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  1. I am now working on the rosters for the game that features the college hockey teams like Norte Dame, Michigan, Cornell, etc. But I need help on the center ice logo. Maybe swos, mack, or somebody else could put the blue NCAA logo as the center logo. I also need help on the uniforms, for example like the Michigan Wovlerines home jersys. I can make the jersey white put can't make the helmets blue. It always turns white. If you guys want, you can add more logos on the ice and the boards. When I finish the rosters I will post the game on this forums so you guys can edit it. Also, if I feel like i
  2. I have just now bought the game, and it don't costs 2 cents. It cost 5.98 from shipping charges from England. Don't ever call me cheap.Won't you might your own business.
  3. There is a better that I can get the NHL Championship 2000 game. You know Fireburner from the NHL downloads site. Download that and burn the files on a empty cd. Email me to tell me that you have a cd or not. If you do I can email you my address. Then I will get a NHL Championship 2000 game for Christmas, then we don't have to talk about this anymore Thank You
  4. You don't have to disrespect me. Don't you ever watch court shows, that have people that buy stuff off Ebay and they never get the stuff they pay for and they have to sue the person. I look up your member info and it says info on gr8mackhockey is now avaible. I be at AIM at 10:00 everynight and it says your screenname is not avaliable. Well, the only newest hockey I will be playing this holiday is NHL2K6 that I bought two weeks ago.
  5. First meet me at chatroom #72 at 10:00 p.m. so I know you are online. Thanks
  6. I have just gotten my Internet server back and now I can work AIM. If you want to sent me the the NHL Championship 2000 game there. I will be online every night at 10:00 p.m. If I get this game, I wll stop talking about it. Thank You
  7. Meet me at AIM at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. My screen name is Mlkidd9 Thank You
  8. I don't have the CD for the game Fox Sports NHL Champioship 2000 so I downloaded you WAZ patch and the updated ice logos and scoreboards. All I need is the NHLCk2.exe file. Could you email it to me? Please If I don't have enough files to run the game could you email those files that you think you don't have? If you do I will try to help you edit the game. Thank You
  9. I don't mean to ask for more but is it possible to put sponsers on the barricades below the boards? Aslo is it possible to put sponsers and the Arena name on the ice?
  10. Is there a way to put logos on the ice like the Thank you fans logo beside the blue lines and the triangle behind the goalie net? Also the sponsers on the barricade below the boards.
  11. How do you change the ice logo and team logo? I am thinking about making a Snes NHL 94 rom called NCAA Hockey 2006 Thank You
  12. I will be at the eGamers server at 10:00 tonight eastern time. Thank You
  13. I will be at the server at 10:30 eastern time tonight. That is about 10 mintues.
  14. I challange anyone in a online hockey tonight at 10:30 pm eastern time. I will be using the NHL2005a.bin rom. I will wait for 15 mintues. Thank You
  15. Could some make this rom if your are not busy?I think it will be cool to have college hockey on NHL 94.
  16. Will the game have all the teams on it? Also, will you have periods long as 20 mintues?