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Found 1 result

  1. skip

    UPDATED 2015 ROM

    SCROLL DOWN TO THE NEWEST MESSAGE FOR LATEST UPDATE!!! Alright guys, here it is. This is, by far, my crowning achievement in NHL'94 editing hahahaha! I will post another update soon since there are a bunch of guys who are playing tonight who aren't in the game yet, but give me a week or two and we will be rockin' like Dokken. Once again, stick tap to Slapshot67 for the graphics work/giving me the canvas to just work on some detailed ratings. Excel sheet has all players, in-game and removed (even those who were added and removed after my other 2015 ROM.) There is a little cheat sheet guide in the excel in case you ever need a quick reference guide to teams and what the overall ratings would be if I could edit them. Enjoy the 2015 rosters! -Skip UPDATES BELOW THIS MESSAGE! NHL94.2015.bin