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Found 4 results

  1. Online Handicapped Playoff League tl;dr - do you want to join a 16 team playoff bracket where you have max 7 days to complete each series using Genesis over RetroArch only that starts Wednesday April 1? If YES, reply here to indicate interest or DM me on Discord (danTML7#0996), and I’ll update the list of players as we go. If you want to know the details, read on past this point. There’s been some clamor going on lately about people wanting to do an online tournament because we are all stuck at home, quarantined, and we can’t do in-person events. Leagues also can be troublesome to connect with 12+ different people to get your matches in. Thus I came up with an idea to create a 16-person bracket and attempt to seed players/teams based on skill and readjust each “season” depending on how a player did in the previous tournament. Basically the strongest players take the weakest teams, and vice versa and readjust as we go. Here’s how it will work: Step 1: indicate interest in participating in this. When you do so, you agree that you can play up to 4 series with max 7 games in the next 3-6 weeks. I will start with the first 8 to indicate interest will get in. If we pass 8, then we will expand to 16. If we pass 16, we will shoot for 32 in which case there will be 6 duplicates (3 on each side) so highly unlikely to meet in the final. Step 2: I will post the player list and what tier you have been assigned based on your skill level. Skill level will be determined based on my prior knowledge, your DMs to me suggesting where you should be, your win/loss % online, your most recent league play, the world live rankings, etc. Remember, it readjusts anyway, so if you do poorly in Pilot season, you will move up a tier next round. Step 3: You have 24 hours to contact me with your preferred order of team selection in that tier. I will do my best to get you the team you want the most. In subsequent years, you will likely not get the same team. If you don’t contact me with a team order, you will just be randomly assigned a team in that tier. If two people have a team in same tier as their #1 choice, a coin flip decides it. The Sega tiers are as follows: Tier 1: DET, BUF CHI, VAN Tier 2: MTL, LA, CGY, WPG, BOS Tier 3: QUE, DAL NYR, TOR Tier 4: PHI, EDM, WSH, PIT Tier 5: NJD, STL, HFD, NYI Tier 6: TB, SJ, OTW, ANH, FLA Step 4: I send the matches to Chaos and he gets them set up on the site. You then have 1 week to complete your matches. If we all complete them in 1 day, the next round starts immediately and we have 1 week from that new date to complete. No exceptions will be made. Please connect through Discord through PM and find your playing partner. Try to finish the series in one sitting unless time constraints force it to be split. Upload matches immediately to the website. ***If I could request that everyone withholds their feedback until after the end of the tournament so that we can let it all play out and then review how it can be made better. I welcome and appreciate all feedback and will take it under consideration in my discussions with other league admins to improve it. Hopefully this should be something that can keep us all busy playing meaningful games to help us get through COVID isolation and lack of NHL playoffs*** FAQ - Q: Why don’t you do a team draft? - With 16 teams and a large skill gap between the elite and casual players, an elite player with a 16th ranked team isn’t at enough of a disadvantage to fully balance it out. The goal of this tournament is parity. We want each series to go to as close to 7 games as possible and be balanced. Nobody should go into any series knowing full well that they are going to definitely lose. This may mean some elite players lose early, but could still go on to win the loser’s bracket. Q: What will the bracket look like? 1 TAMPA BAY HARTFORD 2 16 CHICAGO DETROIT 15 7 NEW YORK R DALLAS 8 10 MONTREAL LOS ANGELES 9 5 QUEBEC TORONTO 6 12 BOSTON CALGARY 11 3 PHILADELPHIA PITTSBURGH 4 14 BUFFALO WINNIPEG 13 After round 1, the round 1 8 losers will go into B pool as well so everyone person gets at least 2 series each time we run this league. We will re-seed round 2 with top seed playing bottom, and the two middles playing. THESE SERIES WILL BE BEST OF 7 WITH THE HIGHER SEED GETTING 2 AT HOME, THEN 2 AWAY, THEN HOME, AWAY, HOME TO FINISH. Q: How will you seed the balanced teams? - For future seasons, we’ll have a better idea, but for this Pilot season, me and a couple other admins will try to handicap and see the player/team combos. Some may be randomized or just “luck of the draw”. Don’t read too much into it if you are seeded worse than you think you should be. Just prove us wrong! Q: How do you select players for subsequent years? How do they move up and down? - All players who join pilot will be asked back for the second season. After that, a waitlist will be kept so if someone wants to back out and let someone else try, they can do that, or if they miss a week, we get a replacement coach to take over. Q: Which ROM does this league use? - We will use the same ROM used in the “rolling lines” league. This means it’s the classic ROM, with the only exception of 1-minute penalties instead of the regular 2-minute. There will be no line changes, and follow all other etiquette of normal league rules. Q: How do you re-balance after the Pilot season? - The four teams that lost two series will move UP a tier. If you are at