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  1. At http://nhlpa93.nhl94.com/about/passing/passing.php it says that "Another important thing to note: How hard you press pass influences it's accuracy. " What does this actually mean? I highly doubt that the buttons in the Genesis controller are pressure sensitive. The guide is very well written and on point in everything that it states so I don't doubt the writer. Just this point is a bit confusing. Is it about the pressure or the length of pressing the pass button or how does this actually work? Thanks.
  2. We play this magnificent game daily at work. The regular season, playoffs and all. Half of the floor participates. So I decided to arrange a tribute to the game, this online community and the theme song we all love. With some drum machines, keys and guitars. Here it is, I hope you like it: Kurt Vogel - NHL94 Theme Tribute.mp3 Thinking of uploading a video of playing it to Youtube and making guitar tabs if someone's interested playing along.
  3. I also noted that a speed of 4+ is really helpful on this. For example I manage do these 10 in a row with Gilmour but struggle to get a few in a row with Bradley (who has great shot stats but is slow). So I've made some progress and here are my tips for others like me: Here's a scenario where you have a leftie player, so you should start from the left side and head diagonally towards the right side: Make sure you move diagonally towards the opponent goal as shown in the videos. Right around in the middle axis of the field, around 3 meters from the goal, start to steeply turn to the left. Here it's important that you press directly left, not diagonally, but straight left on your controller. Your player's momentum still moves you where you were skating originally (diagonally right) - with the goalie following - but your stick and the puck will eventually point to the left. Now, the crucial thing is to shoot the puck exactly when your stick and the puck get to point straight to the left. This is where the angle is perfect and the goalie is not blocking the puck because you were leading him to the right all along and suddenly the puck is on your left and you're shooting it left. This is just how I got it to work and how I think of it, but obviously there are many variations which might be more difficult and use more subtle movement and angles. Any corrections and additions by the experts would be welcome. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the reply. These are floater goals shown on this video.
  5. I was searching for the forums and couldn't find real tips for these two topics. I know there are videos on floaters but I just can't seem to manage to do them right. Is there anywhere a step-by-step guide for floaters as in some markers, handing of the player, speed, timing, angle etc.? I can make pass shots, "the deke" etc. but this one eludes me. Also, a solid manual goalie tip thread. Couldn't find any. If someone could point me to some content on these two topics I'd be super grateful. Thank you.
  6. Hi! I was reading "Building Lines with AJ" and I saw a recommendation to use goalie ram against a certain goalie, because his weight is only 3. Now I seen this scoring tactic mentioned here and there but there isn't really any in-depth tutorial on how to do it? There are videos where people ram the goalie after a deke and the puck goes in but the goalie doesn't really move by the hit. I occasionally and accidentally manage to score with a player who just rams the goalie with the puck into the goal and sometimes even through it. What factors affect this? Is weight bug working here? Heavy player is good against a light goalie or vice versa? Is there a certain angle? etc. I'm playing a version with the weight bug. The normal cartridge for Genesis / Megadrive. Any tips are welcome, thank you.
  7. Another issue, on which I haven't really seen threads on this forum is actual tips on passing the puck. Sometimes when I pass the puck, it goes to completely wrong direction, wrong player. A lot of times the receiver just can't get hold of the puck at all and one timers seem to fail at times, and at times I can shoot a laser quick one timer. it's frustrating to lose your promising offensive scoring attempt just because the pass goes completely wrong when trying a one-timer for example. Can you gurus provide some kind of a quick list of things to keep in mind when trying to make that perfect pass?
  8. Hi! I'm new to this awesome forum of this timeless and great game. Finally posting because I couldn't find a topic on this. B checking aka poke checking seems to be effective, especially if you're not familiar with the weight of your and the opponent's players. However, you change the controlled player with the same button, so there's a problem. I've had so many goals scored against me because I've tried to poke check with the last line of defense and I've managed only to change the player I control to someone ten feet away from the puck and the opponent has a free ride to deke and score a goal. I like the poke check when it works, so here's the question: Is there anything that can be done to make sure your player will poke check and NOT switch to another player when pressing B? I've tried a lot of things but can't for the life of me figure this out. Should I press D-pad to some direction at the same time, or should the player be facing the puck or should I be at a certain distance? Thank you.
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