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  1. Only two games between DET and CAL will get DNP, the draft pens will be shared for the series between jer_33 and probob. When it's all said and done, the standings and final trade deadline draft order look like this:

    1. PIT (brutus.khan) 22-6-0 44 pts
    2. VAN (hokkeefan2) 21-6-1 43 pts
    3. DET (probob38) 14-12-0 28 pts (1dnp = +4 draft pens) = 32 pts
    4. BOS (minpind) 16-10-0 32 pts
    5. PHI (donnybrook94) 12-16-0 24 pts
    6. WSH (kupuck19) 10-17-1 21 pts
    7. CAL (jer_33) 4-20-0 8 pts (1 dnp= +4 draft pens) =12 pts
    8. NYR (jackandjose) 6-18-0 12 pts

    1.1 NYR (jackandjose) Joe Sakic F, Waiver Joey Kocur
    1.2 CAL (jer_33) Steve Larmer F, Waiver Craig Berube

    1.3 WSH (kupuck19) Felix Potvin G, waivers Rick Tabaracci G
    1.4 PHI (donnybrook94) Alexei Zhamnov F, waivers Vyacheslav Butsayev F
    1.5 BOS (minpind) Jimmy Carson F, waivers Steve Heinz F
    1.6 DET (probob38) Chris Chelios D, waivers Mark Howe D
    1.7 VAN (hokkeefan2) Mats Sundin F, waivers Murray Craven D
    1.8 PIT (brutus.khan) Brendan Shanahan F, waivers Jeff Daniels F

    2.1 PIT (brutus.khan) Dave Manson D, waivers Bryan Fogarty D
    2.2 VAN (hokkeefan2) Valeri Kamenski F, waivers Petr Nedved F
    2.3 DET (probob38) Dave Andreychuk F, waivers John Ogrodnick F
    2.4 BOS (minpind) Dave Ellet D, waivers Gordie Roberts D
    2.5 PHI (donnybrook94) Alexei Kasatanov D, waivers Gord Hynes D
    2.6 WSH (kupuck19) Stephane Richer F, waivers Keith Jones F
    2.7 CAL (jer_33) Denis Savard F, waivers Chris Lindbergh F
    2.8 NYR (jackandjose) Claude Lemeuix F, waivers Steven king

    3.1 NYR (jackandjose) Eric Weinrich D, waivers Jay Wells
    3.2 CAL (jer_33) Bob Essensa G, waivers Jeff Reese G
    3.3 WSH (kupuck19) Brian Bellows F, waivers Alan May F
    3.4 PHI (donnybrook94) Uwe Krupp D, waivers Ryan McGill D
    3.5 BOS (minpind) Dale Hawerchuk F, waivers Stephen Leach F
    3.6 DET (probob38) Curtis Joseph G, waivers Vincent Riendeau G
    3.7 VAN (hokkeefan2) Vachslav Fetisov D, waiver Jiri Slegr D
    3.8 PIT (brutus.khan) Tony Granato F, waivers Troy Loney F

  2. With new replacements in TDL-e and a few series not logged in TDL-m, unfortunately things are going to be dragged on longer. I have talked to vocallycaged, he says he will finish the season with WSH; if you have games with him send him a msg on aim(he will respond to mobile). I want to apologize to Brutus.Khan who has not played a TDL regular season game for weeks because of pushing back deadlines, he was the only coach to meet his required GP by the original deadline.

    TDL Major series still not played:

    Detroit (probob38) vs Boston (minpind)

    Detroit (probob38) vs Philly (donnybrook94)

    Detroit (probob38) vs Calgary (jer33)

    Vancouver (hokkeefan2) vs Boston (minpind)

    Probob: 6 Games

    Minpind: 4 Games

    Donnybrook94: 2 games

    Jer_33: 2 games

    Hokkeefan2: 2 games

  3. If you guys still want me in this league, I should be able to get a bunch of games in this weekend. I'll be online most of tonight, and part of the day tomorrow. Not sure about the rest of the weekend, but I always answer my PMs.

