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  1. I hate to say it but i dont think anymore regular season games will be played in 2006 league everyone has quit playing so hopefully they start the playoffs
  2. there is a cool league that needs dedicated players.The league uses 2006 a and b roms and keeps a crapload of stats.It is at
  3. I think nhl94 was improved on alot with2006a and b roms but it was a little slow but it also took away some of the impossible checking of certain players like roenick which is good.I think this rom should be used for all nhl94 leagues if the speed of gameplay is improved or do a league with all the same calibre of teams ,example everyone has a roenick ,bourque or roy ranking players on their team then it would let player skill show up instead of player or team advantages.
  4. dont take it personal HABS im just asking for opinions but i can state that i can hit savard or lebeau time after time and ronning and bure bounce off of them and i have all the clout to say that cause i have played you at least a 50 times with vancouver against montreal and im not saying your a bad player, obviously your good you won the league,but for now on we play ott against san jose if you want to try to wup me any more.
  5. seems like montreal (cause they won the cup that year)and chicago are very dominate teams.
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