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  1. Hi welcome to this site.

    Me and Jeff live close to Vancouver.

    We are in Surrey. About a half hour away.

    Jeff is in the SNES '94 Classic league Championship finals right now waiting for his opponent.

    Me and Jeff would be up for this.


    Zbattle becasue of ZSNES doesn't host 4 playes on all different computers.

    So I was at Jeff's and we were able to play us on the same computer versus another person.

    But one game was not sync it was a game against Logan.

    We had a game also with me, Jeff and Smith (3 vs. the computer) and one game was not sync.

    We should try this with 2 of you guys on the same computer in zbattle vs. Us on the same computer.


    SNES9k and Kaillera might be able to host SNES NHL'94 with 4 guys on all different computers but I have not heard for sure.

    Hmm, I know it might sound weird, but we were looking to do a get together in Vancouver.

    We just had a 3 man tournament, format was everyone plays eachother twice, top two teams play a best of three, winner gets contention for a cup, cup goes in a best of 3...

    We just grab some beer, and play for a couple of hours.

    If you're down for something local, that's what we're looking for, however we could play online as well prior.

    I know a trust thing would be an issue, going to some random persons house to play some NHL doesn't exactly sound appealing... at first... but I think if we collected enough teams we could get a really killer tournament going.

    The 6 of us are all in our early 20's, fairly relaxed... I want to become a police officer personally, so there's not going to be any freaking out or drugs or anything around (a couple of the guys smoke pot, not too big of a deal and can be avoided if it bugs you guys).

    Lemme know if you're still interested, the 2v2 online would still be fun though =)

  2. Hey, new to the forum, have been checking the webpage for years now, even participated in a few games... Wondering if anyone from the Vancouver area would ever be interested in a 2v2 tournament?

    We've currently got 3 teams, looking for one to five more.

    We're going to get a stanley cup and all...

    So if anyone is from the lower mainland, and has a partner, let me know =)

    Oh, this is for the SNES.

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