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  1. I set my TV to game mode and don't experience any noticeable lag. The wireless controller is a little weird but I've gotten used to it... though nothing beats using the original controllers. The picture, though, is excellent. The graphics filters are more noticeable with NES, but they do smooth things out for more complex 16-bit sprites. A LOT less clutter and haven't run into compatibility issues yet, save for one Quattro NES cart, which could very well just be the cart itself. The patching feature is nice for Famicom/etc. games, too. I was able to use a translation patch for my Technos Ice Hockey for Famicom and now I can finally follow the story. A few hiccups here and there, but they're always updating the firmware and offering betas, so I'm hoping everything gets ironed out. And thanks for the link! Looks like buying '94 in cart form needs to be a priority. I've used these hacks on an emulator on a droid tablet before and they're incredible.
  2. Hey guys, Please pardon my ignorance if this has already been tackled at length (I searched around but didn't quite find what I was looking for), but I am seeking IPS patches to update various entries in the NHL series on either/both console. The reason I'm seeking just the IPS patch and not an already-patched ROM is because I am using the Hyperkin Retron 5 console with its beta firmware, which allows the patching of the ROM dumped directly from the cartridge that I own through IPS patches. Unfortunately, the system does not play ROMs because it's concerned with not breaking any laws (the patents on the systems themselves have all expired so that part is fair game) so IPS it must be. I noticed several IPS updates were available for games such as Blades of Steel (Sochi-fied for this year's Olympics) and the usual Tecmo Super Bowl updates, and they work gloriously on the system. I've had good luck with various 16-bit games, too. Finding standalone IPS patches for the 16-bit NHL series, however, has proven more difficult. Unfortunately, '94 is the one I do not own in cart form (I always rocked the Sega CD version, which was my favorite, but my JVC X'Eye finally crapped out this year). But I definitely plan on adding one to my collection because it really is the best of the bunch. Here's what I DO own: NHL Hockey (Sega); NHLPA '93 (both); NHL 95 (Sega); NHL '96 (Sega); NHL '97 (both) and NHL 2002 (GBA). The Retron 5 plays NES/Famicom/Sega Genesis/Megadrive/SNES/Super Famicom/Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance/Sega Master System (via a power base converter or clone), so any of these can take patches through the Retron 5 OS. So if someone has anything they're working on in IPS form, I'm curious to just play around with the console and would love to load it onto an SD card to try it out. Updated rosters would be the ultimate goal, though.