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  1. I'm getting a new computer in a few weeks, with a cable connection, and the first thing I'm going to do is get this NHL thing going on it. Then I can prove that I'm the best in the world. Watch out fellas, you're all going down.
  2. No question about it, Mario Lemieux owns the game. Of the thousands of goals that have been scored on my SNES, Mario has at least a third of them. Because of Mario, Pittsburgh is always my team when I'm playing a competitive game. My older brother favors Philly almost exclusively because of Eric Lindros. The guy is so freakin' slow that he has extra time to pull moves in front of the goal. His sloth is so deceptive that Lindros is almost guaranteed a hat trick every game. My younger brother insists that Adam Oates is the best player on the game, but he seems pretty frail out there, and considering that he can't be me consistently, his praise of Oates is unfounded. Talking strictly about scoring, here are the top 5 players on the game: 1. Mario Lemieux 2. Eric Lindros 3. Theo Fleurry 4. Brendan Shanahan (on a very underrated St. Louis team) 5. Joe Sakic
  3. Dear Finland Guys, My two brothers and several friends would dominate you. if you want us to prove it, simply buy us all plane tickets to Finland and give us money for hotel rooms and food. he he he...
  4. Greetings everyone, this is my first post here. My two brothers and a handful of friends have been playing NHL '94 competitively on the SNES since the game came out. We're all in our mid to late 20's now, and until we found out about this site and the online tournaments, we considered ourselves the best in the world. Now that I see people (besides us) still play it, I have to wonder if we're really the best out there. Does anyone else consider himself the best in the world? It's a shame I still have dial-up, or I'd gladly take on and destroy anyone here in the online games. It's good to know that we're not the only ones still obsessed with this game. You're all kindred spirits of ours. Good luck, guys.