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HOW TO: Create A Savestate File - GENS


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This tutorial will show you how to create a savestate from the GENS emulator for use in stat leagues.

1. First, you must make sure you are using the "gens-netplaysave" emulator, as the normal gens emulator does not allow savestate files to be created during online netplay.

01 netplaysave.png

2. At the end of the game, when the three stars of the game screen is up, press F5 to create the savestate file. You will see a notification on the bottom left of the emulator that says, "STATE 1 SAVED" (note: the state number can be any number from 0-9, explained later).

03 3stars ss.png

This is what it looks like without the scoreboard in the way:

03a savesate notification.png

3. That's it! You've created the savestate file. The file will be located in the same folder as your gens-netplaysave emulator and will be called nhl94.gs*, where " * " represents the savestate slot:

04 savesate file.png

In this example, I used slot #1, and thus my file is called "nhl94.gs1".

This is the file that you will use to upload to the nhl94online.com website to log your game.


It's always recommended that you AND your opponent create a savestate file, just in case someone forgets. However, only one of you has to upload.

Pressing F5 again will OVERWRITE your previous savestate file. You can prevent this by:

  • Renaming the file
  • Moving the file to a different location
  • Changing the slot to an empty slot (explained below)

The gens emulator has 10 different slots for savestates (0-9). You can change the slot by going to File --> Change State, and choosing a new number from 0-9. Or, you can press F6 or F7 to move down or up 1 slot:

06 ss choice.png

When you choose a new slot, you will see a message that the slot is "empty" or "occupied"

06a emtpyoccupied.PNG

Empty means there is no file currently saved in that slot, while occupied means there is a previous savestate file already saved in that
slot (and pressing F5 will overwrite that file).

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Bumping this, as I've seen a few problems with save states lately. You can either make the save state at the 3 Stars screen, or the game summary screen (the screen showing the scoreboard and the menu on the bottom).

Please make sure if you do decide to make the save at the game summary screen, that a highlight is not about to play, or is playing at the time. The save state will be of the highlight, and not the game you just played. I also have noticed problems when saving a state at the same time a player is disconnecting from the other. The best time is during the 3 Star screen, as this causes the least problems to crop up.

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