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  1. This is NHL94 Experience looks on my Dynasty of the newest NHL Team the San Diego Mariners October 5, 2006, the San Diego Sports Arena is filled with people cheering but all of a sudden (Goal Horns, I Wonder Who's Hot Tonight by the 51 Girls of Miss Teen USA 1987 Plays) PA: Now Your 2006-2007 San Diego Mariners And so the story begins. LATER AS A RESULT................... The San Diego Mariners lost their first game to the Phoenix Coyotes 3-0 Shots 6-2 Shooting Pct 50%-0% Power Play 0/1-0/3 PP Minutes 0:37-4:46 PP Shots 0-1 SH Goals 0-0 Breakaways 0/2-0/0 One-Timers 1/1-0/0 Face