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Because I love talking about NHLPA93 and love to hear the sound of my own voice (my own fingers tapping?), I'm starting up a new topic. It seems like there's a bunch of guys that are rated relatively poorly overall but are dynamos on the ice. What gives? Which players do you think are the best bang for their buck? Discuss.

Here's a partial list: (I don't want to give too much away)


Steven Q Yzerman: Yzerman? Yeah, Yzerman. I'm well aware that he's a 95, but he plays like 150. One of the two supermen in the game. So dominant we named "the Yzermaning" after him (7 goals in a game with assists on all other Detroit goals).

Bernie Nicholls: So he may be the worst player to ever score 150 points in a season, but I'm not going to hold that against him. Inspired many yells like "Weekend at Bernie's: part one!" and so on.

NEmerson: You'd think that Shanny or the Hullster (Hullster knows GTing) would be the Blues' best lamplighters. Nope. It's Emerson, hands down.

Brian Bellows: When you can score from anywhere in the offensive zone with a full-power slapshot, you know you've got a keeper. Although it may be the terrible support in Minnesota that make him look so good.

David Volek: I'm the first to admit that the only reason I started playing him was because he scored the most important goal in the Canadiens' playoff drive of 1993 (despite not even playing for the team), but he's a really nice compliment to Hogue and Turgeon on the Island. Long Island. Just as long as you don't try to call them the Islanders because Gary's lawyer buddies will sue you so fast...

Gary Leeman: Where would this list be without Gary Leeman? Still on this board, but missing the most underrated player in the game. Scores like Lemieux, cheap like Shawn Burr.

Steve Bozek and Perry Berezan: Besides Wilson (the Sharks' best offensive threat) and possibly Falloon, these two guys are the only ones who can score on SJ. Including empty netters.

Mike Hartman: The sandpaper in Tampa Basically the only guy who can keep up with Semenov and Bradley.


Don't need to say much about these guys except they're in two categories: hitters and accesories (excellent match for an elite d-man)

Hitters: Sweeney, Tatarinov and Svoboda.

Accesories: Per Djoos (come on, say his name out loud. Pear Juice!), Zarley Zalapski and Mark Howe. I alway forget Howe because he's on the second page of Philly d-men, but he's well worth it.

That's it. No point in rating the goalies since I mostly like playing with teams that only have one goalie. And the guys I like as a kid beacuse of their names. Vincent Riendeau, Mike Liut, Don Beaupre (how can I choose between those two!), Rejean Lemelin, Brian Hayward, etc. With NOSE this sort of talk becomes nearly semi-useful...

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While Tony Twist was way way better in real life than as rated in NHLPA 93, I was going more for the Mosi Tatupu type (plays way above his stats). I'm sure Dan Vincelette and 3 of the six Ottawa d-men from the game sent a couple of nasty letters to whomever did the ratings in the game.

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But for real now, Twist was the consummate goon. But he probably had the baddest hands of any enforcer ever to step on the ice imo.

The ratings were done by Igor Kuperman.

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