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  1. Thats cool how its based off of the 2020 team stats. All I really want is the browns to stay as they were in your last version... not for them to go down in stats. they had so many injuries last season and its true the defense was poor... but now guys are healthy and they added in free agency-- there defense will be much better, so going off of last season's browns is not this seasons browns. Also for Passing.. Odell is back after injury. You can't tell me Odell beckham and jarvis landry are apart of a 2 star passing offense. 3 star passing is fair... Browns made it to the final 4 AFC teams. Also I would give the ravens more of an offense. at least one star passing Honestly I like grading generously for all the teams. It sucks when I play with a friend and their team has poor stats and they blame it on that. I would have 2 stars as the lowest stat for any team-- and all teams that finished over 500... 3 stars as there worst stat for any category. I don't know how to chance stats or i would gladly help. I have a mac, do I have to have a PC to customize?
  2. Browns Should be: Passing 4 Rushing 5 Linemen 4 Defense 5 Special teams 3 Thanks!
  3. Awesome Thanks! Is there a way to edit the game on a Mac or can you only make changes on a PC? - Henry
  4. Hey! I have been playing this game a bunch! Amazing, also the changes made by nhl4534 in his version are nice details. I was curious as we get closer to the NFL season-- is there gonna be another update with the exact rosters for each team? Also is there away to make the seasons mode the exact schedule of the teams for this year? Thanks!! - Henry
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