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  1. Thanks @chaos!! Thanks for the reference - now I can double-check to see if I did it right! I ultimately am importing the data into a MySQL database that I have tried to keep efficient and normalized. I also added in the +/- from smozoma's hack which takes a little parsing to add back to the rest of the player stats. The batch version sounds cool, too! Yes, sorry I wasn't clear, @CoachMac. Basically, I have a local web interface where there's a button that allows me to switch sides by editing the save state. So the full process is: save the state (F2 in RetroArch) cli
  2. Hey All! Long time listener, first time caller, so-to-speak. First of all, thank for this amazing site/forum/community. The sheer amount of resources and information that's been discovered, shared, and organized is incredible. With so much already being done, it's almost like there's no opportunity to give back. I've recently got back into retro gaming and have been playing NHL '94 on RetroArch (luckily before they got hacked, though it seems they're back up now). Since they don't have a Gens core, I've been playing with Genesis Plus GX. I couldn't find reference on here, but th