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  1. Yeah you know what, this game is making me into a hockey fan now as well. I just watched the Hawks on Saturday pound the Blue Jackets in the first quarter. That was pretty much the first hockey game I ever actually intently watched.
  2. Awesome guys, see this is some of the stuff I needed, I had no idea 75% of that was even possible, this game is much deeper than I gave it I guess. And yes Setar, that would be a great idea, and I would be(along with many others) very appreciative if someone did that. But if I saw a copy of that game anywhere with that manual I would buy it up, in fact I would just buy the manual if I had the chance.
  3. Can you guys please keep this stuff going, i am pretty new to this game and don't what is possible or how deep this game goes. Like slap shots, how exactly do you go about setting up for a slap shot, knowing when/where to do it, and not just wasting that shot to the goalies glove. Also what else is possible other then the one timer shots? What about defensive plays? How do I get the puck away from someone other then trying to check him?
  4. Can someone please help me out here?? Also, how do you go about passing, is there any specifics, or just press the pass button and the computer decides who it goes to? Or is there some way to "influence" who is passed to?? It seems that sometimes it just goes nowhere right, sometimes right to the opposing goalie.
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could tell me about all the stuff you can do ingame, and what the controls are. I am pretty much only used to nhl 93, and only used shoot, turbo/check, switch player, other than that I don't know what else is possible. I have just recently discovered that there is a third button in 94(i'm using my xbox emulator, with xbox controller) that kinda kicks up the puck and it rotates, but seems not to go anywhere specifically, it just sort of just go off flying at random.