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  1. I think another option is to reduce endurance on the guys by a specific %. Then people are forced to roll all three lines and use speed bursts on a very limited basis.

    Become a cross between 94 and chess

    I've wanted to do this in TDL, but not smart enough to come up with a good formula to reduce endurance proportionately. If any rom wiz's out there have a good idea to do this or the Finns formula, I'd love to hear it!

    TDL operates with using full-line ups, manual line changes, but no off-sides. I'm not completely against using off-sides as it totally changes the flow of play and strategies coaches have to use to be successful.

    If you are looking to get into a line changes league TDL Season 3 will be rolled out in about 6-8 weeks, keep an eye out for the league roll-call as we will be filling open spots and the waitlist with a lottery for S3.

    Main reason I think off-sides has been avoided in most leagues is that it more than doubles the average play stoppages per game, not a lot of coaches liked the over abundance of whistles.

  2. The people have spoken.

    No changes.

    This thread has been up for less than a day, not even a majority vote yet to keep things the same (11/24). I just now voted the other option, guess my vote doesn't count along with the 3 who voted for Y-Goalie and 8 that voted for CB fix (11/24 wanting changes).


  3. Kupuck, I haven't seen anything come through, so please fax me that phat contract that #1 picks usually get at your earliest convenience.

    I've already purchased my mama a new house and ordered a custom "GA" diamond-encrusted pendant for my new gold rope chain.



    You'll get a new contract when I get my sequel.

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