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  1. Guys, sorry for such late update, but I've been having health problems. Anyway, tourney is TONIGHT, Thursday March 28th, at 5:00 PM. Hope to see you there!
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, so... Pretty much the only part of this game that I don't understand is the faceoffs. How do they work? How much chance is involved, and how? What is the best strategy?
  3. In theory, yes... but the Enforcer wiki is poorly-administered, whole sections have disappeared in the past. I'll take a look later today. PAX East is an enormous 4 day convention held in Boston every March/April. It focuses on video games (PC, consoles, classic console, VR) and tabletop gaming (Roleplaying, board games, card games, etc. etc.) I work in the Classic Console department, and we have tournaments every day. The tourneys are free to enter, and yes, there are no cash prizes, only trinket medals. http://east.paxsite.com/ It's a really good event, I can recommend it to everyone. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask here or PM me. AWESOME! Don't forget, though, that buying tickets is difficult, as the event sells out fast. 4 day passes sell out first. I will post here as soon as ticket sales open. Also... it's a 4 day event, and since the schedule is not yet set, I'm not sure which day the NHL 94 tournament will be held. I will update this thread as soon as I have more info.
  4. Hey guys, I'm an Enforcer at PAX East, and I've been running a GENS NHL 94 tournament for the last 6 years. The same guy keeps winning, so we need new blood!!! Current dates for PAX East are tentative! I will be running a whole slate of 16 bit tourneys this year; I will update this thread with specific days and times as the schedule firms up. I'm hoping to have a 2on2 tourney as well, and possibly a 2on2 Mod free play session. (I have an Everdrive, so we can play mods on original hardware) Details: - Sega Genesis. I might run a SNES tourney this year as well, if I can get enough interest. (Boston is Genesis territory) - Usually around 32 participants. - Single elimination. I use Brackalope, so if under 32, a few people get Bys, if over 32, a few people get an extra round. - Free, just your PAX East Pass - Prize is gold and bronze medals for first and second place - Full rules are listed below. Comments, questions, are WELCOME.
  5. I know I'm digging up an old thread, but I love this topic. Exactly! A lot of changes suggested would radical alter how the game plays, and I don't want that. For example, I don't think I would want any changes to the AI that aren't actual bug fixes... I don't want the computer AI to be good, if you want good you need real human opponents. Also, I'm surprised at how many people want to nerf One-Timers, they are pretty much my favorite part of the game. Yes, they are a little strong, and you don't have to aim them (bless the day back in 1994 when I figured THAT out), but they still have to pass through skill checks: passing skills to get the puck there, and of course shot power and accuracy to get in the net. Playing the 2on2 mod, where every player is 4 out 5 for every skill, has been illuminating as to the skill dependencies; even good players will completely miss the net sometimes. Bug fixes: -Weight bug -Getting stuck as manual goalie (a goalie button would be awesome, but would be a lot more then a bug fix) -Some triggers still occur after the whistle (such as the breakaway; with line changes on you can trigger a breakaway with the friggen goalie!) -AI players will wait at blue line even if Offsides is turned off. (ok, this is the one place where better computer AI might be a good thing) -Goalie AI on Passes: they should treat any puck coming at them like a shot (yes, I think that "pass goals" should be eliminated) -Penalty shots have some minor issues: sometimes you still get one even if you score after the penalty was called, and you can often get rebounds that shouldn't count (whistle sooner) -A few small things with One-Timers: they don't trigger offsides, and sometimes your guy gets stuck in the animation if the pass misses, sometimes for ludicrously long periods. Mixed bug fixes/improvements -B button on defense is inconsistent. The logic of closer player doesn't always match up to what you see on the screen, so sometimes will switch you out when you are trying to defend, even when you appear to be closest already. -Breakaway counter is much too strict, like how it doesn't count with incidental goalie contact -Manual line changes are a mess: should be able to call a line change any time you want, whether or not you have the puck, and from wherever you want on the ice. should be able to do it from anywhere. You shouldn't have to give up possession, either, you should be able to skate into the the other teams zone and leave it behind the goal while the rest of your team changes. Also, holding down the A button goes out of the rink WAY too often. -I guess if we were to have all six buttons, I would want separate buttons for : Poke check/trip, line changes, and manual goalie. I would NOT want a modern crease, or a shootout to determine ties. This is how the (real) game was played back then!!! (I wouldn't want to add a two line pass, its accurate for the time, but the rink is too small for it to make sense) An interesting point! I sort of agree, but that would radically change offense. As it is now, I almost never go for the kind of shots that would generally produce rebounds, because scoring them is so random. Also, rebounds are about half the goals that the AI scores, so this would be a massive buff to the computer AI.
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