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Found 3 results

  1. 3 years ago, a game studio by the name of Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc. created and published a game called Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, a 3 on 3 hockey game. this game not only had NHL players like Wayne Gretzky, Alex Ovechkin, Brad Marchand, and Tyler Seguin. playing against each other in this futuristic hockey game, but also feature other athletes from other sports such as baseball (MLB), football (NFL),basketball (NBA,WNBA), and Soccer (WNSL). athletes like Skylar Diggins-Smith, Alex Morgan, De'Aaron Fox, Jose Altuve, and JuJu Smith Schuster you would never think or imagine slipping on skates and hitting the ice, and each player also has their own ability based on their respective sport they play in. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink seemed like a promising game that was ambitious game with a more ambitious crossover than Infinity War having access to more leagues and player associations, that this would make 2k and EA blush. with athletes of both hockey and other sports playing a space jam style version of hockey with skillful and action-packed arcade gameplay and unique presentation. Unfortunately, Ultimate Rivals: The Rink was released as an exclusive through Apple Arcade on December 12, 2019 and can only be played through IOS supported systems, while the game was doing alright and was getting updates going far as August 25, 2020. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink was quietly withdrawn from Apple Arcade in Fall 2021. Some users speculated that this was related to the game being beta-tested on Steam for a PC release, though it has yet to be officially released there or on PC. but as of now, Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is Discontinued. On July 9, 2021 Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc would also try a similar approach with the sport of basketball in its next installment Ultimate Rivals: The Court, ever want to see NHL players dunk on other sports athletes and even wrestlers from the WWE putting them on ice, NBA jam style complete with Tim Kitzrow on commentary? this might be the game for you Sadly like the Rink, this venture of Ultimate Rivals would not last long as Ultimate Rivals: The Court was released as an exclusive through Apple Arcade and also was quietly withdrawn from Apple Arcade in Fall 2021 getting the same speculation this was related to the game being beta-tested on Steam for the PC, like The Rink. but nothing much is official yet If these games were to escape being exclusive to apple arcade to being playable in multiple places like steam. How long would they last and what sports would Ultimate Rivals take on ? no one knows, as of right now, Ultimate Rivals is at a stand still. by Concept Art House by Goran Bukvic
  2. Hockey heroes: Puck off: Goons: Legends of the Hockeyverse Pond Hockey Simulator '84 Ice League Hockey: Tape to Tape: Pc hockey league: Canvas Hockey: Spacy Hockey: VNHL 2022 Got any other current indie Hockey games in the making to add to this thread? share them here in this showcase.
  3. Bodycheck Online Bodycheck (바디첵온라인) was a Korean arcade-styled ice hockey game developed and published by Gravity in 2007, the gameplay is similar to NHL HITZ. However, what makes this somewhat different is its an online-based game that you can play with friends, you get to choose players with hockey characteristic(grinder, enforcer, playmaker,etc), a skill ladder system that improves your player as you play each game or practice session, and the most unique of all: an armor system where your bodychecking powered hits can really (and literally) obliterate the helmet and uniformed armor off the opposing player affecting their performance in the game. the developers had the support and input from the Anyang Halla Ice Hockey Team (South Korean hockey team of the ALIH) while working on and improving the gameplay, speed, and physics. but despite all that the game didn't last long as it shutdown service the next year on September 1, 2008. Slapshot Underground If you wonder what an NFL streets equivalent of the NHL might look like (excluding EA's World of Chel) well this one might kinda give you an example of that, Slapshot Underground a street roller hockey game developed by Numix Entertainment and published and serviced by Nexon, the gameplay focused on dynamic action, skill, expressive player customization, and fast-paced gameplay and real physics. it ran from 2007 winning an "Excellent Game Award of 2007", got an English version release under Gamigo in October 2009, then ended service completely on April 9, 2009. basically beating Gravity's bodycheck online by 2 years. Hockey Dash Hockey dash was the last short-lived MMORPG inline roller hockey game launched by ogplanet on June 9th, 2010, and shutdown on September 29, 2010. Why do online mmo sports games (like hockey) find very little to no success: not a big enough player base to drive interest in the game impossible to find players or matches to play not enough funds or resources to keep a mmo game running little interest in updates or polish in the game online sports mmo games tend to be the least popular in general
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