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  1. That's a local pornstar. Jk. It means we don't have any rules for gameplay established. Tecmo variants have rules during game play like no nose tackle dive. No rb at wr.
  2. Live NHL 94 tournament every Monday night in Chicago. 6pm Dmen Tap 2849 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 Mon Jan 21, 28, Feb 4,11,18 Entry $8 5 to daily prize and 3 to a season final tournament. Prize will probably be 80 percent for 1st 20 percent for 2nd. 3rd if a lot of players. Contact me at Current standings and results. No min or max of participants. Format. The less people the more games will be in the format. Most of the time it will be a round robin followed by a double elimination. System: Sega Genesis Rules: Hardcore 5 min periods, no line changes, manual goalie and penalties except offsides. About. Every Monday we have retro gaming at dmen tap in Chicago. After the success of our local tecmo league that had 18 owners we are trying to do something similar with NHL 94. Each week until the Edge of 94 tournament we will have a Monday tournament at the bar. Prizes will be given out each Monday. While we will also collect money for a season final tournament. The only rule right now is teams are chosen each week based on skill. The better you are based on the nhl 94 ratings, past performance in the league and reputation the lower tier your team will be. A similar rule made our tecmo league very successful. Once you play once you get a free entry to the finals. Which will be a larger tournament on a weekend later this year. We will probably have a buy in to play in that event for those that have not been able to make a Monday event. Also later on we will hopefully at least once bust out the SNES version. Stream RetroSportsgamer Video of our 1st week below. Hockey action begins around 3:30 of the below video.