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  1. Hello. I just joined to this community when I heard about it. Its so good that there is a place like this online!!! But I have a question... I play genesis with my friends, and we usually always play with the worst teams ( Ottawa, Anaheim,Florida, Tampa, San Jose) against eacothers, and with real rules ( offsides on, manual line changes, manual goalies). I was wondering, is there a chance to play against anyone here with these rules, or are the leagues/tournaments here played with other rules than mentioned above...? If there is somebody who play with all the above rules, how can I challenge him/her? Just downloading the game I guess and communicating through this forum? Ps. We were playing the "hunting" just the other day with my friend. ( 10 min periods, no line changes, no offsides) We beated Ottawa with Galgary 54-0. Is this score even close to records, or is it normal average here.? I figured this is the place to get answers from other players for this question as well..? Anyway, thanks to who ever created this page, its absolutely awesome. All the best to coming games for everyone! - troy.
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