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  1. 23 hours ago, Sauce said:

    Glad you like it!

    I set up Seattle, that way, by design.  Next year, when they have actual/real players, I will reconfigure them to have a full roster like the other teams.  If you add player, no, it will not break the rom.  It will, however, mess up the player cards for the Dmen.  The hex pointers, for the Dmen, are numbered, for Seattle, differently then the other teams as there are less players.  For most teams, I believe that I have the pointers, for the 2 Dmen cards, as 11 and 12 (if memory serves as I'm not on my home computer now).  For Seattle, I think I had them as 7 and 8 (I can't recall at this moment).  Anywho, adding more forwards means that one of them will take over the hex pointer location for the Dmen player cards.  Now, with Seattle, I don't use player images like other team but rather, just a B&W version of the team logo.  So, if you add players, it probably won't matter much as there is no headshot for the player name displaying.  So, have at it.
    Again, this will change next year, after they do the expansion draft, in which case, I will (then) update the rom structure.

    As an FYI, an updated version of this rom will be posted in a week or so as the season begins.  I saw that Corey Crawford is retiring today so I will have to remove him in addition to other updates.


    Thanks for your great work again! As for the Devils, since Crawford is retired, in their system they have #29 Mackenzie Blackwood as their starter, backed up by #41 Scott Wedgewood and #31 Gilles Senn.

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