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Found 5 results

  1. Things are looking good. Everyone looks to be able to finish the season. Season is over March 1. Games Remaining, most to least: Smozoma / 2 FPB needs 2 Icestorm / 2 Kingraph / 2 Depch complete! Coach complete! Jack&Jose complete! Atomic complete! Aqualizard complete! Jer_33 complete! Thanks so much for participating! It has been fun.
  2. Question: What happens when you take 5 of the best coaches and put them in a league with 5 solid B level guys? But the kicker is, the A guys are saddled with the worst teams on the ROM, and the B guys get the best teams? I ask because this experiment is about to unfold, in a mini league I call "Princes vs Paupers". Now is the time to speculate, because halfway through, we will know the answer. Right now it is pure conjecture. Can CB Master Raph STILL dominate when he plays what many consider to be the worst team on the ROM, the ANH Mighty Ducks? Or will he fail to win a single game? Will the A guys saddled with crap teams still be able to generate high scores, or will they be stuck trying to win clinging to 3 or even 2 goals, and playing sound defense? (Not 3 and 2 goal *leads*, I mean clinging to 2 or 3 goals scored total!) And will this league be fun, or will it be tedious after 3 games, with all vowing "never again!"? (The schedule is 18 games, no playoffs.) I salute the following A guys for even agreeing to this bizarre experiment: 1. Smozoma (SJ) 2. Depch (OTT) 3. FPB (FLA) 4. Raph (ANH) 5. Icestorm (TB) The B guys, who I do not salute, because I just know we are all doing this hoping we can get payback on the vicious drubbings we have taken at the hands of these pros, are: 1. Coah (DET) 2. Jack&Jose (VAN) 3. Aqualizard (BUF) 4. AtomicRaven (CHI) 5. Jer_33 (MTL) What do you think is going to happen?
  3. As of Wed Feb 15 the season officially begins! You have 2 weeks to get all 18 games in. Milestone 1: Wed Feb 22 (at least 9 games in by end of day) Milestone 2: Wed Mar 1 (all 18 games by end of day) At Milestone 2, Mar 1, the season is over. So, you need to get in 9 games per week, which is pretty steep. That said, according to the results page, everyone has at least 2 games played, so we are in pretty good shape. There are no playoffs scheduled. See the standings and upload games at: http://nhl94rocks.com/tourney.php?tId=1 Good luck to all!
  4. Here is how to submit gamesaves: go to http://nhl94rocks.com/ and login choose "LEAGUE" from main navigation, to get to the "Princes and Paupers League" page from dropdown, select HOME and AWAY and upload a gamesave Boom! That's it Enjoy, but keep in mind this is BETA, so report any snags or glitches in this thread! Thanks! Atomic and Aqua
  5. Update: This League is happening now, and here is the ROM: NHL94PnP.bin Update 2: The gamesaves can be submitted now. See Stats Thread Below is the original first message... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, with the success of Plab's small, tight league (no slackers!) I am thinking of other league ideas. Would you play in a league where: 8 guys, 4 As, 4 Bs B level picks from complete Classic list, A level pick from bottom 5 Each team plays the other team 2x (home and away), for 14 games total Aim for 7 games per week, so: season complete in 2 weeks No playoffs. Whoever has most wins, wins (If there is a tie, we then look at: GF, GA) As and Bs draft teams separately based on random draw I am wondering if A guys would consider such a league? On the one hand, it is more fun to play with a stacked roster. However being able to compete with a crappy team would be a real testament of skill! And of course, things would balance out between As and Bs, or at least balance better. Let me know your thoughts, especially A players. If the idea sucks, no biggie, just thinking out loud here. Edit: I updated the rules above as the discussion evolved, so they were slightly refined, though the spirit of the idea remains.
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