Euro Classic '94 2018 Gens begins!

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Hello and welcome to Euro Classic '94 league! This post will be updated when the schedule is up on site.

Every team plays each other 4 times (2 home & away) for a total of 36 games. Since there are many newcomers (7) here's important info. These are mostly copied from classic league guidelines with slide adjustations (no checkpoints).

The league will be played using nohassle rom with 99 overtime.

**************** THE LEAGUE ROM CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE ****************
**************** PLEASE USE gens-netplaysave.exe instead of gens.exe GENS.exe cannot save states during online play ****************
**************** USE WIRED for internet instead of wifi ****************
**************** MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF ANY OTHER INTERNET TRAFFIC YOU MIGHT HAVE (kids watching Netflix etc.) ****************
**************** F5 is the default keyboard key for save state, use F6 and F7 to change the state if you play several games in row ****************



HOW TO: Log a Game with a Save State on - Everyone needs to read this (unless you played before and haven't forgotten).

HOW TO: Create a Savestate File - GENS - shows how to create a save state for a Genesis game (IMPORTANT)


How to play league games

1. Contact the coach you would like to play on Discord
- The schedule is totally free and does not need to be played in order. It is encouraged to get all your games in with an opponent at the same time.
2. Play the game
- The home team hosts the game
- Once the game is complete, and you get to the "Three Stars" of the game, a save state must be taken and uploaded to the site (either coach can do this, please decide who will perform the upload beforehand). Please check out the threads on creating a Save State linked at the top of this thread post. Once the Save State has been made, the game can be uploaded to the site. 

There won't be any WEEKLY CHECKPOINTS. That's because I will personally PM coaches who lack behind schedule ;) 


Playoff series will be best-of-7. Top 8 teams make the playoffs.

Network & Hamachi

Make sure to use wired connection! Wifi is not acceptable. Also please turn off any background downloads (for example Steam) and withhold your roommate for watching Netflix at the same time!

Due to the limitation of only allowing 5 members in a network, it is recommended that you create a network for yourself, and allow the coach you are playing against to join your network. Then, once the games are completed, you can remove the coach from your network by right-clicking on their name in Hamachi and removing them.

It is recommended to open Hamachi before starting the emulator.

An untied, desync'ed game should be picked up from the point the game desync'ed. The score should be replicated by owners allowing each other to score, and then owners should skate around until the appropriate time remaining in the game to pick up play. The trailing player starts with the puck.

A tied, desync'ed game can be picked up from the point the game desync'ed in a similar fashion (the visiting team starts with the puck), but, if both players agree, the tied game can also simply be replayed from the start as a new game.

If two coaches disagree on a score of a game played, they should contact an admin (JMJ) to resolve the issue. If the admin cannot make a decision from the information given, the game must be replayed as if the previous game never happened.

Lag Problems
If a coach is experiencing lag such that gameplay is dramatically affected, it is his responsibility to speak up sooner, rather than later. A game that is flagged as unplayable by a coach in the FIRST MINUTE may generally be cancelled and replayed on another server or at another time at no penalty - as long as the coach is not trailing by more than one(1) goal. Otherwise, the rule of thumb is to suspend a lagged game and resume it from the same point in much the same way as outlined in the "Desyncs" section.



BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! And thank you for participating, let's have fun!

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