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    NHL'97 How do you edit the checksum

    thanks again wboy made my day
  2. Scrap that... stage one complete! thank you wboy! edging closer
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    NHL'97 How do you edit the checksum

    Greetings! I just a read a post you made a while back regarding FIFA 95 and was hoping you could help me. I tried to follow your advice but I am a complete beginner in regards to Hex editing. Waaaaaaaaaaayyy back in 2005 you said: Simply do a find for 6602, goto the last occurence of it and change it to 4E71 (or remove it completely as in my more detailed instructions to make it load marginally quicker. ) I did a quick name edit test after doing so, and can confirm it will load. How would i do this? I have a trial version of Hex Editor Zero and was also trying to use the Free Online Hex Editor from - but when i search for 6602 I can no results. You have me pretty excited as I am trying to find a way to edit the players names/attributes etc and if you can get me closer to this goal I would be eternally grateful. regards. shadowmeister
  4. Good day all! Would any of you wizards be able to help me with this in regards to... dare i say it... FIFA 95? I am trying to update the rosters of this retro classic to represent current players. Total newbie in regards to hex editing, and keep hitting numerous very hard brick walls. regards.