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  1. Hello, I wanted to learn how to hack the Ninja Gaiden Arcade game (the original from 1988) for MAME. My intention is to modify the graphics of the game. Could someone help me to know what "specific" programs I need and how to do it? I am trying with Tile Molester and I have managed to visualize some sprites but not complete ones. Is there a way to see the full sprites? On the other hand, the palette looks bad. I have seen in some tutorial how from the Palette> Import from> This File option, the Displacement and Size options make the color palette look good. I have downloaded the gaiden.cpp file, which I attached: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eBF8w5nDjWeoLhrXhiYqP7dVQw5yLLLj/view?usp=sharing In this file you can see a lot of information about the game. For instance: PALETTE (config, m_palette) .set_format (palette_device :: xBGR_444, 4096); I do not know if that information can be useful to have a good vision of the color palette. I have no knowledge of how to hack a rom. Thanks.
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