It's time to start practicing matchups with Hartford! Just take a picture of the scoring summary after the match has concluded. Stay tuned for a future update involving a side challenge featuring tournament namesake Theo Fleury!
  8. @kingraph confirmed he booked his flight today, so he's in! I'll be meeting with the venue owners tomorrow to discuss the creation of a promotional video, as well as getting that waiver created. I'm hoping in a couple weeks to have signups official for Paypal.
  9. updated the rules section, SNES and Gens will use the same rules.
  10. stacking up the carts, we have plenty!
  11. @jer_33 stepping up to bring in a stick hockey table for the tournament!
  12. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    No votes have been retroactively added to GB, although it has been mentioned on here.
  13. NHL'94 Theme Played @ Devils vs Blues Game

    Arda snapped a picture for me so I can learn the music too.
  14. Halifax experience at the airport.

    That thing is magical.
  15. Just hit our 20th signup. Let's keep this going!
  16. King of 94 Tournament - Feedback / Improvements

    One thing I've learned, is having some sort of activity planned for the day before a major tournament is almost mandatory now. We area already there setting up, so the next natural step is to knock off the rust, and/or play other games. Tecmo Madison last year also recognized this, taking the pick up games out of the hotel rooms, and into the actual event.
  17. I secured some raffle prizes for the tournament!
  18. Fall'17 GENS Team Selection Draft

    I'll take Buf
  19. View From the Booth v.1

    My youtube channel has this playlist from the March tournament, it's a work in progress.
  20. This just in! If you have a significant other, she gets in for free with your paid entry! Just let us know who you are traveling with! On that note, EA is bringing his GF, and so is Kevin Cab!
  21. EA just signed up, stuff just got real
  22. Business Cards (for Tournaments)

    perfect, I'll use them at our tournament