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  1. Summer Salary Cap League Thanks to initial input from Raph, AJ, Tex, Ice, Schmidt, Lupz, and Chaos, I’ve decided to pilot a salary cap league. There is no draft, there are no trades, and once a roster has been submitted, no add/drops. On their own, each coach will select 5 F, 4 D and 1 G while staying under a budget of $685. This league will inevitably have duplicate players. Additionally, the difference between your highest and lowest priced players must be no greater than $35; done intentionally to mitigate extreme roster front loading. It’s mathematically possible to roster a $100 player. There’s strategy in building a roster to each coach’s style to which I hope everyone finds enjoyable yet somewhat challenging in lieu of a multi day draft. Every player has a dollar value from $50 to $100. Players are bucketed and tiered in $5 increments. Values have been subjectively determined by their overall game rating and utility in online play. Most buckets have a wide array of players to fit a variety of playing styles. A poorly constructed roster will be at the feet of its architect and nobody else. Game rules will be standard classic: 5 minute period, no changes, penalties on, no offsides. Advantages will neutralized as best as possible through an average/average or high/low setup (tbd). Season format will be anywhere from 2 to 6 games vs each coach depending on the number of responses. Responses will also determine having 1 division or multiple experienced/skill based divisions. Rosters will be capped at 28 and inserted into one rom. First come, first serve with team names. Playoff format will be determined once the number of coaches and divisions are known. The goal of this league is to have competitive fun with players coaches have hand picked. Any lack of cooperation or respect won’t be tolerated. Those with a history of poor sportsmanship need not submit an entry. Attached here is a doc of player values and a template for filling out your roster. Another wrinkle to keep things fun is to submit your roster to me through Discord dm so everyone’s roster is uninfluenced by how others have drafted. Since this a new concept, we are announcing now and will accept entries until June 7th (no longer June 14th). The hope is to get the rom finalized and the season started sooner. Season will start up once a rom is finalized. Please let me know of any egregious price errors or any other questions you may have. Thanks guys! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DGeuauD1Yx2LVFbHVg5Z2Ily5HpGwpy2knWJHBfopfU/edit Submitted Rosters: 1. @kidswasted- Boston 2. @IceStorm70- Buffalo 3. Fluffhead47- Philadelphia 4 @Scribe99- Calgary 5 @JSchmidt- New Jersey 6 @sonoffett87- Pittsburgh 7 Chris O- Los Angeles 8 @Jamiesoccer- Chicago 9 @LeifErikson-Minnesota 10 @kentuckywindage- NY Rangers 11 @Raidercanuck1329- Vancouver 12 @corbettkb- Dallas 13 @jer_33 - Toronto 14 @Thrillhouse- Montreal 15 @niuhuskie224- Quebec 16 @AdamWoodrow-Anaheim 17 @hokkeefan- Detroit 18 @Lupz27- Edmonton (Replaced by Tess) 19 @seamor- Tampa Bay 20 @badass94- Islanders 21 @angryjay93- San Jose 22 @Hasek39- Winnipeg 23 @strongsalad- St. Louis 24 @chaos- Winnipeg 25 @MikeGartner22- Hartford 26 @Brutus- Washington Replacement coaches: @kingraph
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