    Of course you are still in, I think Icestorm is just bummed to see another dependable coach replaced. It's been 3+ weeks since the last checkpoint and Frey hasn't played a single game. GL!

  4. There is a new app that is an NHL and NHLPA licensed version of Big Win hockey, and that's pretty cool.

    I have been sleeping on this new app, I downloaded it last week and have been hooked. Far better than the original imo, it has a fantasy hockey/simulation hybrid feel with the NHL/NHLPA backing. Real players in the card packs, real jerseys, etc.

    I've also noticed they have added a new feature allowing you to challenge friends.

  5. Both leagues are extended another week until 9/1. All coaches could use the extra time to finish more games on the schedule.

    Teams on verge of replacement:

    1. TDL Elite - Boston Bruins

    2. TDL Elite - Washington Capitals

    If there are any coaches interested in replacing a team let me know.

  6. lost but now found(hopefuly for ever!!) the WHL 09 rom!! i have a BIG folder of others should i upload them or let a mod look at the folder first and see if it is anything in there that would be a asset to the community?

    I used to play this rom all the time, thanks for sharing!

    Question to the NHL94 online community: Does anyone have the original NHL91.com League rom by Clockwize? I've noticed the patch is posted above, but seems different than the original .bin file we used back in the day with the additional Russian tms(only available as away if I remember right?).

  7. Monday night the draft order will be released. Draft picks as always are not eligible for trade.

    Might be hard for some to think of trades pre-draft order release, maybe other coaches have a few deals in mind already that will be away during draft week. # of GP by all coaches usually dictates when trading will open, most coaches have 6 or less gms left. All coaches are absolutely free to hold off on trading until a time that suits them.

    Projected TDL Major Free Agent Draft Order S2.2

    based on Win% without DNP & Draft Penalties

    Snake Order Rounds 2 & 3









  8. Hey,I went 2-0 vs pro rob with ahitty lag spike,and 1 win and ot win vs Jnj I think,I'm on vacation for a week so if they can recreate that's AWSOME,maybe play this weekend if I get time but enjoying holidays

    You have offered them a replay in the past, after you took savestates and lost them. While I'll let you work it out with the other coaches, if you decide to make new saves to be uploaded with the original game scores I suggest that you make them. It was not your opponents fault you lost the upload files.

    Additionally, this deadline will NOT be extended again. DNP's and draft penalties will be dished out Monday night.

  9. Trading is open for TDL major, remember each coach is capped at a maximum of 5 players. A 2 player deal counts as two roster moves on each coaches limit.

    Feel free to discuss trade deals and post final trades to this thread.

    Vancouver Canucks (Hokkeefan2): 0 trades left
    Detroit Red Wings (Probob38): 1 trade left
    Pittsburgh Penguins (Brutus.Khan): 1 trade left
    Philadelphia Flyers (Donnybrook94): 3 trades left
    Boston Bruins (minpind): 0 trades left
    Washington Capitals (kupuck19):3 trades left
    New York Rangers (jackandjose):3 trades left
    Calgary Flames (jer_33): 5 trades left

    Previous Official Transactions:
    1. Brutus (PIT) sends L. Murphy, K. Stevens, T. Barrasso to Minpind (BOS)
    2. Minpind (BOS) sends E. Belfour, G. Murphy, V. Ruzicka to Brutus (PIT)
    3. Hokkeefan2 (VAN) sends P. Bure, G. Courtnall to Brutus (PIT)
    4. Brutus (PIT) sends M. Lemeuix, V. Ruzicka to Hokkeefan2 (VAN)
    5. Kupuck (WSH) sends M. Ridley, C. Johansson to Minpind (BOS)
    6. Minpind (BOS) sends J. Juneau, G. Wesley to Kupuck (WSH)
    7. Hokkeefan2 (VAN) sends M. Lemeuix, C. Ronning to Probob38 (DET)
    8. Probob38 (DET) sends S. Yzerman, M. Modano to Hokkeefan2 (VAN)
    9. Jackandjose (NYR) sends M. Messier to Hokkeefan2 (VAN)
    10. Hokkeefan2 (VAN) sends M. Modano to Jackandjose (NYR)

