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  1. Welcome to the Forum! As this is a 2 part question... Import Teams - no. I don't play NHL98 to know but unless it has 32 team available, you have to alter the actual hex code to expand to 32 team for the rom. NOT an easy thing to do. As there was only 27 NHL teams in 1998, I'm assuming that it doesn't. If it does have 32 team spots, then it is just a matter of editing them to be the right team names, cities, colors, logos, etc. Not impossible to do but, not a quick fix either. Unless you have some familiarity with hex codes and various editing programs, you may need to ask around for some Q&A. As NHL98 isn't as popular as NHL94 or even 95, there may not be much instruction on how to do so around here. However, if you poke around the NHL98 thread, on this forum, you might find some useful info and feel free to ask questions. With the latter, do yourself a favor, give as much detail to what you are doing, or trying to do, so that folks can maybe help troubleshoot or advise you. There are some folks around here who have dabbled in that game. I won't name-drop them as I don't want them to be put on the spot. However, if they see this, they can certainly chime in with whatever help they can offer. Importing rosters - technically, sorta. Realistically, no. There is a csv roster import/export tool on this site. I use it for NHL94 and NHL95. I could have sworn I read that it only works for NHL93-97. However, I cannot 100% confirm. Furthermore, it depends on what roster that you are importing. If your ROM's teams have a different amount of forwards, Dmen or goalies then another ROM's roster, it will not be a smooth import assuming it doesn't error-out. NOSE allows folks to copy and paste players from one roster to another assuming the player attributes are the same for each game. If NHL98 (again, never played it) has certain player attributes different then NHL93, 94 or 95, for example, then copy and paste won't do the trick. My recommendation is to visit the NHL98 thread on this forum and see what's there. Plus, allow folks a chance to see this post and perhaps, someone in-the-know for that game can chime in with recommendations.
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