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  1. Oh alright, I guess I didn't know how things worked around here. Here in Canada (or at least on the west coast) the predominant IM is MSN so I only created the AIM account for this league and so am never online. I'll take your advice and add all the veterans to my list and just see who's online. Should be online sometime this evening, whenever I can find time. Thanks!
  2. Wow, I'm surprised other people are finding it so easy to get confirmed. In the past few days I've posted on this thread as well as the other one asking for a test game and have received no response. I have also emailed 20 veterans asking for a test game and have either received no response or have been stood up. Extremely disappointing.
  3. Hi there, I still need a test game to confirm my registration. If anyone is interested, please PM me to schedule a time. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I'm just posting to confirm my registration. I'm from Victoria, BC but spent most of my life in Vancouver so I'm naturally a Canucks fan. NHL 94 was my favourite game growing up and so I thought it would be fun to play in this league when I found out about it. I still need to play a test game so if someone is willing to have a game with me feel free to send me a PM. I'm out of town right now but I should be able to play a test game anytime on or after Thu, Aug. 16th.