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  1. I recently got the EverDrive-GBA X5 Mini flash cart for Game Boy Advance, and note that it can emulate Game Gear, NES, GBA, GBC, Sega Master System and, obviously, Game Boy Advance titles. Taking this selection into account, which title would be the best choice in order to get something similar to the Sega Genesis NHL '94 experience on my GBA? I have two options in mind: NHL 2002, a GBA title which is supposedly a port of NHL '96 for the SNES, and NHL Hockey for the Game Gear, "unrelated to the Mega Drive game with the same name, instead taking design cues primarily from one of the sequels, NH
  2. So, I managed to recover the original Gens Plus setup I had for recording those *.gir and *.giz clips, and watched them. Fun stuff, and a few crazy bugs, like one where the players turned white in the penalty box side-view, and one where a player skates outside the ice, over the audience, and then back onto the ice again, but nothing that I don't think hasn't been documented here yet. Just thought I'd update you all on that.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Sorry it took me a while to log on back here. I've been collecting these Gens videos over the years, and they've mostly been sitting on my computer. I don't have the technical know-how, the energy or the wits to convert them into proper video, so I figured I might as well dump them here, in the hope that someone else might convert them for me, heh. Most of them are from 2009, and I have forgotten all about what they show. Hopefully something cool. NHL '94 video
  4. Hello everyone! Swedish NHL '94 fan here. I've been playing the Genesis version, on cartridge, for many years now, and, during times when I haven't had my console ready, by Gens, too. This forum, website, and the fact that you can play online, is a completely new relevation for me, though. I'm also stunned by the fact that there's still a lively discussion board about this wonderful game! Some questions and thoughts from my end, which I have built up over the years (and never thought I'd be able to discuss with anyone else, as I thought I was the last dude on earth to play this game): 1. C