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Hey fellas. I've been holding on to some of these movies for quite some time now, just thought I'd finally learn to convert them into a standard movie format for all the world to see...hope you enjoy!

One of the more enjoyable goals I've ever scored, as the Florida Panthers vs. The Eastern All-Stars. Skrudland levels Lemieux, clears the puck, where Andrei Lomakin splits two defenders (and a fallen teammate) to win the chase, and beats Patrick Roy with a between-the-legs backhand shot.

It's no secret Dino Ciccarelli has one of the best slap shots in the game, but who knew he could stick handle with the best of 'em too? Yzerman loses the draw but takes McSorley off the puck, which is picked up by Coffey. He passes to Ciccarelli in front of the goal, who looks one way, then dekes Kelly Hrudey right out of his skates, scoring without even shooting the puck.

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Paul Ysebaert lofted a shot from 150 ft. which lands on top of the goal, bounces off the glass, and toward the back of the net, where it somehow falls into the net for a goal. The "call Toronto" option not yet available in this game, the goal would stand. Guy Hebert just can't catch a break.

Just an attempt to score as many goals with one player without crease cutting spam. 5 minute periods, penalties on except offside, no line changes, Yzerman scores 14 on the Ottawa Senators and even added an assist. Yeah this could totally be beaten; plenty of missed opportunities, but oh well. It's a fun game.
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With the entire team off serving interference penalties, goaltender Tim Cheveldae found himself playing defenseman. No problem, he handles a pass cleanly (which a lot of starting forwards in this game wouldn't have been able to do), skates in, and beats Guy Hebert.

In the final seconds of a tie game between the Wings and 'Hawks, Detroit found itself just a bit shorthanded...down to 4 eligible players; 2 of them being goaltenders. Vince Riendeau, normally the Wings' backup goalie, takes the puck as a defenseman, and skates in for a breakaway, where he is hauled down. The result is a goalie vs. goalie penalty shot to decide the game!
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the first two were dull (the under-the-extended-leg goal is very common and real fivehole goals are extremely rare), but the rest were better; the third set more so. love the multiple interferences extending the clock and skating the netminders. you've probably seen how the game will free players from the box to skate when the goalies are used and skaters are still needed (their penalty time still counts).

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