    Current & Official Transactions:
    1. Phi(donnybrook) sends Eric Lindros to Pit(Brutus.khan)
    2. Pit (Brutus.khan) sends pavel bure to Phi(donnybrook)
    3. DET (probob38) sends Mario Lemieux, Paul Coffey, Paul Ysebaert to VAN (hokkeefan2)
    4. VAN (Hokkeefan2) sends Steve Yzerman, Benoit Hogue, Scott Stevens to DET (probob38)
    5. PIT (brutus.khan) sends Tomas Sandstrom to VAN (hokkeefan2)
    6. VAN (hokkeefan2) sends Paul Coffey to PIT (brutus.khan)
    7. PHI (donnybrook94) sends Uwe Krupp to PIT(Brutus.khan)
    8. PIT (Brutus.khan) sends Gord Murphy to PHI (donnybrook94)

    9. BOS (minpind) sends Glen Featherstone to DET (probob38)

    10. DET (probob38) sends Bob Probert to BOS (minpind)

    11. BOS (minpind) sends Bob Probert to WSH (kupuck19)

    12. WSH(kupuck19) sends Bob Carpenter to BOS (minpind)

    13. PIT (brutus.khan) sends B. Hull to VAN (hokkeefan2)

    14. VAN (hokkeefan2) sends M. Messier to PIT (brutus.khan)

    15. WSH (kupuck19) sends P. Elynuik to BOS (minpind)

    16. BOS (minpind) sends D. Poulin to WSH (kupuck19)

    17. BOS (minpind) sends D. Sweeney, D. Shaw to NYR (jackandjose)

    18. NYR (jackandjose) sends J. Buekeboom, E. Weinrich to BOS (minpind)

  10. With the extended 8/25 deadline quickly approaching let's provide some availability to schedule remaining games.

    TDL Major Series Incomplete as of 8/19:

    CAL v. NYR (2)

    NYR v. VAN (2)

    PHI v. NYR (2)

    CAL v. WSH (1)

    VAN v. BOS (2)

    DET v. VAN (2)

    VAN v. CAL (2)

    PHI v. BOS (2)

    DET v. PHI (2)

    CAL v. PHI (2)

    BOS v. DET (2)

    CAL v. DET (2)

    CAL v. BOS (2)

    BOS (minpind) - needs 8 GP

    CAL (jer_33) - needs 11 GP

    DET (probob38) - needs 8 GP

    NYR (jackandjose) - needs 6 GP

    PHI (donnybrook94) - needs 8 GP

    VAN (hokkeefan2) - needs 8 GP

    WSH (kupuck19) - needs 1 GP

  11. Last word from Chaos he was working on the site this weekend. I'm sure we will get an update from him and uploads will be available very soon.

    Please be patient and play games in the meantime; rename and save .gs0 outside of the gens folder to not lose savestates if an emulator crashes later.

  12. 9 days (8/18) to go until the next Trade Deadline for TDL Major. While some coaches have yet to play, some have nearly completed the 2nd part of the schedule.

    The following coaches still have a fair amount of games to complete, if you need to schedule a time to play games needed on your schedule: begin doing so now!

    DET (Probob38) - 16 GP

    PHI (donnybrook94) - 18 GP

    BOS (MinpinD) - 14 GP

    NYR (jackandjose) - 14 GP

    CAL (jer33) - 12 GP

  13. we should consider changing the lesser players number instead of the star. Like Wesley should change to 62 and courtnall stay 26.

    Probably, I just assigned the new players to the roster the new number. Most importantly we won't have a problem with games being logged with two #26's on Boston.

    GLHF, don't save games until the last minute; Chaos should have upload pages available by the end of the weekend (rename and keep savestates until then).

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