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  1. I recall finding a free download in the late 90's where you could enter all your played games. You chose which team you played as, the opposition, the score and there was a number of options, like to list your record against a certain team. It contained at least all teams from '93 and '94. I have no idea what it was called. Does anyone else remember it?
  2. Hello from Sweden. I've been aware of this forum almost since the start as I bought a used Mega Drive and NHL 96 back in '04 and after a while started looking around the internet for reviews on which game in the series to choose next. Registration took until 2018, but it looks like I never got around to posting anything. I first became aware of the EA hockey games around 1992 when I saw the owners of a local record shop playing what must have been EA Hockey in the store when not selling CDs. A friend had the console and NHLPA 93. Unfortunately my first experience was to play him as Tampa Bay against Montreal after he picked the teams... The guy then bought NHL 94 on the day it was released here, but went back to '93 after a day or two as he felt scoring goals was too hard and his enjoyment of the game had become trying to beat the computer, or anyone challenging him to a game, buy at least 20 to nothing. So our group of friends ended up mostly playing against the computer and as he later had both '95 and '96 as well as both releases of 'Elitserien'. I also played some NHL 95 on PC. The comeback in 2004 lasted about two years and then it took until 2018 before I dug out the Mega Drive again and bought Elitserien 96. Last week I got the idea to give it a new go. I don't own a computer at the moment, but the console is still around and working and I've just finished a successful play-off with the Whalers on NHL 96. I've found a dozen or so NHL 94 available on Swedish Ebay and they cost from about $10 for the cartridge only and the cheapest complete version is around $15.
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