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  1. MSS

    Netplay on linux

    Thanks. I'm kinda new on linux and didn't know about wine. Gonna dig into that next.
  2. MSS

    Netplay on linux

    I got the kailleraclient.dll and put it in the gens folder, but netplay still remains gray/blurry and i can't click on it. It seems that kaillera doesn't work on linux at all, or am i wrong? Is there something i can do to get the netplay working? Is kaillera the only option?
  3. MSS

    Netplay tutorials

    I'm new and still trying to learn how to play online against other gamers. There's many good advices here on the forum about it, but i was wondering that it would be really nice if someone who knows this stuff would do some videos and put them on youtube. It would be a big help to actually see how to get a game started against your oppotent online.