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  1. Just FYI... NHL 04 interface is getting ready for Winnipeg... all we need is the arena and jerseys and we're all set. (right click and -> view image to see them non-blurred) Obviously we still need the torfs. Get the newest from:
  2. WE HAVE MOVED TO A NEW FORUM...!! Welcome... and please register and join..!! The forum is still WIP... not much have been done graphically... but it's all functioning now and you're all welcome...!! Please make an account and register...!! Thanks.
  3. Previews of new in-game cyberfaces... there are lots of them.
  4. Here's the NHL 04 community forum. It's a busy place:
  5. My season 1996-1997 is nearing the end... only 3 games left. Thanks to Jimboni for this SPECTACULAR mod... it's been a fantastic season. More here. Some screen captures. Niinimaa, Lindros and LeClair celebrating. Twist ja Grimson doing their job. Sean Burke, Hartford Whalers. USAir Arena.
  6. Just some mindless eyecandy of the modern mod + HDR mod... enjoy...!!
  7. You wouldn't believe how popular 2004 has become in the recent year. Based on the download numbers there are 6000-10.000 people playing it. It has huge communities in Russia, Finland and Slovakia. They have many online leagues for it... NEHL is probably the best organized. It's only about 2004 online play now. This is the NHL 2004 headquarters. Feel free to register. 2004 simply has the best engine ever... some annoyances but I generally prefer it even over Next Gen hockey. PS: If you need the base game, let me know via pm. PS2: We could really, really use someone who knows html and JavaScript. All the menus are written with JS/HTML and we could do amazing things if we had someone who can code.
  8. How about some Season 1996/1997 mod gameplay footage? Should be more up your alley, eh? We have cracked the camera system and this is the new overhead angle.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. Here's actual gameplay video footage of the modern (season 09-10 mod).
  10. More shots of the vintage total conversion mod (1996-1997 season) First some previews of the vintage ESPN interface. Some ingame screenies
  11. 2004 has unique game engine. Clearly superior over any other year.
  12. Hey guys, a revisit to this thread... maybe this upcoming full 1997 mod would interest you?
  13. Yes of course. You install the original game and then install the mods on top of it. PS: Here's a few screenies from my Nashville season: