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  1. First game, Sanderson comes up big with 4 goals but it wasn't enough as LA wins 7-6. The game was decided on a Gretzky steal on a goalies pass and following it up with an immediate goal late in the game. Second game, LA rolls, 7-3. GG's Habs and Fleury EDITED: LA instead of Chicago, hah my fault
  2. I played in the NHL94 league that was on the OTFL Tecmo boards.. I was pretty shitty but I played most of my games until it started dieing.. I played this 2 on 2 rom a few times and it was loads of fun. Me and my friend Ranatoro (who is currently signed up for the Genesis Draft League run by Donny aka Dmitry) want to join as a team if possible. Let me know here, or by e-mail at socopro@gmail.com, or on AIM: GoBlue2400 Thanks!