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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the NVL! Basics: Full Stats/Standings League 44 game regular season with 18 teams 5 minute periods No line changes; penalties on/offside off. 10 minute OT. Full playoffs - Top 10 get in (7-game series) Weight bug fixed (Blitz Version of WBF) Hot/Cold to be accurate in edit lines (all categories hot or cold) 12-round player draft (6 fwds, 4 dmen, 2 goalies) randomized order, snake draft Trading allowed. Allowing 5 total moves (FA + Trades) per GM, in pre-season only *Late clarification: True WBF (Checking Rating matters = Blitz) *DNP = -2 Pts at end of season for playoff position per DNP. Each DNP adds +3 "pts" to draft position for next season. Anyone with 7+ DNP's will be put into the bottom of the draw for next season's draft. DNP's will be enforced on a case-by-case basis. Common Case: If one player has played 85-95% of games, but did not play a "MIA" player or two, it will not count against the active player, but the inactive(s) only. General Manager and Team Finalization Date: Thursday, November 5th Draft Order to be set on Nov. 6th Draft Unofficial Start: Sunday, November 8th - Noon Eastern Time (This is when people can begin picking) Draft Official Start Date: Friday, November 13th - 4pm Eastern Time (Begin Deadlines) Draft Ends on Tuesday, Nov. 17th Trade Deadline: Sunday, November 29th at 4pm Eastern Lineups Due: Friday, December 4th League Start Date: Sunday, December 13th League Regular Season End Date (Target): Sunday, February 14th Let me know if you have any questions! Please join the waitlist if you're interested. -Skip P.S. - I will be away from December 6th-16th, so I may need a hand to get things going for the first few days. I timed everything out because I know it takes some time to get the site up after the rosters are finalized. Hope to stick to these dates. I'd actually love to move the draft start to this weekend, but it may be a bit late for that. NVLpreseasonV1.bin