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  1. Hi there, My name is Laith Toma, username TokenToma. Longtime player of this fabulous game (SNES version), but just started online play last week. This is amazing. Happy to be hear and just registered for summer league. I just relocated to Austin, TX from Portland, OR last year. I'm currently waiting on a test game. Thanks!
  2. No worries. No leagues before, but I currently in an snes exhibition tournament right now started by @Triple A
  3. Is there any registration we need to do as well to join, or posting in this forum is all we need?
  4. Hi there. I'm new to the NHL 94 online world. I've downloaded the emulator and have been playing games on the SNES version. Wasn't sure how to get plugged into the discord and playing games online. Can anyone help out? Thanks.
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