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Most of you didnt see my first post. let me tell you it was littered with insults and othe forms of childish banter. This will be my last post on the a.j matter. I don't really know how this feud has grown to such heights because it is not based on a god playing rivalry i think im like 3-15 against a.j. I could be cause i overeacted to some stuff he did or maybe vice versa. Whatever the case Im not posting this as way to point fingers. Instead its to apologize to A.j and the community for my last post. For whatever reason i decided to continue to feud with a guy i dont know on nhl94 forum in my opinion very childish of me. A.j if you are still mad i can't do anything about that i apologize for whatever you think i may have done or whatever i really did do.

A.j i dont ask you reinstate me i dont ask we become friends i only ask if you csant find away to be civil then to just ignore me. I ma done insulting you and i am done responding to your insults. i dont blame you for this getting out of hand. I offer my apology if i offended you in any way and i hope you can move on without the need to continue a stupid feud on a forum designed to have fun.

I acted childish in continuing this and i recognize the fact i am as much to blame as A.J.

A.J there is no beef there is no problem it's over on my side. you dont need to acknowledge my apology and i dont need one back i'm just saying this stupid we are adults and i cant think of a logical reason why i am arguing with you on a nhl94 forum board.

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