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  1. Here's the next installment of a PERFECT GAME - All Stars West @ Florida!
  2. Here's my most recent installment of a PERFECT GAME -enjoy! Hartford @ Anaheim
  3. Start this video at the 2:40:50 mark - PERFECT GAME (myself ONLY) - SABRES vs. DUCKS
  4. By far the hardest part with these Perfect Games is getting the lowest rated players done first, along with keeping the goalies on pace. I would frequently reset the game if I was underperforming 5-10 minutes into the game. Ottawa might very well be impossible! I’ll take a crack at 104 whenever the heck I get a chance. I like the idea that the game screen won’t get all weird after goal #112 (or whichever one it is) if I’m trying that in 10 minute periods. I can’t imagine I’d be able to do much better than 104, but who knows? I’ve never attempted to run it up like that in ‘94
  5. You guys absolutely NAILED how flipping difficult it is!! Even with excellent teams it’s pretty tough. By far the worst part is how hard it is to pass the puck around with a roster filled with guys whose offensive awarenesses are in the 30s and 40s. I’ve had the most success with the other teams when I start the worst players (typically the worst of the worst at center) and slot in someone who has at least SOME sort of scoring ability and take it up the wing and cut across the goal mouth. I appreciate you guys trying. Ottawa is the ONLY team that I haven’t accomplished it with yet
  6. I would LOVE it if you guys could do it! Yes Kingraph, you can absolutely score more than 10 points per player if you need to! And it’s every single player on that team’s roster, yes. If I remember correctly, Ottawa has 25 players? Give the SCRUBS some LOVE!! Get prepared to wear out your reset button guys! Fluke goal allowed or Yake (or Semenov) sneak one past you? RESET Scoring pace severely lacking? RESET Game-ending injury or an injury in the third period when you seem to have a sniff at it? RESET It’ll make my day if it’s done on an original Genesis, and like I
  7. When the time comes, I think I’ll need some assistance completing the Perfect Game with Ottawa - who wants to help?! 20 minute periods, 10 points per player, pitch a shutout AND score 100 goals. I leave penalties and line changes OFF... I would imagine most of you can complete a PG with a vast majority of the teams against the CPU, but I’m finding it’s a whole heck of a lot harder to do it with Ottawa because of their sub-par roster and the fact that they’re left-handed shot heavy. Heck, if one of you (or a team of you) can do it I probably won’t bother trying any more - my life would
  8. I will readily admit I have practically NO experience playing head-to-head at all, ESPECIALLY against the best players in the world like you guys! I wouldn’t be surprised if I got slaughtered against any of you, because playing against live opponents is a whole heck of a lot harder than the CPU for sure!! Head-to-head hasn’t been what I’ve been playing to keep the game interesting and fun for me. I am severely lacking in that aspect. A very long time ago all my friends stopped playing me - go figure!? I want you guys to try accomplishing the “Perfect Game” with all the teams (or at LE
  9. Thanks for the details! Are the challenges always total goal differential? I want to know if anyone can match my “Perfect Game” results (100 goals/game, 10 points/player AND a shutout w/ 20 minute periods) and/or individual player records, or the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE - winning the Stanley Cup in NHLPA 93 but you’re ONLY allowed to score with your goaltenders. For a while I was working on scoring 100 goals/game with specific individual players in NHL 94 also. Naturally, 20 minute periods. I’ve completed probably close to 40% of the ENTIRE player database, and most of those players have proba
  10. Hi smozoma! I’ve only ever played any of the NHL games on my Sega Genesis with a CRT television. I just unloaded the CRT, so I’ll have to figure out how to play on a flat screen. We’re working on creating a work-from-home office for myself, but it’s going to HAVE to include some room for my Sega and original NES 4-bit!! Besides my Atari 2600 from YEARS ago that I no longer have, those are the only gaming systems I’ve ever had! I would probably have to figure out how to record it, though. I’m all about doing things within rules and guidelines, especially if I’m trying to be the wo
  11. In a pinch towards the end of the game, don't hesitate to pull your goaltender for the extra attacker. Sometimes even if there are available defensemen and forwards a reserve goalie (typically LeBlanc) will jump over the boards as a skater for you!
  12. I don’t know about witchcraft PenguinFan1985, but believe me when I tell you winning Lord Stanley’s Cup by ONLY scoring goals with your goalies is tough to do! To give you an idea about how much I’ve been playing these Sega NHL games, I once beat Ottawa 210-0 playing as ASW with penalties, line changes and offsides ON in NHLPA 93. No screen shot of that one either, unfortunately... Does anyone know what the record is for goals scored in a game in NHLPA 93 and/or NHL 94? Sega Genesis WITHOUT changing the game code!!
  13. Also, if the opposing team has a delayed penalty against them, give up the puck as quickly as you can. You DON’T want to get coinciding penalties!! If you’re lucky you’ll be able to get two penalties every so often on a shift. Rack up those PIMs!
  14. I don’t have a screenshot, sorry! Currently I don’t even have a Genesis set up to be able to play - whaaat?! It’s annoying that the Player Stats page doesn’t even register/show the goals that your goalies score. When your goalies register a SOG that’s saved it shows as a save in their OWN stats. Goals scored by your goalies show as goals allowed by them. You can look at the Scoring Summary at the end of the game - that’s the only real proof (unless you record the game). The worst part? Your goalies can all have hat tricks and the Pro Set 3 stars of the game show them NO LOVE - lu
  15. Yes kingraph, that is the challenge! Your goalies actually fill in as defensemen and the defensemen slot into the vacant forward positions. One work around is setting your lineup to the specific defensemen that are temporarily out of the box - then your goalie becomes your center. Let me know how you do!