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  1. RamStone

    Pittsburgh Penguins

    It's funny finding out that the Pens in this game are one of the worst teams. Especially considering the real life 93 Pens were one of the best single season hockey teams ever. How many hall of famers were on that team? After finding this site and learning about the weight bug and how important speed and agility are then playing with the Canucks, Redwings or Blackhawks going back to the Pens feels like slow motion mode is activated. Oh well, they will always be my go to team, I grew to love the game of hockey watching these guys play. For a game with Line changes I think I will try these scoring two lines out: Mullen-Lemieux-Francis Jagr-Tocchet-Straka Got solid shots down the middle, a little guy on one wing and a decent passer on the other.
  2. RamStone

    NHL 2017 by naples39

    Just found this site and wow this is amazing. Thanks for all the effort. This might be more entertaining then NHL 17 for the Ps4