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  1. Hi everyone! Here's a list of every player I've scored at LEAST 100 goals with in a 20 minute game. Penalties, Line Changes and Offside OFF. Feel free to knock some off the list! Just update the list and repost it!! As you can see, there are PLENTY of excellent players that still need completing... NHL 94 - for FORUM.xls
  2. New York Islanders: All Stars East: Pittsburgh: Philadelphia: Winnipeg:
  3. My FAVORITE is San Jose for sure - they have TEN defensemen AND THREE goalies. Talk about SICK
  4. Here's Tampa Bay @ Anaheim!
  5. Here's Dallas @ Anaheim - PERFECT GAME!!
  6. Here's my next installment of a Perfect Game - St. Louis @ Anaheim. Enjoy! Please forgive the quality of the video - we're transferring these off of VHS tapes that are more than 20 years old in most cases!
  7. Here's the next installment of a PERFECT GAME - All Stars West @ Florida!
  8. Here's my most recent installment of a PERFECT GAME -enjoy! Hartford @ Anaheim
  9. Start this video at the 2:40:50 mark - PERFECT GAME (myself ONLY) - SABRES vs. DUCKS
  10. By far the hardest part with these Perfect Games is getting the lowest rated players done first, along with keeping the goalies on pace. I would frequently reset the game if I was underperforming 5-10 minutes into the game. Ottawa might very well be impossible! I’ll take a crack at 104 whenever the heck I get a chance. I like the idea that the game screen won’t get all weird after goal #112 (or whichever one it is) if I’m trying that in 10 minute periods. I can’t imagine I’d be able to do much better than 104, but who knows? I’ve never attempted to run it up like that in ‘94
  11. You guys absolutely NAILED how flipping difficult it is!! Even with excellent teams it’s pretty tough. By far the worst part is how hard it is to pass the puck around with a roster filled with guys whose offensive awarenesses are in the 30s and 40s. I’ve had the most success with the other teams when I start the worst players (typically the worst of the worst at center) and slot in someone who has at least SOME sort of scoring ability and take it up the wing and cut across the goal mouth. I appreciate you guys trying. Ottawa is the ONLY team that I haven’t accomplished it with yet