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  1. *FINAL* UPDATED LINES (after 11th hour trade with RaiderCanuck)

    Halifax Mooseheads

    LD: D. Sweeney

    RD: Sjodin

    LW: Broten

    C: Bradley

    RW: Granato

    3rd D: Johansson

    Extra: Cullen

    G1 Tererri


    Ulf Dahlen can be changed BACK to his original #22 (Since Granato joined)

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  2. Great nuanced breakdown. I've been thinking recently about incremental improvement through analyzing my own play. After my recent OHPL loss to Schmidt (with some ridiculous stats), I went back to the drawing board. I had some good strategy discussions with Scribe99 and with an extra set of eyes, was able to make some adjustments that have made an immediate difference in Classic.

    I love these evolution of the game discussions. Your examples of Mikhail's goalie strat and the Plabax CB strat remind me of Thomas Kuhn's "Structure of Scientific Revolutions". These breakthrough strats are like Einstein's theory of relativity, compared to Newtonian mechanics; an extension of accepted knowledge. These jumps in collective knowledge cause immediate progress in the game, but earlier strategies are still commensurable. 

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  3. Yeah...that dislodging scenario has happened to me about 10 times also.

    Kudos to the puck suspended in the air thing. I love that. Sometimes it hangs on the crossbar sort of "twirling" as if it was on a string.

    There are three really cheepo things I like to do to my opponents sometimes:

    1) If my goalie is at the bottom of the rink, and there is a face-off in my zone on the left-hand side, I will sometimes pull my goalie just prior to the puck being dropped. If it works right...your goalie will skate to the bench and push the opponent's center out of the face-off circle.

    2) I have recently done some experimenting with scoring behind my opponent's goalie. I will swing around the boards and sort of slingshot myself behind the goalie. If you are on your forehand...you can sometimes press "A" to flip the puck over the net and in off the back of the goalie’s head. If that doesn't work, and the puck ends up in front of the net, you can make a play on it with your player when he comes out from behind the net.

    3) If you are playing with offsides...there is a way that you can get away with being offside in some situations. If you pass the puck up the ice to a player that ends up being in the offensive zone...you can decide to make a one-timer out of it. If you one-time it...the computer doesn't consider that "possession". If you don't score...you must get out of the zone...but if you DO score...it can be a great demoralizer to your opponent.



  4. Yeah...Sween, Mog, and Gord are good. (Sweeney actually isn't as deadly as in 93 in my opinion).

    I agree that agility gives you the advantage of being able to cover the ice better, and line-up guys who are slower, but it is more than that. There are guys like Makarov who have killer agility and speed, but just bounce off players they try to body check...even when they totally have the guy in the trolly-tracks.

    I still want to know what makes the "hot-knife-through-butter" type checkers. These are the guys who can be at the very end of an ill-timed speedburst...just coast into a player on fumes...and still knock him down with no resistence.

  5. Ok...the true NHL94 fans will know that a player's checking rating means nothing on the ice. We know that huys like JR, Gretz, Sundin, Eklund etc have low checking ratings but are absolute monsters on the ice.

    Other guys like Chelios, U. Samuel, and Brent Ashton have good checking ratings...but can only take down the super-wussies like Messier, Andreychuk (love that name), Otto, and any of the starting forwards for Pittsburgh.

    Whats the deal???

    Sub topic: best checkers in the game:















    and finally...the king of them all...Cam Russel... I s__t you not. He is an absolute monster. He can maul even the rockiest of rocks.



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