tier 1, you will remain at tier 1. The four teams who go to the semi-finals will move down a tier. Everyone else will remain in their tier. Q: What happens if you get interest from 32 people? - Then we will do our best to create two completely even brackets of 16. Open registration begins Monday March 30th at 11am EST, or after all the people below have indicated in or out. Please PM or comment below if you’d like to be in and spots will be filled on a first-come first-served basis after the reservation list below is tackled. The current OFFICIAL sign-up list is as follows: 1) @danTML7 TIER 3 - TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS 2) @seventieslord TIER 2 - WINNIPEG JETS 3) @Tecmo@DPS TIER 3 - DALLAS STARS 4) @aepurniet TIER 2 - BOSTON BRUINS 5) @Raidercanuck1329 TIER 1 - BUFFALO SABRES 6) @angryjay93 TIER 6 - TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 7) @JSchmidt (Schmidt) TIER 5 - HARTFORD WHALERS 8) @Jamiesoccer (Mr. T) TIER 2 - MONTREAL CANADIENS 9) @Mitch Kramer (Chris O) TIER 4 - PHILADELPHIA FLYERS 10) @sonoffett87 TIER 2 - LOS ANGELES KINGS 11) @Scribe99 TIER 3 - QUEBEC NORDIQUES 12) @NotThatJared TIER 1 - CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS 13) @corbettkb TIER 4 - PITTSBURGH PENGUINS 14) @chaos TIER 2 - CALGARY FLAMES 15) @Joe H TIER 1 - DETROIT RED WINGS 16) @Hot_sauce TIER 3 - NEW YORK RANGERS backup list: @CamKneely2 (SOH) @IceStorm70 @sheehy @Lupz27 nhl94OHPL.bin
  2. Based on this Edit: Damnit the poll didn't post 1 Boston Depch 38 56 -4 52 0.737 1 5. Los Angeles (angryjay93) 2 Pittsburgh kingraph 37 46 -6 40 0.622 2 12. Edmonton (canadiensfan66) 3 Dallas Zalex 38 48 -4 44 0.632 3 4 Vancouver EA 40 38 0 38 0.475 4 8. Toronto (Icestorm NHL94) 5 Buffalo brutus 40 34 0 34 0.425 10 9. Philadelphia (Vocally Caged) 6 Los Angeles angryjay93 30 52 -20 32 0.867 5 7 Quebec Uncle Seth 31 48 -18 30 0.774 6 7. New Jersey (Piston Plabax) 8 New Jersey Piston Plabax 33 44 -14 30 0.667 7 10. Buffalo (brutus) 9 Edmonton canadiensfan66 39 30 -2 28 0.385 12 10 Detroit Sicarius Fulgur 36 30 -8 22 0.417 11 6. Quebec (Uncle Seth) 11 Toronto Icestorm NHL94 32 36 -16 20 0.563 8 11. Detroit (Sicarius Fulgur) 12 Philadelphia Vocally Caged 33 30 -14 16 0.455 9 1st Round Bye 13 Chicago Evan 38 18 -4 14 0.237 n/a 1. Boston (Depch) 14 NY Rangers zeppelin55 32 24 -16 8 0.375 n/a 2. Pittsburgh (kingraph) 15 Calgary Lupz27 36 10 -8 2 0.139 n/a 3. Dallas (Zalex) 16 Montreal smozoma 23 12 -34 -22 0.261 n/a
  3. With the start of the playoffs I thought I would do the Blitz cup odds after years away from the game. (1) ANA - Plabax -2800 (8) FLA - Brutus +2800 Season Series: 4-0 ANA All time blitz playoffs: Never met Brutus has had a somewhat mediocre season and has had trouble scoring this season at 3.08 GFA and has really struggled on the road going 6-15. Plabax comes in with a phenomenal season winning 32/44 games, leading the league in GFA by a wide margin at 5.49 and boasts the 3rd best defense with a 3.02 GAA. Prediction: Anaheim in 5 (2) DAL - KingRaph -600 (7) WPG - Zepplin +600 Season Series: 4-0 NYR All time blitz playoffs: Never met KingRaph led the league in wins with a superb 33-11 record. Was 2nd in GFA and 4th in GAA. He is a perennial favourite in every league and this one is no different. Zepplin has struggled a bit with consistency, at times he has been very impressive at other times he has gone on prolonged bad runs such as losing 6 in a row going into the playoffs. Still he is a live dog and the potential for an upset is there. Prediction: DAL in 6 (3) CHI - Zalex -450 (6) STL - Sicarious Fulgor +450 Season Series: 3-1 CHI All time blitz playoffs: Never met Zalex and Chicago come into the playoffs as one of the hotter teams. Posting impressive home and away records and the #1 GAA at 2.83, you know the trapon will be in full effect. Sicarious comes in boasting the 5th best GAA at 3.52 and has found a way to grind out wins giving him a very respectable 21-22-1 record. He also comes in winning 7 of his final 10 games. I expect some low scoring, entertaining games here. Prediction: CHI in 6 (4) MTL - HABS -140 (5) DET - IceStorm +140 Season Series: 2-1-1 MTL All time blitz playoffs: 3-0 HABS (12-4) This is a classic Blitz match-up and the fourth time in Blitz playoff history that these two have met in the first round. Both teams know each other very well. HABS comes in with the 2nd best defensive team with a 3.01 GAA, while IceStorm has been fantastic offensively scoring at a 4.38 GFA clip good for third best in the league. Ice also comes in as one of the hotter teams going 7-2-1. A great match-up of defense vs offense in this one. Prediction: MTL in 7 Blitz Cup Odds (1) ANA - Plabax +105 (2) DAL - KingRaph +115 (3) CHI - Zalex +600 (4) MTL - HABS +700 (5) DET - IceStorm +800 (6) STL - Sicarious Fulgor +2000 (7) WPG - Zepplin +2000 (8) FLA - Brutus +7000
  4. I understand this is Frey's winter classic and he can choose how he wants to run it np. But how would you guys want the playoffs setup? Personally I like 1-4 seeds in and 1vs4 and 2vs3 bof7 and bof7 finals This way: 1. More games for more people is always great in 2on2! Grows the game allows new people to play some very competitive games. Gets more ppl hooked! 2. Seed 1 will still get rewarded with their good play with an easier playoff matchup which they will be heavily favoured to win. While seed 4 gets a very exciting chance to pull off a huge upset. 3. Bof7 is the best validation of the best team compared to bof5.